The Vinsomer is one of the ten high dragons encountered in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It can be found in the west area of the Storm Coast, on Dragon Island. In order to reach Dragon Island, the Red Water quest must be completed.


The dragon's stats are as follows:

Level 19 Boss
226288 HP (Nightmare difficulty)
59 Armor
Greater Electricity Resistance
Spirit Vulnerability
Immunity: All Disabling Effects
Immunity: Slowed

The Vinsomer "breathes" electricity instead of fire, dealing electricity damage. It is therefore resistant to electricity damage, but vulnerable to spirit. Its methods of attack are similar to most other dragons, but its unique skill is a mobile version of Static Cage that becomes "attached" to each party member with a damage-over-time effect dealing electricity-based damage every 3-4 seconds for 20 seconds. Any character that crosses within the field of another receives increased damage which stacks.


  • Characters with high Guard Damage Bonus, from skills or weapons, are needed (preferably Warriors).
  • The use of Spirit Runes will aid in exploiting the dragon's weakness, though Dragon Runes are a better substitute, in general, for dragon hunting.
  • Mages should use staves with any element type other than Electricity-based damage.


  • Dispel removes the Static Cage effect from party members. Note that the damage from Static Cage can interrupt the casting of Dispel, so timing is important.
  • Electricity Resistance Tonics can prove useful throughout the battle.
  • Warriors with the Shield Wall talent can absorb most damage inflicted as long as Stamina is sufficient.



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