Vicinius is an Ander rare oil and ambers merchant.

Background Edit

Vicinius bears a Tevinter name, but it is uknown if it is his real name, as - according to Leliana - he was born in an Anders settlement of Tallo, but he himself claims to be a Tevinter, born in Vyrantium. By 9:41 Dragon he has become a wealthy merchant.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Templars were recruited: The Inquisition is attacked by the Venatori, led by Calpernia. Leliana reports that the Venatori took interest in Vicinius, shadowing his businesses and warehouses, and suggests that the Inquisitor has a meeting with him to discuss what he knows of Calpernia.

However, upon arrival at Vicinius's Home in Val Royeaux, the Inquisitor finds him already dead at the hands of the Venatori. Investigating his notes reveals that Viscinius is actually a flesh trader, a slaver. It is revealed that Calpernia would purchase educated slaves from him, but for any "damaged" slave, she would brand Vicinius's couriers upon delivery of the slaves by burning their faces.

In his notebook he states that he called a meeting with Calpernia right before the meeting with the Inquisition, to demand a compensation for branding his men. However, Calpernia had different plans. She ordered the Venatori to kill him for mistreating slaves.

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