The Vimmark Chasm is a location in the Vimmark Mountains and is crossed by Hawke as part of the Legacy DLC in Dragon Age II. It is a deserted fortress built into a mountain chasm.


Hawke enters the Vimmark Chasm having successfully crossed the Vimmark Wasteland.

  • Main courtyard: You are lured by the Carta messenger into the main courtyard of a deserted fortified building. You are immediately ambushed by the Carta - first, by two brontos, and then by a gang of Carta thugs. Once you have defeated this ambush, you are able to explore the courtyard, although the gate to the eastern passage requires a key to unlock.
  • Smaller courtyard: There is a smaller courtyard to the north of the main courtyard. There are two rooms leading off it, with some useful loot, including health potions and some high level class-specific armor for Hawke. You will be ambushed again by the Carta on coming back down the stairs from the northernmost room into the smaller courtyard. The ambushers include lots of snipers and two assassins.
  • Southern steps: The steps to the south of the main courtyard lead to a room containing the key to the eastern gate, and a viewpoint across to the Warden's Prison. You are once again ambushed by the Carta on leaving the small room, including the familiar snipers and an overseer.
  • Eastern passage: Using the key to open the gate at the east of the main courtyard, you exit into the eastern passage, down steps carved into the hillside. You are attacked again by the Carta (thugs and a master sniper) and watch out for the two simple traps. You exit from the area into the Carta Hideout (Legacy).


Notable items

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