I am the eyes and ears of the Qunari people. Do you think you can deceive me?

Viddasala is a senior agent of the Qunari priesthood and a co-leader of the Ben-Hassrath.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Viddasala is one of the three leaders of the Ben-Hassrath, who presides over the branch whose name translates as "Dangerous Purpose". She specializes in finding, studying, and stopping magic. The Viddasala also handles the conversion of foreigners and the re-education of Qunari dissidents. She sees the world as drowned by the chaotic dangers of magic and does whatever is necessary to staunch magic no matter the cost.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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In 9:44 Dragon, the Viddasala is charged with overseeing the Dragon's Breath conspiracy, a plot to simultaneously kill most of the leadership of southern Thedas, rendering the south vulnerable to Qunari occupation and conversion. The Ben-Hassrath's capture of a High dragon; the Ataashi allowed them to produce Gaatlok, the Qunari explosive powder, on a previously unreachable scale. The Ben-Hassrath also managed to activate a portion of the Eluvian network; the magical method of instant transportation from ancient Elvhenan.

The discovery of a dead Qunari warrior from the Antaam in the Winter Palace, leads to the Inquisitor discovering the Eluvian network and eventually travels to the Deep Roads in the course of their investigation. There the Inquisitor encounters Jerran, a former templar and now a viddathari, who explains to them that Viddasala is the one behind the Qunari plot. If Jerran is spared, Viddasala's orders to capture Jerran and reeducate him can be found on a Ben-Hassrath corpse.

Later, at the Winter Palace, the Inquisitor learns that gaatlock barrels have been smuggled into it on Viddasala's orders. The Inquisitor leaves Leliana to ensure safe removal of the explosives and sets off to pursue Viddasala.

Viddasala and the Inquisitor finally meet in person at the Shattered Library. Viddasala explains that the Qunari view the inability to curb magic as the reason for the chaos in the South. When they saw the Breach, they resolved to step in and remove the leaders while converting the rest of the populace to the Qun. Before she departs, Viddasala mentions an agent of Fen'Harel who was disturbing their plans and warns the Inquistor they will pay for their alliance with the Elven god. Viddasala unleashes the remainder of the Karataam she brought with her to attempt to kill the Inquisitor and their companions. An Archivist spirit tells the Inquisitor that Viddasala went to the Darvaarad.

The Inquisitor launches a raid on the Darvaarad to unravel the Qunari conspiracy once and for all. Inside they discover the Ataashi and realize the High Dragon is the source of the increased Gaatlok supply. Viddasala encounters the Inquisitor again just inside the factory and orders her troops to attack them. She then tells Hissrad to attack the Inquisitor. Depending on the resolution of the Demands of the Qun, Hissrad will either turn on the Inquisitor or readily refuse to follow the order.

While the Inquisitor deals with Ataashi, Viddasala and her troops prepare to flee via an eluvian. The Inquisitor manages to reach Viddasala just before she passes through the mirror, where Viddasala again chides them for being a pawn of Fen'Harel. When the Inquisitor again denies being a servant of the Elven God, Viddasala realizes the Inquisitor was also deceived and proves some revelations: Solas is the agent of Fen'Harel, he gave the orb to Corypheus and pushed a dying Qunari into the Winter Palace for the Inquisition to find, alerting them to Dragon's Breath. Viddasala promises to kill Solas and disappears through the mirror.

The Inquisitor follows her to some Elven Ruins however Viddasala flees deeper into the ruin, leaving as many of her forces behind as she can to delay the Inquisitor. At a shrine to the Dread Wolf, Viddasala unleashes her personal saarebas, Saarath to kill the Inquisitor. However Saarath manages to break free of his leash in the course of the fight and flees. Viddasala flees again to pursue Solas, before the Inquisitor manages to corner Viddasala within a secluded courtyard north of the shrine. Viddasala proclaims that the Inquisitor's soul is dust and flees through the Eluvian with another Karataam of Qunari, while Saarath attacks the Inquisitor's party.

When the saarebas is defeated, the Inquisitor enters the eluvian only to find Qunari forces turned to stone. The Inquisitor discovers Viddasala in a confrontation with Solas, whom advises Viddasala to leave and trouble him no further. As she prepares to attack instead, Solas petrifies her with a single thought.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Trespasser Trespasser

Codex entries[edit | edit source]

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Orders Orders

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Viddasala is the first major female character of the Qunari race in any of the games, not counting the potential Qunari Inquisitor.

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