Vincento's Northern Merchandise is a shop located in Lowtown in Dragon Age II. After the events of Wayward Son, his store disappears.

Even though Vincento states in dialogue he only sells the finest Antivan merchandise, much of his goods originate from Ferelden.

Act 1[edit | edit source]

Name Price
Fereldan Greatsword
Fereldan Greatsword Fereldan Greatsword
12Silver 42Bronze
Fereldan Longsword
Fereldan Longsword Fereldan Longsword
12Silver 42Bronze
Fereldan Dagger
Fereldan Dagger Fereldan Dagger
8Silver 7Bronze
Fereldan Shortbow
Fereldan Shortbow Fereldan Shortbow
12Silver 42Bronze
Note: Also sells four random generic weapons and four random generic pieces of armor.

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