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Divine Victoria is the Divine of the Orlesian Chantry who succeeded Justinia V after the War against the Elder One in 9:42 Dragon. Her identity is revealed in the Dragon Age: Inquisition epilogue.


Dragon Age: Inquisition[]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Leliana as Divine Victoria

Cassandra as Divine Victoria

Vivienne as Divine Victoria

After the death of Divine Justinia and most of the Chantry's Grand Clerics in the explosion at the Divine Conclave, the Chantry was left reeling without its leaders. Because all the Grand Clerics who could have succeeded Justinia died alongside her, the Chantry was forced to look outside its usual confines for candidates. For a Divine to be chosen, the College of Clerics must convene in Val Royeaux and reach an unanimous decision. After the Orlesian Civil War was ended at the Winter Palace, the Clerics were able to focus on the election of the Divine. Depending on the Inquisitor's actions throughout the game, the title of the Divine is bestowed by the College of Clerics on either Leliana, Cassandra Pentaghast, or Vivienne.

Justinia V's successor is elected one month after the defeat of Corypheus, and is given the name of Divine Victoria. Her actions are controversial from the start, and elements of the Chantry rise in opposition against her.

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Divine Victoria (Cassandra) in her Robes of Office

After the death of Corypheus and with the threat of Fade Rifts and demons waning, both Orlais and Ferelden began raising questions about the future of the Inquisition. Divine Victoria promised to shield the Inquisition from political matters as long as possible. Eventually, she called the Exalted Council: a chance for the Inquisitor to determine the role - and possibly the fate - of the Inquisition.

After arriving at the Winter Palace, Divine Victoria can be found talking to Arl Teagan, wearing the robes of the Divine. Upon re-entering your party both Cassandra and Vivienne will be wearing the Divine armor. After interrupting her conversation with Teagan it is then possible to talk to her in private.

Once the Inquisitor is done reconnecting with their companions and has met with the Fereldan and Orlesian ambassadors (respectively Arl Teagan and Lord Cyril), they can start the Exalted Council. Her position as the head of the Exalted Council allows Divine Victoria to help the Inquisitor by calling for a reprieve in negotiations when the Inquisitor is informed by Leliana of the presence of a dead Qunari in the Winter Palace.

The Divine is not all powerful however, and as more problems arise, she is unable to shield the Inquisitor from the Exalted Council's anger. After returning from dealing with Solas and the Viddasala, the Inquisitor is forced to decide the fate of the Inquisition. One option is to become Divine Victoria's personal honor guard and peacekeeping force.

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  • In early concepts of the game it was considered a possibility for the Inquisitor to name themselves Divine, including male and Qunari Inquisitors. It was eventually deemed too game- and lore-breaking.[1]