For the spells in other games, see Walking Bomb (Origins) and Walking Bomb (Dragon Age II).

Walking Bomb is a mage ability from the Necromancer specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Spirit Damage: 200% weapon damage per second
  • Duration: 10 seconds
  • Explosion Damage: 600% weapon damage
  • Area of Effect: 5 meters
  • Cooldown Time: 20 seconds
  • Cost: 65 mana

Upgrade Edit

Walking Bomb (Inquisition) Virulent
Requires: Walking Bomb
If Walking Bomb kills your target, the effect spreads to nearby enemies, causing secondary explosions.
Walking Bomb (Inquisition) Concentrated Detonation
Requires: Trespasser
Manually detonating Walking Bomb now directs the explosion inward, dealing significantly more damage to the target but none to any nearby enemies.

Damage: 900% weapon damage

Crafting materials Edit

Name Tier Effect Acquisition
Fade-Touched Cotton (Walking Bomb) 1 10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with detonation of 50% weapon damage.
Fade-Touched Lustrous Cotton (Walking Bomb) 2 10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with detonation of 75% weapon damage.
Fade-Touched Imperial Vestment Cotton (Walking Bomb) 3 10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with detonation of 100% weapon damage.

Notes Edit

  • Causes spirit damage and a knockdown effect upon detonation. With friendly fire enabled, this will also affect allies. Having active barrier in any amount during the explosion will absorb the damage to be negligible, but the knockdown effect will still occur.
  • The explosion damage bonus is multiplicative¬†instead of cumulative, thus explosion damage in fact equals 1,200% instead of 600% weapon damage (or 2,000% instead of 900% with Concentrated Detonation upgrade).
  • Walking Bomb applied from fade-touched materials is much more devastating than the original one, since the "100% weapon damage" in description actually refers to damage dealt when applying the spell. The damage potent of explosion thereafter can even match with its predecessor, if it is triggered by high damage-per-hit attacks (e.g. Flaming Array, Wrath of Heaven + Spell Purge combo and Hidden Blades).


A Greater Terror demon afflicted with the Walking Bomb

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