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Vulnerability Hex is a mage spell from the Entropy tree in Dragon Age: Origins.



  • Activation base is in Mana and values vary with fatigue%.
  • Elemental resistances are capped at 75% in Origins and 85% in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
  • Targets can be debuffed to negative resistance values with a hard cap of -100%. E.g. at -50% resistance the damage will be 1.5x; at -100% the damage will be 2x, this means that with a spellpower of 234 or higher the full hard cap is achieved using just this power, eliminating the need to use Affliction Hex in a boss scenario. (easily possible in Awakening).
  • Stacks with Affliction Hex.
  • Currently active spells which cause damage over a period of time such as Walking Bomb or Crushing Prison are not enhanced. The Hex needs to be cast before.
  • The spell can be cast on creatures or locations not in line of sight.
  • Arcane Warrior spellcasting: This spell requires casting with weapons sheathed.
  • Because Shale's damage is mostly elemental based, Vulnerability Hex and Affliction Hex also benefits Shale's damage.

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