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The Vimmark Mountains form a long mountain range in the Free Marches that stretches parallel to the coast of the Waking Sea and separates the narrow coastal strip in the south, including the cities of Kirkwall and Ostwick, from the Minanter River basin in the north.


The creatures that appear in the Vimmark Mountains depend on location, but include ghasts, wyverns and darkspawn. The Grey Wardens have also left their mark on the mountains, leaving behind ancient structures and tunnels dating back to the First and the Fourth Blights.


Sundermount Sundermount - the tallest mountain north of Kirkwall
Sundermount Ambush Site Sundermount Ambush Site
Vimmark Mountain Pass Vimmark Mountain Pass


Vimmark Wasteland Vimmark Wasteland
Vimmark Chasm Vimmark Chasm
Carta Hideout Carta Hideout
Corypheus's Prison Corypheus's Prison (The Warden's Prison)

Mark of the Assassin[]

Sundermount icon.png Hunting Grounds
Chateau Haine Chateau Haine
Mountainside Path Mountainside Path
The Ruins The Ruins