Wade's Emporium is a shop located in the Denerim Market District; though owned by Wade, his partner - Herren - runs the store.

Wade's Emporium Map

Map of the Area

Wade's Emporium sign

Wade's Emporium sign

Background Edit

Wade is a uniquely talented blacksmith whose business skills leave something to be desired. His perfectionism often caused him to take years to complete an order, and his business was losing money quickly. Wade employed the help of Herren to deal with the business and customer service side of the shop.

Involvement Edit

The Warden can commission several armor sets from Wade if they have the appropriate amount of Drake Scales and Dragon Scales.

Characters Edit

Wade's Emporium - side

Another view of the shop

Containers Edit

Wade's Emporium map location

Location of Wade's Emporium

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