Vincento is a merchant of Antivan origin working in the Lowtown district of Kirkwall.

Background Edit

At some point in his past, Vincento was in a relationship with Arianni which resulted in the birth of their son, Feynriel. After Feynriel's birth, Vincento left the city to travel and didn't return for quite some time. Vincento speaks with a very strong Antivan accent.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Vincento is involved in the quest Wayward Son.

Arianni directs Hawke to Vincento in an effort to find Feynriel. Vincento says that he sent his son off to find an ex-templar named Samson who would help him.

He also runs a shop, Vincento's Northern Merchandise. Simple weapons and armor can be purchased there.

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