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Vyrantium is a city in the Tevinter Imperium located on the coast of the Nocen Sea.


Vyrantium is one of the oldest settlements in Thedas; records show that the city predates -1200 Ancient.[1] It is also a major city in the current Tevinter Imperium and possibly a hub of fashion, as it has been described as Minrathous' "sharp-dressed sister," hosts the Imperium's foremost wigmaker,[2] and seems known for textiles such as Infused Vyrantium Samite.


Sometime around -1225 Ancient,[3] Calpurnia, a priestess serving at the Temple of Dumat, found a baby boy floating in a basket on the seashore with nothing but a blanket and half a ring. She took the child and raised him as her own within the temple, giving him the name of Darinius. The boy showed himself to be a talented Dreamer from a very young age; by the age of nineteen, Darinius had become High Priest of Dumat in Vyrantium. Darinius, who was in fact the son of the High Queen of Tevinter, eventually united the kingdoms of Tevinter, Neromenian, and Qarinus, forming the Tevinter Imperium in -1195 Ancient.[1]

When the Third Blight broke out in 3:10 Towers, Vyrantium was among the cities to be swarmed by the darkspawn.[4]


Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Inquisitor chose to ally with the Qunari during Demands of the Qun (Inquisition):
There is significant Venatori presence in Vyrantium during the War against the Elder One. The Inquisitor has the opportunity to assist the Ben-Hassrath as they attempt to destroy a spy network in Vyrantium.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights[]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

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The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

The Wigmaker Job

Lucanis and Illario Dellamorte have taken an anonymous contract to assassinate Ambrose Forfex, Tevinter's premier wigmaker and a Venatori blood mage. After successfully infiltrating one of his shows, they discover that he feeds his slaves red lyrium to create red lyrium-infused wigs. When Lucanis destroys the elven artifact strengthening the Veil, chaos erupts at the party. The slave models become possessed by demons, as do some of the drunkest and most frightened guests. While Illario gets the other slaves out of the mansion, Lucanis kills Forfex, who's turned into an arachnid-like abomination. In total, over forty guests and slaves die during the course of the party.


Track Spies in Vyrantium Track Spies in Vyrantium (war table) (conditional)


  • Circle of Magi[5]
  • Floating Aqueduct – a three-tiered aqueduct that floats above the city.[2]
  • Forfex Estate – the estate of Ambrose Forfex. The front of the estate is a collection of beige and red brick rotundas. Forfex hosts his periwig shows in a grand, circular courtyard surrounded by a two-tiered arcade at the back of the estate proper.[2]
  • The Nug Queen – a tavern on the docks of Vyrantium with pristine white walls and peacock-blue cushions.[2]
  • Temple of Dumat – the temple in which Darinius was raised. (Ancient Age)
  • Vhenadahl Statue – a statue of a scorched vhenadahl commissioned to replace the real tree after it burned down during a slave revellion, as a reminder of the price of rising against the masters. There is a hidden staircase below the statue that leads to secret rooms lit by veilfire.[2]

Notable residents[]

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: The Litany of Adralla Codex entry: The Litany of Adralla
Codex entry: Magister Erimond Codex entry: Magister Erimond
Codex entry: Seers and the Allsmet Codex entry: Seers and the Allsmet
Codex entry: The Venatori Codex entry: The Venatori

Note texts[]

Elegantly Written Letter Elegantly Written Letter


  • Vyrantium smells of spiced meat and wet laundry.[9]


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