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* '''Vivienne: '''Perhaps he was grateful it was not a stew made of some lesser cousin.
* '''Vivienne: '''Perhaps he was grateful it was not a stew made of some lesser cousin.
* '''Sera:''' That's lies, right? Must be lies.
* '''Sera:''' That's lies, right? Must be lies.
* '''Sera:''' Enjoying your food lately, Vivvy?
* '''Vivienne:''' Ugh. Shall I assume you have altered my meals? Set the servants against me and encouraged sputum-based rebellion?
* '''Sera:''' Of course not, I would never. But you can't know, right?
* '''Vivienne:''' ''(Sighs.)'' Rest assured, I will eat privately from my own stores from now on.
* '''Blackwall:''' Whose idea was that, then?
* '''Sera:''' Varri--MINE!
* '''Sera:''' Cruel bunch, your lot, Vivvy. Don't know how you live with what they think of you.
* '''Vivienne:''' My dear, despite your egalitarian protests you are ever so susceptible to the opinions of others.
* '''Sera:''' I don't give a squirt what anyone says.
* '''Vivienne:''' Of course not, coherent speech is your nemesis, but it is clear you care a great deal about what they /think/.
* '''Vivienne:''' Take heart that you are ''not'' among the nobility, little Sera. You would not survive.
* '''Sera:''' No one wants to join your stupid club!
* '''Vivienne:''' Of course not, dear.
* '''Sera:''' I bet you left a trail.
* '''Vivienne:''' Whatever are you on about now, dear?
* '''Sera:''' What you used to be. Wherever you're from. Little people will know about you.
* '''Vivienne:''' We all have something we used to be, haven't "we," dear? Done things "we" would rather die than have known?
* '''Vivienne:''' By all means, escalate, but I will answer in kind, armed with painful history I am sure is better left to your own sad memory.
* '''Sera:''' She's frigging evil, she is.
* '''Sera:''' You're not so scary, Vivvy. Maybe I can't bug you, but you can't bug me neither.
* '''Vivienne:''' My dear, I have not attempted to "bug you.".
* '''Sera:''' Yes you have.
* '''Vivienne:''' I assure you, I have not.
* '''Sera:''' You ruddy well tried, and it hasn't friggin worked! Got it?
* '''Vivienne:''' Of course, Sera, dear. I understand completely.
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* '''Sera:''' Joke's on you, I only had ''one'' key.
* '''Sera:''' Joke's on you, I only had ''one'' key.
* '''Sera:''' Took your knickers, Vivvy
* '''Sera:''' Took your knickers, Vivvy
* '''Vivienne:''' I purchased more of a higher quality
* '''Vivienne:''' I purchased more of a higher quality
* '''Sera:''' Well that's... you're not doing this right!
* '''Sera:''' Well that's... you're not doing this right!
* '''Sera:''' Checked your drawers recently, Vivvy?
* '''Sera:''' Checked your drawers recently, Vivvy?
* '''Vivienne:''' Hmm? Oh, yes, my dear. Although I was rather well stocked with that particular shade of viper. So I sent it back.
* '''Vivienne:''' Hmm? Oh, yes, my dear. Although I was rather well stocked with that particular shade of viper. So I sent it back.

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Vivienne's dialogue contains a list of conversations she has with her companions.

Vivienne's remarks

  • (Attempting to activate an object that requires a mage) Ahem.
  • (Spreading ashes during Last Wishes) You really should've made certain we were facing downwind, my dear.
  • (After repairing the key to the Tomb of Fairel) What a clever device. Let's find what it unlocks.
  • (When talking to Imshael about a deal) Oh, you really shouldn't talk to these things, darling.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • (Upon entering the Fade) The Fade itself is reacting to our presence here, much more strongly than I have ever seen before. Perhaps it is because we are here physically, instead of simply visiting in dreams.
  • (Encountering Justinia V)
  • Cassandra: Could that truly have been the Most Holy?
  • Vivienne: Justinia was unarmed and unprepared. She could not have defended herself against the creatures of the Fade.
  • Vivienne: Whether this is a kindly spirit or a demon fighting its rival for territory remains to be seen.
  • Sera: So she's not real? Then the Nightmare's fake, too, right? Right?
  • Loghain: A demon that feeds on fear. Despicable, even for a beast of the Fade.
  • Loghain: After its corruption of the Wardens, I'll see it pay.
  • Nightmare: What's it like living as an apostate, Vivienne? Do you really think you'll reclaim your power in the Circle... at your age?
  • Vivienne: Not one word.
  • Vivienne: Minor demons. Little fears, scurrying to serve the Nightmare and feed on its scraps.
  • Hawke: And they take the form of spiders, something so many fear.
  • Sera: Didn't see no spiders. I'd have taken bloody spiders.
  • Vivienne: This is the Fade, my dears. Demons have no originality. They pluck their shapes from your thoughts.
  • Sera: So... it's in my head? Knowing is not helping!
  • Sera: Caught in the middle of this crap. What fully qualified arsehole stops to kill a cook?
  • Vivienne: They always kill the servants first, my dear. Otherwise, they could run and warn someone.
  • Sera: Oh, sure, reasonable innit? Frigging garbage.
  • (After meeting Briala in the Grand Apartments)
  • Blackwall: Does it seem strange that every single person at this party has tried to bribe us?
  • Vivienne: It's the Game, my dear. Everyone plays it here.
  • (After 'Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts,' Celene and Briala reconciled) It took a great deal of skill to win that title for the elves, but you surely know it will end in a bloodbath.

Combat comments

Kills an Enemy

  • Poor thing!

Low Health

  • I can't do this alone!
  • I'm overwhelmed!

Fallen Companions

  • (Inquisitor) That's not good!
  • (Sera) Wait, Sera!
  • (Cole) Cole is down!

Location Comments

  • Inquisitor: So this is where the Sulevin Blade was lost.
  • Vivienne: Or abandoned, if the rumors are to be believed.
  • (Cradle of Sulevin - approaching an altar)
  • Inquisitor: There's an altar.
  • Vivienne: If the elves performed some sort of magic here... we should proceed with caution, Inquisitor.
  • (Crestwood - after claiming Caer Bronach) Congratulations, Inquisitor. A splendid acquisition. By Fereldan standards, of course.
  • (Emprise du Lion) This weather is not ideal for travel in the mountains, my dear.
  • (Emprise du Lion) I should have brought my fur coat.
  • (Emprise du Lion - near red lyrium) Red lyrium. I would prefer not to linger in its presence.
  • (Emprise du Lion - near red lyrium) More red lyrium. Charming.
  • (Emprise du Lion - upon finding a corpse in a cage riddled with red lyrium)
  • Inquisitor: There's a corpse in this lyrium!
  • Vivienne: So that's how the red templars created it so quickly. Blood, to speed the growth.
  • Inquisitor: Cullen will want to know about this.
  • Inquisitor: The feeling at the door––––it’s gone now.
  • Vivienne: An enchantment to keep people out, perhaps.
  • (Forbidden Oasis - after opening a sarcophagus)
  • Vivienne: Whatever magic rests here, it was drawn straight to you. It's left you unharmed.
  • Inquisitor: If it wasn’t a trap, what was it?
  • Vivienne: Reward for completing a ritual, perhaps?
  • (Hinterlands) The entire country reeks of wet dog. How charming.
  • (Hinterlands) The fighting has been heaviest here.
  • (Storm Coast) It smells a bit of dead fish, don't you think, my dear?
  • (Storm Coast) My darling Bastien has a house on the coast. Not this one, of course. A Decent one.
  • (Western Approach - after destroying the traps during Sharper White Claws) The bandits should thank you, my dear. Better to face us than the high dragon.
  • (Western Approach - Coracavus)
  • Blackwall: Looks like the darkspawn are nesting here.
  • Vivienne: What a useful insight.
  • Inquisitor: This can't be all of them. There must be more further in.
  • (Western Approach - After leaving Coracavus) More trained giants. We can't allow this idiocy to continue, my dear.

Companion Comments about Vivienne

  • Blackwall: "Madame" Vivienne only allied with the Inquisition because she knows it will bring her power. The most poisonous snakes are often the most beautiful.
  • Cassandra: It's good that you recruited Enchanter Vivienne into the Inquisition. She is ambitious but has always shown sense in her dealings with the Chantry. My advice would be to watch her, but heed her when she speaks. That one wastes no words.
  • Sera: She's a bitch, but she knows. She better.

Vivienne's Comments about Companions

  • Blackwall: Blackwall is a useful sort of fellow, but he's perhaps too eager to please. He reminds me of a pup begging for attention
  • Blackwall: (after Blackwall's identity as Rainier has been revealed:) Blackwall surprised me. I never would have thought him capable of carrying off such deception. (if the Inquisitor gave him another chance:) Generous you, giving him a chance at redemption. Let's see if he manages it.
  • Cassandra: I admire Cassandra's determination. If she had a little charm, she could be a remarkable leader.
  • Cole: Whether Cole is a spirit or a demon is irrelevant. Neither can be trusted, my dear. Remember that.
  • Dorian: Our dear Lord Dorian is very sure of himself, isn't he? Let's hope he doesn't get his confidence crushed.
  • Dorian: (if Inquisitor romanced Dorian) You of course mean to speak of your Tevinter paramour. I doubt I can be impartial about him. I have been a Circle mage far too long... But he does have a great sense of fashion. I'll give him that.
  • Solas: I don't know what to make of Solas. So much knowledge and so little personal history... I find that... peculiar, don't you?
  • Solas(if Inquisitor romanced Solas) Is it my imagination, dear, or have certain... lingering looks passed between you and our Solas?
  • Sera: Sera is certainly a colorful character. Like a poisonous toad. Only without the manners.
  • Varric:  What exactly is Varric's role in the Inquisition? Aside from irritating Cassandra?

Vivienne and Blackwall

  • Blackwall: Are you all right, Lady Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Whatever are you talking about, darling?
  • Blackwall: In our last fight, I saw you take a blow. If I'd been there quicker––––
  • Vivienne: Oh, aren't you precious?
  • Blackwall: I appear to have offended.
  • Vivienne: No, dear. You couldn't possibly offend me.
  • Blackwall: What fault do you find with me, Vivienne? I've tried to be civil.
  • Vivienne: Darling, your civility has so little to do with your faults, I wouldn't let that trouble you.
  • Blackwall: Then what am I doing wrong?
  • Vivienne: Just keep hitting things, my dear. Don't worry your little head about the rest.
  • Blackwall: Evidently, I offend you just by existing, Vivienne. What is it you want me to do?
  • Vivienne: I'm sure I don't know, darling. Do you imagine I spend all my waking hours worrying about your self-improvement?
  • Blackwall: Look, I wasn't trying to imply that you––––
  • Vivienne: My dear Blackwall, there's nothing you can do to make your Order relevant to our present situation.
  • Vivienne: You really must stop assuming everything is about you. It's unbecoming.
  • Blackwall: You must miss the comforts of your mansions, traveling with us as you do.
  • Vivienne: I miss them. I do not require them.
  • Vivienne: But please, continue to imagine me a pampered lady, if it makes you feel superior.
  • Blackwall: Would you like a silk handkerchief to wipe the mud off your greaves, lady Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: (Laughs.) It’s just mud! Mud bothers me as much as your clumsy mockery, which is to say, not at all.
  • Vivienne: Will you put your shield down? The light glinting off it pierces my eyes.
  • Blackwall: Says the woman encrusted in crystals.
  • Vivienne: They are fine quality crystals.
  • Vivienne: I wish we had more proper Chevaliers in the Inquisition and less...low-life thugs.
  • Blackwall: No matter how much you pretend I'm furniture, I'm a person. ...With ears. That can hear you.
  • Vivienne: You recognized yourself there? Good.
  • Blackwall: Why do you care so little for those in need?
  • Vivienne: You presume to know my feelings?
  • Blackwall: It's obvious.
  • Vivienne: I merely believe the world's problems are more complex than you imagine.
  • Vivienne: I could travel the whole world, righting wrongs as you do, and still accomplish nothing in the end.
  • Blackwall: Changing lives is hardly "nothing."
  • Vivienne: You are naive. And arrogant, if you think passing through a life has the power to change it.
  • Blackwall: Do you have no sympathy for the mage rebellion?
  • Vivienne: It's not as simple as you think, my dear.
  • Blackwall: I understand that mages are dangerous.
  • Blackwall: I know that if I had to face you, alone, I wouldn't stand a chance.
  • Blackwall: But must it be more complicated than treating people the way you'd like to be treated?
  • Vivienne: You're right in one thing. You wouldn't stand a chance against me.

(If the Inquisitor romanced Blackwall)

  • Vivienne: Well, you two seem to make each other happy.
  • Blackwall: And? Surely, you're not ending this on a complimentary note.
  • Vivienne: I was just wondering how you imagined your future. The Inquisitor and the-- well, whatever you are now.
  • Blackwall: Ah, I see. You think we're a poor match.
  • Blackwall: Lady Vivienne, that woman there will stand with Thedas' mightiest because of who she is.
  • Blackwall: She may choose whomever she pleases, even an undeserving nobody.
  • Blackwall: Envy her for her ability to love freely, but recognize that envy is what it is.
  • Blackwall: I am sorry for your loss.
  • Vivienne: Thank you.
  • Blackwall: I do mean it, despite our differences.
  • Vivienne: You are very kind, but you needn't concern yourself.

Vivienne and Cassandra

  • Vivienne: I'm curious, Cassandra. Why were you not at the Conclave?
  • Cassandra: Leliana and I were delayed returning from Kirkwall.
  • Varric (if present): Delayed interrogating a certain dwarf, specifically.
  • Vivienne: A rather fortunate delay, it turns out.
  • Cassandra: I'm not so certain. If we had only...
  • Vivienne: You must not blame yourself, dear. You have done all you could and more.
  • Cassandra: Thank you. But I suspect I will be telling myself that for years to come.
  • Cassandra: You're not from Orlais originally, Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Neither are you, clearly.
  • Cassandra: I ask because of your accent. I would have thought, once you joined the court...
  • Vivienne: That which makes you different can be a burden or a source of strength, my dear. Which is up to you.
  • Cassandra: I wish someone had told me that when I was younger.
  • Cassandra: I assume your parents were Rivaini, Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: They were merchants, originally from Dairsmuid... or so I'm told.
  • Cassandra: You don't remember?
  • Vivienne: I was taken to the Ostwick Circle when I was very young. So far as I'm concerned, my life began there.
  • Vivienne: My dear Cassandra, I am impressed with how well-organized the Inquisition was in the aftermath of the Conclave.
  • Cassandra: It was chaos. I would hardly call it "organized".
  • Vivienne: Perspective, darling. The Chantry hasn't even found the right vestment for issuing a statement on the Divine's death.
  • Cassandra: Being more flexible than the Chantry is not a difficult goal.
  • Vivienne: Take your victories where you can, dear.
  • Vivienne: Were you well acquintanced with Divine Justinia, Cassandra?
  • Cassandra: I cannot claim to have known her well. Few can, except perhaps Leliana.
  • Vivienne: I envy even your slight acquintance. By reputation she was a formidable woman.
  • Cassandra: Justinia was a visionary. The grand clerics would never have chosen her had they known her intention. And now they will never find someone to fill her shoes.
  • Vivienne: Oh, they will, darling. Even if they have to trim off her toes and heels to fit.
  • Vivienne: I wonder, Cassandra, that you did not put yourself forward to lead the Inqusition while Divine Justinia was forming it.
  • Cassandra: The Divine wanted a heroic figure all of Thedas could rally behind.
  • Vivienne: How do you fall short of that description, my dear? Did you not single handedly saved the capital of Orlais?
  • Cassandra: That was hardly single handed, Vivienne.
  • Vivienne: Yet still heroic. Many in the empire remember you fondly.
  • Cassandra: (Laugh), a perception that will last until the moment they meet me, I assure you.
  • Vivienne: You are too modest, Cassandra dear. To many you're a figure of awe! You should make use of that.
  • Cassandra: I use it in the service of the Inquisition when I must.
  • Vivienne: But don't seem to enjoy it? You really ought to have more fun, darling.
  • Cassandra: How is manipulating and bullying people supposed to be enjoyable?
  • Vivienne: I assure you there are few pleasures comparable to restoring order with one's own hand.
  • Vivienne: You've done a fine job thus far, Seeker, but you could stand to be... slightly more amiable.
  • Cassandra: Were you not suggesting earlier I should be more intimidating?
  • Vivienne: Of course, darling. One must never be too charming or people lose respect. Too intimidating, however, and you'll never be invited to anything. Then you may as well be dead in a ditch.
  • Cassandra: If I am never invited to another Orlesian salon I will consider that a success.
  • Vivienne: The game is played to the death, my dear. Like it or not, you are part of it.
  • Cassandra: Do you actually see me playing the game, Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Not now, perhaps, but you could.
  • Cassandra: Wearing ball gowns and painted masks, decking myself in jewels and courtesying to suitors?
  • Vivienne: It is a battle, my dear. The armor and the weapon differ, but just as much blood is spilled.
  • Cassandra: I... never thought of it like that.
  • Vivienne: You are a warrior, Cassandra. You be one whether you dress in steel or lace.
  • Cassandra: I've thought about what you've said before, Vivienne.
  • Vivienne: About my suggestion that you play the game?
  • Cassandra: The ball at Halamshiral reminded me how much I hate all of it. Me? In a dress? It's ludicruous!

(If Cassandra is romanced)

  • Inquisitor: Don't sell yourself short, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Of course *you* would say that.
  • Vivienne: He's a man, darling. All men appreciate a touch of skilled artifice.
  • Cassandra: They can keep their appreciation. I like my armor.


  • Inquisitor: I'd like to see that. At least once.
  • Cassandra: Oh not you too.
  • Vivienne: I suggest a vibrant red, darling. Not too deep in the neckline, mind you.
  • Cassandra: (Frustrated sigh).


  • Inquisitor: You don't need to prove anything, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Exactly. I do not trust any event where hitting someone isn't an option.
  • Vivienne: You're not a battering ram, darling.
  • Cassandra: I am when it suits me. Nobody expects a battering ram to wear a dress.
  • Vivienne: It's disappointing. But perhaps some battles should be left to those more suited.
  • Cassandra: My thoughts exactly.
  • Cassandra: Vivienne, about you and Duke Bastien...
  • Vivienne: There's no need to tiptoe, darling.
  • Cassandra: You were together for a long time?
  • Vivienne: We were, yes. And I will cherish the years we had...
  • Cassandra: Are you...
  • Vivienne: More questions? My, are we curious today? Seeking guidance in the matters of the heart?
  • Cassandra: I only wish to express my sympathy, Vivienne.
  • Vivienne: It will be fine, dear.
  • Vivienne: So Leliana is a candidate for Divine. It's hardly surprising. She plays a pretty Game.
  • Cassandra: She is also an intelligent woman with strong convictions.
  • Vivienne: Important qualities for whomever takes the Sunburst throne.
  • Vivienne: The Divine stands apart. She must command respect and attention or she will accomplish nothing.
  • Vivienne: Which means we have two fine candidates. Wouldn't you agree?
  • Cassandra: The decision rest in the hands of the grand clerics.
  • Vivienne: Such modesty!
  • Cassandra: The Chantry needs to change and I would see it done, but...
  • Cassandra: If I am chosen, then I pray it is the Maker's will and not ambition that guides me there.
  • Vivienne: You made quite the impression at the Winter Palace!
  • Cassandra: Heh, when I punched the wall, perhaps?
  • Vivienne: Not the most distinguished impression, certainly, but given your discomfort I expected worse.
  • Cassandra: I did not realize it took so little to exceed your expectations.
  • Vivienne: Come my dear, there's no need to be touchy. You'll do *far* better next time.
  • Vivienne: Did you think you could dance with one of the most powerful man in southern Thedas and go unnoticed?
  • Cassandra: They were all talking, weren't they?
  • Vivienne: It was on the lips of half the court before the song was done. It... could have take a day or two for news to reach the capital given the disruptions of the civil war.
  • Cassandra: (Frustrated sigh). Sweet maker.
  • Vivienne: You weren't aiming for discretion, were you?
  • Vivienne: I do hope you intend to rebuild your Seekers, Cassandra.

If Cassandra was convinced to rebuild the Seekers:

  • Cassandra: Rebuilding is not enough. I would see the Seekers forged into something greater than what they were.
  • Vivienne: I'm pleased to hear it, my dear. With the templars all but lost, we need someone to deal with dangerous magic.

If Cassandra was convinced to disband the Seekers:

  • Cassandra: I fear the Seeker's time has passed, if there was ever worth saving, it is gone now.
  • Vivienne: With the templars all but lost as well?
  • Vivienne: The threat posed by dangerous magic still exists, my dear. Someone will have to deal with it.
  • Cassandra: Then let it be someone worthy.

If the Inquisition sided with the templars:

  • Vivienne: (Sigh). At least the Inquisition has the sense to ally with the templars. When this is all over there will be someone capable with dealing with magical threats.
  • Vivienne: You know, Cassandra, you've really ought to have armor with gilding. Or dragon scales. Preferably both.
  • Cassandra: Would that not be impractical?
  • Vivienne: It would be dramatic, my dear! Half the value of armor is intimidation.
  • Cassandra: I prefer the half that keeps blades out of my innards, personally.
  • Vivienne: My dear Cassandra, whatever persuaded you to bring Varric to the Conclave?
  • Cassandra: I wanted him to testify about the events of Kirkwall to the Divine.
  • Vivienne: He wrote all of that down, did he not? He didn't need to come in person.
  • Cassandra: The Divine... also wanted him to autograph her copy of "Hard in Hightown."
  • Varric: What? You never told me that!
  • Cassandra: It was a minor consideration. You should feel flattered.
  • Varric: That our former Divine kidnapped and brutalized her favorite authors? Oh, yes. (laughs) Thrilled!
  • Vivienne: So you are seventy-eight in line of the Nevarra throne, Cassandra. That is... (sigh) rather far off. Even so, many enjoy the idle life afforded my the most distant of titles. You could have been provided with every luxury if you remained in that life.
  • Cassandra: I am ill suited to finery, Vivienne. Besides, I can accomplish more as I am now.
  • Vivienne: You pursued duty and responsibility, a part that took you next to the Sunburst throne. Well played.
  • Cassandra: I tried to do the maker's work. Where I stand while doing so is unimportant.
  • Vivienne: You must admit, it does help.
  • Cassandra: You've adjusted to the Inquisition quickly, Vivienne. We must lack many of the luxuries to which you are accustomed.
  • Vivienne: One does not survive the Orlesian court without learning to adapt, my dear.
  • Cassandra: (Sigh) Skyhold is hardly the Orlesian court.
  • Vivienne: You needn't tell me that. We all have our little sacrifices.
  • Vivienne: I've heard your uncle is a Mortalitasi, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: You've heard correctly. Necromancy is not uncommon in Nevarra.
  • Vivienne: You must understand, the rumours in the South surrounding Mortalitasi...
  • Cassandra: I have always found the practice morbid. But the stories ones hear outside Nevarra... such fascination reveals far more about the teller than the truth.
  • Cassandra: You would prefer to have the templars return to guarding the circles, Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Of course, my dear. They need better oversight, clearly, but one does not throw away a tool because it was misused.
  • Cassandra: Few mages would ask for templars in the circle.
  • Vivienne: Speak to Ferelden's first enchanter. You might be surprised. When abominations ravaged your tower, suddenly the world holds far too few templars.
  • Vivienne: You must see the value in restoring the circles, Cassandra.
  • Cassandra: Provided they fulfill their purpose. Too many have suffered since the mage rebellion began. But we cannot ignore the abuses that prompted it. Without change, we risk repeating the events at Kirkwall.
  • Vivienne: Or recreating its opposite. An overly lenient circle is a comparable threat. Kirkwall is lamentable, but it was the blight misuse of power, not restrictions, that led to the first flight.
  • Vivienne: Cassandra, you do know they still tales of the dragon attack at Val Royeaux?
  • Cassandra: I'm aware. I'm also aware they grow larger with each retelling.
  • Vivienne: Many yet live who saw it with their own eyes.
  • Cassandra: From what I've heard from so-called "witnesses," I have to wonder.
  • Vivienne: You are too modest, dear. You could have parlayed that victory into more than a position at the Divine's right hand.
  • Cassandra: If I was someone else, perhaps. I simply did what I needed to do.

Vivienne and Cole

  • Cole: Solas doesn't fear spirits, Vivienne. Why do you?
  • Vivienne: Your apostate friend did not benefit from formal training in a Circle.
  • Solas: How unfortunate for me.
  • Cole: The Circle makes you afraid? Are the demons stronger there?
  • Vivienne: The Circle taught me the tricks demons play to gain the trust of any mage foolish enough to listen.
  • Vivienne: Solas seems to trust you. How long before you turn on him?
  • Cole: Solas is my friend!
  • Vivienne: But you'd like to be more, wouldn't you? You could be together forever if you possessed him.
  • Vivienne: Is that not truly what you want? A body to claim your own, so you never have to return to the Fade?

(If Cole is made more spirit.)

  • Cole: I have a body. And Solas has nothing to fear from me. Neither do you... unless you attack first. I like the Fade, but I can help here. I could help you if you let me.
  • Solas: Well said Cole. Although I doubt she will ever accept.

(If Cole is made more human.)

  • Cole: I can't return to the Fade. Sometimes I wish I could.
  • Solas: Ignore her Cole. She would hurt what she does not understand.


  • Cole: You're afraid. You don't have to be.
  • Vivienne: My dear Inquisitor, please restrain your pet demon. I do not want it addressing me.

(If Inquisitor supports Cole)

  • Inquisitor: He's not doing any harm, Vivienne.
  • Vivienne: It's a demon, darling. All it can do is harm.

(If Inquisitor supports Vivienne)

  • Inquisitor: Cole, Vivienne doesn't want to talk right now.
  • Cole: She's afraid!
  • Cole: Everything bright, roar of anger as the demon rears. No, I will not fall. No one will control me ever again.
  • Cole: Flash of white as the world comes back. Shaking, hollow, Harrowed, but smiling at templars to show them I'm me.
  • Cole: I am not like that. I can protect you. If templars come for you, I will kill them.
  • Vivienne: Delightful.
  • Cole: Stepping into the parlor, hem of my gown snagged, no, adjust before I go in, must look perfect.
  • Vivienne: My dear, your pet is speaking again. Do silence it.
  • Cole: Voices inside. Marquis Alphonse.
  • Cole: "I do hope Duke Bastien puts out the lights before he touches her. But then, she must disappear in the dark."
  • Cole: Gown tight between my fingers, cold all over. Unacceptable. Wheels turn, strings pull.
  • Cole: He hurt you. You left a letter, let out a lie so he would do something foolish against the Inquisition. A trap.
  • Vivienne: Inquisitor, as your demon lacks manners, perhaps you could get Solas to train it.
  • Cole: Nugs are kind, Almost everything is bigger than they, but they're still happy.
  • Cole: If you hold out your hand, they will nuzzle it. It's how they call you "friend."
  • Vivienne: Remember, Inquisitor, the harmless-looking ones are always the most dangerous.
  • Cole: Nugs aren't dangerous.
  • Vivienne: I was not referring to nugs.
  • Cole: Grass doesn't mind anything. People walk on it, horses eat it, it's always content.
  • Vivienne: It's probably thankful it doesn't have ears, and can't listen to you.


  • Cole: Do you feel spirits when you cast a spell?
  • Cole: Bits of them push through with your magic, tiny, a wisp of a wisp, free before falling back. They pool around you, water in a cup, defined, deafened, hearing only your song.
  • Cole: They want to skate, scintillate on skin. You made them. Their maker.
  • Vivienne: Now. I need. A bath.
  • Cole: Are you still afraid of me, Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Are you still talking?
  • Cole: Dorian is like you, Vivienne.
  • Vivienne: I think not.
  • Dorian: Vivienne, the poor thing is trying to pay you a compliment. How so, Cole?
  • Cole: The Veil sings around both of you. It whispers through you and makes you both brighter.
  • Vivienne: The same could be said of any mage. Beyond that, I have little in common with a noble from Tevinter.
  • Cole: No. For most mages, it's a tool. A toil. You make it you.
  • Dorian: Also, we clearly have the best fashion sense of anyone around.
  • Vivienne: True, but I hardly expect the Fade to notice.
  • Cole: You were not at the Spire when the rebellion started Vivienne. I tried to protect the mages, I would remember you.
  • Vivienne: What were you doing at the Spire demon?
  • Cole: I didn't know what I was. When mages were afraid, their pain called me and I set them free.
  • Vivienne: You helped mages escape?
  • Cole: I killed them so the templars couldn't hurt them anymore.
  • Vivienne: Of course. I should have guessed that a demon's help would end in blood.
  • Cole: It was wrong. I'm sorry.
  • Vivienne: Cole... you were the Ghost of the Spire.
  • Cole: Yes.
  • Vivienne: Your murders stirred the Circle into a frenzy. That was what brought the attention of the templars.
  • Cole: The templars hurt mages.
  • Vivienne: Stupid, panicking mages who became a danger to themselves and others because of you!
  • Vivienne: You brought matters in the Spire to a head. Without you, there would be no rebellion.
  • Vivienne: Countless deaths are on your head, demon. Are you satisfied with the result of your protection?
  • Cole: You're lying. You're... twist the words right, and it will show its true form. Blood or banishment, either will suffice.
  • Cole: You like the tamplars. You think they were right.
  • Cole: You don't need to be protected.
  • Vivienne: It can learn after all.
  • Cole: Sour smell in the tower library. Rotten meat and ashes. Too quiet without the apprentices. Something crunches underfoot. Burned finger bones glitter in the ash like pearls. Ice in my veins. The archivist... what was her name?
  • Vivienne: Get. Out.
  • Cole: Why did they kill her? She was just like them!
  • Vivienne: They helped her. Just like you did. Anyone who wouldn't fight for freedom was freed by fire and lightning. Stay out of my thoughts demon. My memories are my own.
  • Vivienne: You are no longer a danger of being bound by enemies of the Inquisition, demon?
  • Cole: Yes. I am no danger now.
  • Vivienne: No more than you were before.
  • Cole: You worried for me.
  • Vivienne: I was concerned about you, demon.
  • Vivienne: You have grown adept at killing. If you cannot be gone, I would prefer you remain pointed at the enemy.
  • Cole: No. You were worried. The part of you that forgets I'm me cared. You want it to go away.
  • Cole: You think caring makes you weak. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.
  • Vivienne: Why are you still here? If you truly worried about being bound by blood magic, you would leave.
  • Cole: Where? If I go, the mages could find me.
  • Vivienne: Then perhaps you should go further.
  • Cole: You don't use blood magic Vivienne?
  • Vivienne: Of course not! Such magic is a tool for the weak. That the Warden mages resorted to it is pitiful.
  • Cole: Trembling. My knife at his throat. Not this! Not this! Swore I'd do whatever they'd ask but not this! In death, sacrifice. His hand grips my wrist. Pulls the blade across his throat. I'm sorry!
  • Vivienne: As I said. Pitiful.
  • Vivienne: Were you sad watching your fellow spirits banished back at Adamant Cole?
  • Cole: No. They were free, unbound. Banished back where they belong. I liked watching the rocks break the walls. Falling fortress, old dead fears, cracking like flakes of blood. It was better than last time.
  • Vivienne: Last time? Are we to understand you have been to Adamant before?
  • Cole: Yes.
  • Vivienne: So your visit to Adamant was better this time despite the arrival of an Archdemon?
  • Cole: It came last time too.
  • Cole: You were happy at the Winter Palace Vivienne.
  • Vivienne: Your point demon?
  • Cole: You were still sharp, but happy. Golden, glittering, everything gleam. Rules that let you win.
  • Vivienne: One does not wish to brag.
  • Cole: That's why you're happier being a noble than a mage. You fear demons, not people.
  • Vivienne: People can only kill you.
  • Cole: Gown perfect, shoes perfect, hat perfect. Staff a symbol, not a weapon. My world, my people, mine.
  • Vivienne: Out please!
  • Cole: I don't understand Celene and Gaspard.
  • Vivienne: I shall try to suppress my shock.
  • Cole: There's no hurt. Nothing there touched you.
  • Vivienne: Did you expect me to get misty-eyed over who rose to glory and who paid the price demon? It is the Game. No matter what transpired in the Winter Palace, I took steps to strengthen my position.
  • Cole: How do you make a Game that you always win?
  • Vivienne: Practice.
  • Cole: Uncultured barbarian witch.
  • Vivienne: I beg your pardon demon?
  • Cole: Jaws ache, dress stiff, binding. Years of work, favors fought, deals dealt, and the witch usurped my position.
  • Vivienne: Remove yourself from my head!
  • Cole: You're angry at Morrigan. She took what you had without working.
  • Vivienne: She took nothing! If Empress Celene wished the council of some untrained witch, she was free to seek it!
  • Cole: Celene did not make you go away. She respected you.
  • Vivienne: She feared the consequences of angering me.
  • Cole: Wind is always going someplace. What happens when it gets there?
  • Vivienne: Apparently, it dons a hat and prattles endlessly.
  • Cole: So many spirits clustering around. Pressing against the Veil, calling your name. Vivienne! Vivienne! Look at me!
  • Vivienne: I get that at court too darling. They get used to disappointment. Courtiers always do.
  • Vivienne: With so many rift marking the world, I am surprised any demons nearby do not fall back through.
  • Vivienne: It would be a simple matter for such misguided creatures to return to their home and leave this confusing world behind.
  • Vivienne: Would that not be easier for everyone involved, my dear?
  • Cole: Demons can't hear you. It hurts too much. Nothing here makes sense to them.
  • Vivienne: (Sighs.)

Vivienne and Dorian

  • Vivienne: I presume you know what they will say of Corypheus, Dorian.
  • Dorian: Darkspawn? Madman? Relic of an unwanted past? Don't keep me in suspense.
  • Vivienne: They will say he is Tevinter.
  • Dorian: *sarcastic voice* No!
  • Vivienne: I'm aware you claim to be here to counter that, but the damage is done.
  • Dorian: I'm not here on behalf of my nation's reputation, Vivienne. I'm here to do what is right.
  • Vivienne: If only more of your countrymen felt as you do.


  • Dorian: Official mage to the Orlesian Imperial Court? That sounds exciting.
  • Vivienne: It is an esteemed position, darling, that many mages would envy.
  • Dorian: Yes, being paraded about like an exotic peacock is better than running frantically from templars.
  • Vivienne: Better an exotic peacock than one Tevinter rat amongst many.
  • Dorian: Oh! A dig at my homeland? This should be fun.


  • Dorian: Vivienne, are you saying you wouldn't rather live in a land where mages aren't herded into cages like dogs?
  • Vivienne: Which land is that? The one where mages are feared and despised as tyrants?
  • Dorian: I'm the first to admit magisters aren't perfect, but they've also done great things. They're allowed to.
  • Vivienne: Monstrous things as well, or you wouldn't be here, would you?
  • Dorian: Locking people into cages isn't the answer.
  • Vivienne: Naturally. First we execute those who will not submit, then we deal with the rest.

(If the Inquisitor is in a romance with Dorian)

  • Vivienne: I received a letter the other day, Dorian.
  • Dorian: Truly? It's nice to know you have friends.
  • Vivienne: It was from an acquaintance in Tevinter expressing his shock at the disturbing rumors about your... relationship with the Inquisitor.
  • Dorian: Rumors you were only too happy to verify, I assume.
  • Vivienne: I informed him the only disturbing thing in evidence was his penmanship.
  • Dorian: ...Oh. Thank you.
  • Vivienne: I am not so quick to judge, darling. See that you give me no reason to feel otherwise.
  • Vivienne: I'm curious, Dorian: have you ever met the Black Divine?
  • Dorian: I saw him once at a ball, but we never met. He had to leave early on account of assassination.
  • Vivienne: Someone tried to kill him?
  • Dorian: Kill him? No, no, he killed a magister. Could have waited until the dancing was finished.
  • Dorian: How is it, Vivienne, that you weren't part of the rebellion with the rest of the southern mages?
  • Vivienne: Those of us outside of the Circles could not be compelled to revolt.
  • Dorian: Ah. Nothing like solidarity.
  • Vivienne: This from a man who hails from a nation where mages kill each other for sport.


  • Vivienne: (Chuckles.) It's rather amusing, Dorian.
  • Dorian: Your outfit's enteraining, I'll give you that.
  • Vivienne: The way you sneer at "southerners," pretending to be a shark from a land of sharks.
  • Vivienne: But you're not a shark and never will be, darling. They knew it, just as you do.
  • Dorian: I could have pretended. Wore fancy clothes, convinced everyone I'm something I'm not.
  • Dorian: Then I could take a position at court, whore myself out, and desperately hope no one realizes what a fraud I am.
  • Vivienne: Such snapping for a fish without teeth.
  • Inquisitor: That's enough!
  • Vivienne: My dear Inquisitor, whatever is the issue? We are having a perfectly civil conversation.
  • Dorian: It's true. I've heard worse from our gardener back home.


  • Inquisitor: You should put on a show, charge for admission.
  • Vivienne: My dear Inquisitor, whatever is the issue? We are having a perfectly civil conversation.
  • Dorian: It's true. I've heard worse from our gardener back home.


  • Inquisitor: I can't believe the way you two speak to each other.
  • Vivienne: My dear Inquisitor, whatever is the issue? We are having a perfectly civil conversation.
  • Dorian: It's true. I've heard worse from our gardener back home.
  • Dorian: (Sighs.) What I wouldn't give for some proper wine.
  • Vivienne: Skyhold's steward is a sadistic little man who is trying to kill us.
  • Dorian: Perhaps he found a bargain is couldn't pass up, on vats of vinegar?
  • Vivienne: (Chuckles.) It could be worse, darling. It could be an Anders vintage.
  • Dorian: Egad. We'd be forced to retaliate.
  • Dorian: Vivienne, perhaps you can answer this--why the bizarre Orlesian fixation with masks?
  • Vivienne: It's part of the Game, my dear. You never see your opponent's true visage.
  • Dorian: A strange custom in a culture where people assassinate each other for putting too much salt in the soup.
  • Vivienne: An additional challenge to be navigated. Fail at the Game and you die.
  • Dorian: And you people call Tevinter barbaric.
  • Vivienne: You are barbarians, darling, but that's part of your charm.
  • Vivienne: You've walked into the Fade, Dorian, as did your Tevinter forebears.
  • Dorian: With somewhat less cataclysmic results.
  • Vivienne: No observations beyond that?
  • Dorian: Only that I'm pleased we got out. Demons don't appreciate a man with good hair.
  • Dorian: Wait... you're jealous, aren't you?
  • Vivienne: Don't be absurd.
  • Dorian: Vivienne, we can continue this dance forever, if you wish.
  • Vivienne: Presuming both of us are capable.
  • Dorian: I mock Orlesian frippery and nonsense, you mock Tevinter decadence and tyranny.
  • Dorian: There is, however, something far more important we should remember.
  • Vivienne: Just what might that be?
  • Dorian: At least we're not Antivan.
  • Vivienne: Quite right. Thank the Maker.
  • Dorian:Vivienne, I heard about your friend, the duke...
  • Vivienne:Bastien was not my "friend," darling, and I'll forego your bland and ill-informed observations.
  • Dorian:I only meant to say I'm very sorry for your loss.

Vivienne and Iron Bull

  • Iron Bull: You know, Viv, you're not bad with that staff.
  • Vivienne: You will address me as Enchanter Vivienne, Court Mage to the Empire of Orlais, or Madame de Fer. Not, "Viv."
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Right, ma'am. Sorry, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: Hmm. Yes, "ma'am" works as well.
  • Vivienne: Iron Bull, did you clean your weapon after the last fight?
  • Iron Bull: Er..., no. Odds are we're gonna be killing something again in a few minutes. Besides, the bloodstains are good for scaring enemies! They see a big messy blade and they... you know. Argh... I'll go clean it.
  • Vivienne: Thank you, darling.
  • Iron Bull: Yes, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: I wonder what sort of eye-patch we should get you.
  • Vivienne: I think gold, inlaid with glowing lyrium and amethysts...
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Hadn't thought of it like that, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: You cannot go shirtless in front of the preeminent nobles of Orlais. Let us see...
  • Iron Bull: Hey... I had a shirt in Halamshiral!
  • Vivienne: In Halamshiral, you were a blade of cheap iron. When I am done, you will shine like a gleaming dawnstone saber.
  • Vivienne: A purple coat, tight at the waist, slashed with silver, emerald accents. Open at the collar to accentuate your chest.
  • Vivienne: Every woman will want you. Every man will want to be you.
  • Iron Bull: Well... alright. Tell me more about the coat.
  • Vivienne: Now, Bull, the steps of the dance of six candles?
  • Iron Bull: Wait a minute! I know what this is. You're screwing with me because you look like a Tamassran. It's the whole "authoritative female" thing. Plus, that hat with the horns... you've been playing me. Well, I was trained by the Ben-Hassrath. You think I don't know how to handle manipulation?
  • Vivienne: Bull, step step turn...
  • Iron Bull: (Sighs.) Step, shuffle, spin... ...ma'am.
  • Iron Bull: Are you sure you're not "maybe", just a little bit Tamassran, ma'am?
  • Vivienne: My dear, I don't think there is such a think as a little bit Tamassran.
  • Iron Bull: Alright, point taken. But you're pretty tall for a human. Maybe there was a qunari there a few generations back.
  • Vivienne: Bull darling, I wear high heels and tall hats. Fashion is not so far, as far as I know, a demand of the Qun.
  • Iron Bull: You've got a point there. Usually the Qun doesn't even demand pants.

(If the Inquisition sided with the templars)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you're alright with the Inquisition bringing in templars?
  • Vivienne: Of course! Magic works best when responsibly supervised for the safety and protection of all.

(If the Inquisition sided with the rebel mages)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you must be pleased the Inquisition brought in all those rebel mages.

(If the Inquisition allied with the mages)

  • Vivienne: Hardly. Magic is dangerous, and with the Inquisition's alliance, the mages are now dangerously independent.

(If the Inquisition conscripted the mages)

  • Vivienne: Hardly. At least they have been made keenly aware of the restrictions of their role within the Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: Your views of magic don't quite mesh with what I was taught about mages outside the Qun.
  • Vivienne: Life is a series of necessary restrictions, Iron Bull.
  • Vivienne: The small-minded beat against every wall they find. The wise learn to make the most of the options they have.
  • Vivienne: I have heard of the life of the Saarebas, Iron Bull, but I'm curious about your viewpoint.
  • Iron Bull: It's sad, mostly. The magic appears late in childhood just like it does for you folks. Some kids going years learning to be a baker, or soldier, or builder and then one day... that's all gone.
  • Vivienne: You sounded as though you pity them.
  • Iron Bull: Well... yes. In theory, they're no different from anyone else. The Tamassrans -- and the Ben-Hassrath, protect everyone from their own mistakes. They're people too, just serving the Qun, but too many Qunari are afraid of them.
  • Vivienne: Not you, though?
  • Iron Bull: No. Everyone who takes that burden and lives a good life with it has my respect.
  • Iron Bull: So ma'am, what do you think of Skyhold?
  • Vivienne: Why do you ask?
  • Iron Bull: Well, I don't know crap about magic so if the Veil is thin, or its weak against demons somehow, I can't tell.
  • Vivienne: It needs gold caps on the towers, painting in the courtyard, and a great deal of soap.
  • Iron Bull: Ah. Got it.
  • Iron Bull: Alright ma'am, I get that Skyhold needs a fresh coat of paint.
  • Vivienne: At the bare minimum. Ideally we could have the battlements enameled or... sheathed in marble.
  • Iron Bull: But it looks good, right? With that silhouette, it's just daring somebody to try to attack it.
  • Vivienne: This is the limitation of your upbringing under the Qun, darling. Skyhold must not only unnerve potential foes -- it must entice potential allies.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's why we have you and Josephine, ...and apparently marble sheets.

(Spoilers for Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: So ma'am, with respect, all that crap at Halamshiral made sense to you?
  • Vivienne: Of course! Florianne's motive was unfortunate, but hardly inscrutable.
  • Iron Bull: But how does Orlais work with all the nobles screwing each other over like that? I mean, give Corypheus credit, if we hadn't stopped him he'd brought down the whole empire.
  • Vivienne: Then it is fortunate that we did stop him.
  • Iron Bull: You really think Orlais works the way it is, ma'am? With all that infighting? All that selfish blowhards?
  • Vivienne: Orlais is selfish. But that ambition you decry breeds its own strengths. Those who rule Orlais never fear treachery from the rest of the world. They have already faced far worse.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's one way to train your leaders.


(Spoilers for Here Lies the Abyss)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: So ma'am, the Warden mages at Adamant, they don't have to be part of the Circle?
  • Vivienne: No. The Grey Wardens are free of the confines of the Circle, so they may battle the darkspawn unfettered.
  • Vivienne: Some mages who chafe at the Circle's constraints actually hope to be recruited.
  • Iron Bull: Not you though?
  • Vivienne: Darling, my interest lie in the Circle and the court! The Wardens are irrelevant to both!
  • Iron Bull: Well after seeing what they did with blood magic, a nice strong Circle looks pretty good.


(Spoilers for Here Lies the Abyss)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

(If Vivienne was not present, but Bull was)

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you've been in the Fade, right?
  • Vivienne: Not physically, as you were at Adamant.
  • Iron Bull: Oh. Well, you're lucky then. It was awful.
  • Vivienne: I can imagine.
  • Iron Bull: Can you? Because it was more demons than I can imagine. And I'm quite good at imagining demons.

(If Vivienne was present, but Bull was not)

  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, you went into the Fade at Adamant, right?
  • Vivienne: A most unpleasant experience.
  • Iron Bull: I know, right! Glad it isn't just me.
  • Vivienne: The water was utterly dreadful, and the lighting was dreary.
  • Iron Bull: Also demons trying to eat our souls. Really not sad I missed that one. We have more than enough demons outside.


(Spoilers for Here Lies the Abyss)

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

  • Iron Bull: So was it like that when you went through your Harrowing to become a Circle mage?
  • Vivienne: No. My Harrowing was nothing like that.
  • Iron Bull: At least I don't have to worry from crap from the Fade trying to kill us anymore.
  • Vivienne: Why not?
  • Iron Bull: We kicked the Nightmare's ass! You gotta figure any demon is gonna think twice before coming after us now.
  • Vivienne: Actually the depth of emotion you experience might draw demons to you more strongly.
  • Iron Bull: Oh for shit's sake.

  • Vivienne: I understand that under the Qun, mages are tightly controlled to protect others from their power.
  • Iron Bull: You don't need to worry. I have no intention of trying to leash anyone.
  • Vivienne: I never worry, darling. A leash can be pulled from either end.
  • Iron Bull: I thought mages in Orlais didn't fight. You're more than capable with combat magic.
  • Vivienne: Mages in Orlais do not fight without permission, my dear. Some are better at gaining permission than others.
  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, with the magic, do you prefer fire, or lightning, or cold, or what?
  • Vivienne: The proper tool for the proper task. Fire reminds an enemy that you can destroy everything around. Lightning puts the fear of the Maker into her. Cold makes her think you implacable, while spirit energy conjures fears of demons.
  • Iron Bull: I like cold, cause it freezes them, and then they break into little bits when I chop them in half.
  • Vivienne: That's fine too, dear.
  • Iron Bull: So mages in the Circle really have to defend themselves against a demon?
  • Vivienne: As part of our Harrowing, we must prove we can defend against possession, and thus are no danger to the world.
  • Iron Bull: (Grunts.) Demons. That's messed up.
  • Vivienne: Don't worry, my dear. Should we encounter demons, I will protect you.
  • Iron Bull: So what's it like shacking up in the Circle?
  • Vivienne: Excuse me?
  • Iron Bull: Well I assume people do it. And you're people. So, you have to have... I mean... come one, with those... just forget I ask.
  • Vivienne: I shall.
  • Vivienne: Iron Bull, stop picking at that scab or it won't heal properly.
  • Iron Bull: I know! But the scab will look amazing! You see, it already sort of look like a wyvern's... (sighs.) I'll just put the bandage back on now. Sorry, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: Thank you, darling.
  • Vivienne: My dear, Iron Bull, stand up straight. You're slouching like a sulking child.
  • Iron Bull: I keep smacking my horns going through doors.
  • Vivienne: Darling, you are in no danger from a door beam. Just watch where you're going.
  • Iron Bull: I... may have done it a couple of times on purpose. To see if I can knock the frame loose.
  • Vivienne: I confess, Iron Bull, I had assume you would not be comfortable fighting alongside a mage.
  • Iron Bull: We use Saarebas when we need to.
  • Vivienne: That is hardly the same.
  • Iron Bull: No, ma'am. Fighting with you is more like hitting an enemy while a dreadnought pounds their front line. All fire and smoke ahead of you -- half the enemies already on the ground by the time you get there.
  • Vivienne: So, I am a qunari dreadnought?
  • Iron Bull: I... er... didn't mean to offend you.
  • Vivienne: Not at all! I am Madame de Fer.
  • Vivienne: Tell me, Iron Bull, is there anything I can do to assist you more effectively in combat?
  • Iron Bull: Err... no? No. I'm good.
  • Vivienne: You do so much fighting at the front. I would help, however I may. If my skills can weaken your opponent to make your fight easier, please let me know?
  • Iron Bull: Well, nobody fights well when their clothes are on fire. But honestly, I do really like the ice. Whatever works for you though. Ma'am.
  • Vivienne: I'm always happy to help.
  • Iron Bull: I assume that... between living in the Circle and... wherever you live in Orlais, you don't get out much, ma'am.
  • Vivienne: It is somewhat uncommon, yes.
  • Iron Bull: Enjoying the great outdoors?
  • Vivienne: The next time we make camp I intend to construct a bath. I need you to find me fresh water.
  • Iron Bull: Yes, ma'am.
  • Iron Bull: So, ma'am, what does the Circle know about Fade rifts and such?
  • Vivienne: Very little. No mage of the Circle had encountered anything like this before the Breach.
  • Iron Bull: Well, that's reassuring.
  • Vivienne: I think gold inlaid with glowing lyrium and amethyst.
  • Iron Bull: Oh. I didn't thought about it like that. Ma'am.

Vivienne and Sera

  • Sera: I've heard things about you, Vivvy.
  • Vivienne: It is properly Madame Vivienne, official mage to the Imperial Court.
  • Sera: Yes, that’s what I heard. Not the title, the snotty bit.
  • Vivienne: How ever shall I recover from your condemnation?
  • Sera: You’re still doing it. Can you even shut it off?
  • Vivienne: For you, my dear? No.
  • Sera: Everyone look away. I need to find a place to pee.
  • Vivienne: Could you be more of an embarrassment in what the Inquisitor and I are trying to accomplish?
  • Sera: Everyone look over here! Vivienne needs to pee!
  • Vivienne: I have something for your silly group, Sera dear.
  • Sera: Right, I bet you have plenty.
  • Vivienne: A simple note for your Red Jenny associates. I believe it may point to anonymous holdings of one Lord Samerath.
  • Sera: I know him! Pisshead's hard as ice with his people.
  • Vivienne: Indeed. It would be a shame if his involvement in certain activities was revealed, his position at court weakened.
  • Sera: So, we hurt a real prick! But you swoop in? We help people, but it helps you more? (Frustrated growl.)
  • Vivienne: Try not to cry openly, dear, it is ever so demeaning.
  • Vivienne: What is that horrendous smell?
  • Sera: Nothing!
  • Vivienne: Where... where is it coming from?
  • Sera: Nowhere!
  • Vivienne: (Sighs)
  • Sera: Hey Viv! Vivvy! Look at this! I've got something for you!
  • Vivienne: Darling, it's your bottom. Again. As bony and sad as it was the last dozen times you've displayed it.
  • Sera: It's my butt!
  • Vivienne: Maker, however shall I endure this horror. Someone fetch me a fainting couch.
  • Sera: They'll never really like you, Vivvy.
  • Vivienne: Sera, dear, whatever has your scattered mind conjured now?
  • Sera: Those nobs in Orlais. They barely like their own kin. And you're a mage.
  • Vivienne: Your failing--among many--is that you presume I desire approval. Power does not require that I be "liked."
  • Sera: Well, halfway there, then.
  • Vivienne: If I might be so bold, Inquisitor, is this the company you would present as the Inquisition?
  • Sera: I know, right? You people are weird.
  • Vivienne: Thank you for illustrating the point.
  • Sera: What, you think you’re better than me?
  • Vivienne: It’s nothing personal, dear. I am demonstrably better than most. That you so thoroughly prove it is hardly my fault.
  • Sera: Pretty sure she thinks she’s better than me.
  • Vivienne: (laughs) Oh, this is truly, truly sad.
  • Sera: (Coughs) Who's a bitch?
  • Vivienne: Charming, darling.
  • Sera: Fact.
  • Sera: I sent a box of rabbit raisins to some Lord What's-his-tits in your name.
  • Vivienne: That explains the letter of gratitude. They were, by all accounts, delicious.
  • Sera: Ewww! Ew, ewww!
  • Vivienne: You underestimate both the fragility of his holdings, and the severity of tribute demanded of him in the past.
  • Vivienne: Perhaps he was grateful it was not a stew made of some lesser cousin.
  • Sera: That's lies, right? Must be lies.
  • Sera: Enjoying your food lately, Vivvy?
  • Vivienne: Ugh. Shall I assume you have altered my meals? Set the servants against me and encouraged sputum-based rebellion?
  • Sera: Of course not, I would never. But you can't know, right?
  • Vivienne: (Sighs.) Rest assured, I will eat privately from my own stores from now on.
  • Blackwall: Whose idea was that, then?
  • Sera: Varri--MINE!
  • Sera: Cruel bunch, your lot, Vivvy. Don't know how you live with what they think of you.
  • Vivienne: My dear, despite your egalitarian protests you are ever so susceptible to the opinions of others.
  • Sera: I don't give a squirt what anyone says.
  • Vivienne: Of course not, coherent speech is your nemesis, but it is clear you care a great deal about what they /think/.
  • Vivienne: Take heart that you are not among the nobility, little Sera. You would not survive.
  • Sera: No one wants to join your stupid club!
  • Vivienne: Of course not, dear.
  • Sera: I bet you left a trail.
  • Vivienne: Whatever are you on about now, dear?
  • Sera: What you used to be. Wherever you're from. Little people will know about you.
  • Vivienne: We all have something we used to be, haven't "we," dear? Done things "we" would rather die than have known?
  • Vivienne: By all means, escalate, but I will answer in kind, armed with painful history I am sure is better left to your own sad memory.
  • Sera: She's frigging evil, she is.
  • Sera: You're not so scary, Vivvy. Maybe I can't bug you, but you can't bug me neither.
  • Vivienne: My dear, I have not attempted to "bug you.".
  • Sera: Yes you have.
  • Vivienne: I assure you, I have not.
  • Sera: You ruddy well tried, and it hasn't friggin worked! Got it?
  • Vivienne: Of course, Sera, dear. I understand completely.
  • Vivienne: Three keys to locks that have been changed, a schedule for a journey not taken, and two names of servants no longer employed.
  • Sera: I don't... I don't know what you're on about.
  • Vivienne: The now-useless items passed to you by those in my employ. I do hope you have alternative plans for the evening.
  • Sera: Joke's on you, I only had one key.
  • Sera: Took your knickers, Vivvy
  • Vivienne: I purchased more of a higher quality
  • Sera: Well that's... you're not doing this right!
  • Sera: Checked your drawers recently, Vivvy?
  • Vivienne: Hmm? Oh, yes, my dear. Although I was rather well stocked with that particular shade of viper. So I sent it back.
  • Sera: Sent... sent it back?
  • Vivienne: Yes. It should make its way to you at some point.
  • Vivienne: I was most concerned it might have difficulty on the steps, so I gave it legs. Six of them.
  • Sera: That's not... you're making fun, right?
  • Vivienne: Do you sleep with your mouth open? I should avoid that, it was heavy with eggs. Skitter skitter.

(after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)

  • Vivienne: I assume you were properly impressed by Halamshiral? it is rare to be welcomed in the halls of power.
  • Sera: A golden shitter. Their servants come down the streets to drink the abuse away. You can have it.
  • Vivienne: Oh, I will. And I'll be sure to entertain your requests for orphan salve or whatever you are championing on the day.
  • Sera: You all think no one can touch you, but I say a kind word to a butler and I'm in your vault. Because he hates you.
  • Vivienne: And I'll fill it just to watch you scurry from the gutter. Again and again and again.
  • Vivienne: Big vault. Little elf.
  • Sera: Yes, well, everyone says you're fat.

Vivienne and Solas

  • Vivienne: So, an apostate?
  • Solas: That is correct, Enchanter. I did not train in your Circle.
  • Vivienne: Well, dear, I hope you can take care of yourself, should we encounter anything outside your experience.
  • Solas: I will try, in my own fumbling way, to learn from how you helped seal the rifts at Haven.
  • Solas: Ah, wait. My memory misleads me. You were not there.
  • Vivienne: You know, Solas, you do an excellent job of spellcasting without any concrete knowledge of technique.
  • Solas: Your rigorous training lays a solid foundation, true. It also creates boundaries, limits, where none need exist.
  • Vivienne: I do prefer to have boundaries between myself and the demons, my dear.
  • Solas: Of course. You endured the Harrowing, where your Circle teaches you that all demons attempt to possess you.
  • Vivienne: Not at all! Many of them simply want to kill you. I suppose you would claim otherwise.
  • Solas: Why should I? You would not believe me. You have learned your lessons all too well.
  • Vivienne: Solas dear, do you find your magic affected at all by the fluctuations in the Fade?
  • Solas: Nothing unexpected, given the energies emanating from the rifts. And you, Enchanter?
  • Vivienne: The same.
  • Solas: Do you require a mana cleansing to remove the residual energies on your staff?
  • Vivienne: The Circle’s training in energy modulation is thorough. I sincerely doubt you could add anything.
  • Solas: So you intend for your staff to carry that particular aura?
  • Vivienne: Is that a problem, my dear?
  • Solas: No, no. As you were.
  • Vivienne: Solas darling, if you wish instruction in proper magical attacks, do let me know.
  • Solas: I will. Perhaps you will direct me to a Circle mage who does not front-load her barriers?
  • Vivienne: I'm sure you know exactly what you're doing, Solas, but a word of advice?
  • Solas: Oh, I look forward to this. Go ahead, Enchanter.
  • Vivienne: You set your coattails on fire with that last spell.
  • Solas: Perhaps what you perceived was merely a figment of the Fade.
  • Vivienne: (Laughter) I would not claim your familiarity with the Fade, but I recognize fire when I see it, darling.
  • Solas: It did go out eventually. It was not worth mentioning.
  • Vivienne: Not for you, perhaps.
  • Solas: Tell me, Enchanter. Do you even bother to explore the Fade in your dreams?
  • Vivienne: I prefer to explore the world I actually live in.
  • Solas: Pity. You could be much more powerful if you ventured outside your narrow preconceptions.
  • Vivienne: Ah, the temptation to leave the path. You sound like a pride demon.
  • Solas: Enchanter, any pride demon you met would just walk away, shaking its head and laughing uncontrollably.
  • Vivienne: Oh darling, more than one already has.
  • Solas: The fact that I, an apostate, have not been enslaved by demons must be quite vexing, Enchanter.
  • Vivienne: Not at all, darling. You clearly have an exceptional gift for the Fade.
  • Solas: You flatter me.
  • Vivienne: I'm far more surprised you haven't been murdered by terrified villagers wielding pitchforks.
  • Solas: Yes, packing all the mages into towers and threatening them with Templars certainly kept them safe.
  • Vivienne: It did, until a rogue apostate destroyed Kirkwall's Chantry and started a fight most mages did not want.
  • Solas: Your Circle was a tightly clamped lid on a boiling pot. It held for a while, and, unless you looked inside, it all seemed fine. And everyone feigned surprise when it finally burst.

(occurs after completing In Hushed Whispers)

  • Vivienne: You must be pleased, apostate. Your rebels have won the favor of the Inquisition.


  • Vivienne: You must be pleased, apostate. With the Templars dissolved, your rebels will be most difficult to pacify.
  • Solas: My rebels? Am I an agent for their cause, whispering poison into the Inquisition's ears?
  • Solas: How comforting.
  • Vivienne: You enjoy seeing yourself as a villain?
  • Solas: No more than any other clever man who wonders what he could do if pushed.
  • Solas: But I meant you, Enchanter. How comforting it must be for you to see a traitor helping the rebels from within.
  • Solas: You need never concern yourself with the possibility that your Circle was wrong.

(occurs after completing Champions of the Just)

  • Vivienne: You must be disappointed, apostate. Your rebels have not found the freedom they hoped for.
  • Solas: I planted no seeds in your garden, Enchanter. You grew that fruit yourself.
  • Vivienne: And I will once again ensure they are protected from a world that hates and fears them.
  • Solas: While mages live in depravation you do not share? You lord their mystique over those not so gifted. Well played, Enchanter. In another age you might have ruled an empire.
  • Vivienne: You are too kind, my dear. But this age is still young.
  • Vivienne: So, apostate. If the Circle is such a failure, what would be your solution? Would you have your fellow mages live among the people, unguarded, unwatched?
  • Solas: Yes.
  • Vivienne: And when they became possessed, or use their power to harm?
  • Solas: I would kill them. Magic is more elegant than a blade or a bow, but a murderer remains a murderer.
  • Vivienne: So you alone would pass judgment, repay murder with murder, or do we open this up to mobs and vigilantes? If you're going to dispense judgment upon violent mages yourself, you'll need eternal life and omniscience. If only there were individuals dedicated to finding and eliminating such criminals. Perhaps they might help?
  • Solas: I am certain they would. Until black and white distinctions perverted their simple minds.
  • Solas: Do enjoy this time, Enchanter. You may miss your freedom when you lock yourself back up in some tower.
  • Vivienne: Imprisonment is largely a matter of who holds the keys.
  • Solas: You so often come out on top. You play the political games brilliantly.
  • Vivienne: A compliment? Although you speak it as a curse.
  • Solas: You could use those skills to improve the lives of your fellow mages. Instead you have done nothing, save consolidate your own power.
  • Vivienne: What if keeping my power might in fact improve the lives of my fellow mages?
  • Solas: You honestly believe the world is better off with you setting its course?
  • Vivienne: I need not be in spotlight. But after watching others try and fail, why should I not have a turn?
  • Solas: Then Enchanter, I leave you with the greatest curse of my people. Dirthara-ma.
  • Vivienne: What rustic elven curse is that, apostate?
  • Solas: May you learn.
  • Solas: Your position in the Orlesian court must be frustrating, Enchanter.
  • Vivienne: Darling, I have no idea what you might be implying.
  • Solas: With your magic you are kept at arm's length, never able to play the Game to its fullest. Some part of you must always wonder if you could have gone farther had you not been a mage.
  • Vivienne: Don't be absurd. Without magic, I doubt the Orlesian court would have interest in me at all.
  • Solas: That must rankle as well.

(occurs after completing Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)

  • Solas: It was fascinating to observe you at the Winter Palace, Enchanter.
  • Vivienne: I am pleased that such engagements were enjoyable for everyone. Even those with no grasp of subtle, social interplay might enjoy the pagentry.
  • Solas: It is all pagentry, Enchanter.
  • Vivienne: Isn't everything?

(occurs after completing Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts)

  • Vivienne: I do hope you were not mistaken for a servant at the Winter Palace, Solas.
  • Solas: Such mistakes are opportunities in disguise. Nobles say things around servants they would never say to Cassandra, or the Inquisitor.
  • Vivienne: Yes, anyone who wishes to play the Game learns to use her servants effectively. Although I am surprised to see an elven apostate catch on so quickly.
  • Solas: My apologies. I shall try to live down to your expectations.

(occurs after completing Here Lies the Abyss)

  • Vivienne: The Grey Warden mages must be an inspiration, Solas.
  • Vivienne: Free of the constraints of the Circle, they have shown that they need no oversight to guide themselves...
  • Vivienne: Ah, but then they behaved rather atrociously. What a pity.
  • Solas: I never claimed mages should be above the law, Enchanter.
  • Vivienne: No, darling. You merely implied it, while offering no viable suggestions for improvement.

(occurs after completing Here Lies the Abyss)

  • Vivienne: Corypheus is a complex creature. To draw upon so many different sources of power.
  • Vivienne: He has his own magic, he draws from the blight, the artifact he carries is elven...
  • Vivienne: And now, he uses a demon to create a false Calling to fool the mages.
  • Solas: The false Calling was blight magic. The demon merely amplified its power.
  • Vivienne: This ancient magister is like a man drinking from three wineglasses at once.
  • Solas: And one of the glasses is poisoned.

(occurs after completing Here Lies the Abyss)

  • Vivienne: You disapprove of Corypheus using the magic of the blight, Solas?
  • Solas: Every intelligent creature should.
  • Vivienne: Yet you raise no objection to the Grey Wardens using blood magic?
  • Solas: Blood magic is no worse than any other. Properly used. But the blight...
  • Solas: The blight corrupts everything it touches. Those who believe themselves capable of using it safely are mad.
  • Vivienne: I understand that Grey Wardens are connected in some way to the blight.
  • Solas: Then that explains why we saw no old men at Adamant.

(occurs after completing What Pride Had Wrought)

  • Vivienne: You must be pleased with what was revealed at the Temple of Mythal, Solas?
  • Solas: Why should those ruins please me, Enchanter?
  • Vivienne: Now you know the elves were once a mighty nation.
  • Solas: I always knew, Enchanter. The Temple of Mythal is just another reminder of what was lost.

(occurs after completing What Pride Had Wrought)

  • Vivienne: I confess, Solas, I expected you to be back at the Temple of Mythal.
  • Vivienne: Some powerful magic yet remains there. If it can be trusted.
  • Solas: For once, we agree. Many relics were lost for good reason.
  • Vivienne: You explore the Fade to ferret out secrets, do you not?
  • Solas: When I awaken each morning all I have with me are those secrets.
  • Solas: The power at the Temple of Mythal is tangible, potent and far too easy to misuse.
  • Vivienne: We are not so different after all, my dear apostate. We both believe magic must be limited safely.
  • Solas: Only a fool would ignore such a stark reminder of the destruction of an empire.
  • Solas: We may disagree on many things, Enchanter. But neither of us is a fool.
  • Vivienne: You are too kind.

Vivienne and Varric

  • Varric: Your accent's not Orlesian, Iron Lady. Where are you from originally?
  • Vivienne: I was born in Wycome, if you must know.
  • Varric: You're a fellow Marcher?
  • Vivienne: Wycome is a civilized city-state. Unlike some.
  • Varric: Yeah. Starkhaven is pretty much a collection of howling barbarians.
  • Vivenne: Which is just slightly less foul than Tantervale.
  • Vivienne: Am I to understand, Varric, that you knew the apostate who destroyed Kirkwall's chantry?
  • Varric: Unfortunately, yes.
  • Vivienne: What could he possibly have hoped to accomplish with such madness?
  • Varric: Exactly what he got: a whole lot of innocent people killing each other.
  • Vivienne: I take it he's no longer on your Wintersend gift list.
  • Varric: Depend. Does a flaming sack of bronto dung count as a gift?
  • Vivienne: Only if you tie it with a silk ribbon, my dear.
  • Vivienne: You know, Varric darling, I read your Hard in Hightown.
  • Varric: You did? Seriously?
  • Vivienne: Most of the Imperial Court did. It was in fashion a few winters ago.
  • Varric: Just how much gold is my publisher stealing from me?
  • Varric: So, Enchanter to the Imperial Court? That's a fancy title.
  • Vivienne: How very observant.
  • Varric: Why aren't you holed up with the Empress in Halamshiral?
  • Vivienne: Grand Duke Gaspard laid siege to the city while I was attending to business for the Circle.
  • Varric: Lucky for you, I guess.
  • Vivienne: The Circle shattered, the empire is at war, and the Divine is dead. Only an imbecile would consider this "lucky."
  • Varric: You've got to have a few good stories about the court -- intrigue, scandal, seductions?
  • Vivienne: I do. But it doesn't necessarily follow that I would share them.
  • Varric: Not even an amusing anecdote? You don't want a chance to bring someone down or boast a little?
  • Vivienne: Not to you, darling. Where's the benefit there?
  • Vivienne: Do say whatever you're thinking, darling. If you hold it in any longer your face will split apart.
  • Varric: No, no, I don't want to bother you.
  • Vivienne: It's your face.
  • Varric: It's just... I was wondering how you got your nickname: Madame De Fer.
  • Vivienne: It was bestowed by a Marquis, sadly no longer with us.
  • Varric: Alright, that's a good one. I'm writing that down for later.
  • Vivienne: Am I to understand that you... are writing a book about me?
  • Varric: Well, it's just notes right now.
  • Vivienne: What kind of book is it?
  • Varric: I was planning on a political thriller: some backstabbing, power grabbing, maybe a murder or two. The Winter Palace was kinda inspiring and uh... apparently I got plenty of readers there. I've never really done an Orlesian serial. It's a gamble but, you never know.
  • Vivienne: And what role do I play in this thriller of yours?
  • Varric: Actually, (nervous laugh), you're the villain.
  • Vivienne: (laughs.)
  • Varric: Alright, how much trouble am I in for this book?
  • Vivienne: Don't be ridiculous, darling. Why would you be in trouble?
  • Varric: For the villain thing?
  • Vivienne: Not at all! I find it delightful.
  • Varric: Seriously?
  • Vivienne: My dear, if I didn't want for people to fear me, I wouldn't dress like this. The book is perfect.
  • Vivienne: Varric darling, what manner of villain am I in your novel?
  • Varric: You're the, er, scheming duchess? Coldly manoeuvring her political rivals into a trap.
  • Vivienne: Yes, but what am I wearing? You are not going to describe me in anything less than the latest fashions are you?
  • Varric: I'm... going to spend the next few weeks researching Orlesian gowns, aren't I?
  • Vivienne: Yes, my dear. And my mask should be inlaid with opals.
  • Vivienne: How many chapters will this book be, Varric dear?
  • Varric: Well the first one will come out in twelve chapters.
  • Vivienne: The first one?
  • Varric: I've read enough Orlesian fictions to know you never tell a story there in fewer than three complete books. They think you're just warming up after one.
  • Vivienne: And what happens to the scheming duchess in the first book?
  • Varric: Are you asking for spoilers now, Madame De Fer?
  • Vivienne: Hints, darling. Not spoilers.
  • Vivienne: You've never answered my question, Varric darling.
  • Varric: You still want hints on how my unfinished serial will turn out?
  • Vivienne: I'm providing you with details of Orlesian court life. Shouldn't you owe me something in return?
  • Varric: I already gave you a big one, Iron Lady.
  • Vivienne: Oh, really?
  • Varric: Really! If the book is a trilogy what are the odds the villain can be defeated in book one?
  • Vivienne: Mmm, that will do.
  • Vivienne: Tell me, Varric, who is the protagonist of this serial?
  • Varric: You know, we're so far into spoiler territory right now. I think I better stop talking.
  • Vivienne: Come now, darling. You can tell me.
  • Varric: Not on your life, Iron Lady. The best way to ensure a book never finish is to tell someone your entire plot.
  • Vivienne: Aren't you rather wealthy to be dirtying your hands like this, Varric?
  • Varric: Nobody told me there is a cutoff. Besides, Iron Lady, you're not poorer than me.
  • Vivienne: I just don't see any profit that would motivate a member of the Merchant's Guild to fight.
  • Varric: I don't know -- not being killed by rampaging demons seems to be as good as gold to me.
  • Varric: I have a serious question for you, Iron Lady.
  • Vivienne: I can hardly wait.
  • Varric: In the Imperial Court, if someone use the wrong fork at dinner, is that worse than death or just social suicide?
  • Vivienne: It's impossible to say, my dear. Anyone who is ever so mis-stepped would (be) stabbed to death with the proper fork.
  • Vivienne: I can't understand, Varric, that someone born into wealth and power would choose to live like a peasant.
  • Varric: Let's be fair, I live like a rich peasant.
  • Vivienne: You ignore your peers and spend your time amongst laborers and criminals in taverns.
  • Varric: Hah, I wish. These days is all outposts and marchings.
  • Vivienne: You know perfectly well what I mean, darling.
  • Varric: Look. All those things you like about nobility: power, wealth, notoriety -- those are the things I hate about it.
  • Vivienne: You have a very peculiar taste.
  • Varric: Heh, just wait until you meet my friends.
  • Vivienne: Varric darling, what's the name of your tailor?
  • Varric: Why? I don't think he makes anything in your size.
  • Vivienne: I want to send a sternly worded letter.
  • Vivienne: I suppose you support the Chantry as a business decision, Varric?
  • Varric: Oh, it's more of a personal decision.
  • Vivienne: Really? You can't be one of the faithful.
  • Varric: I don't like seeing them explode and destroy cities. Faith's not really a big factor there.
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