The Veridium Mine is an elven ruin[1] in the Dales. It is unknown if the elves of old used it as a mine or for other purposes, but by 9:42 Dragon the ruin was used to mine veridium, and more recently as a military base.

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The mine is where Costeau, a former Chantry sister who abandoned the Chantry after the Divine Conclave, has placed her base of operations, when she joined the Freemen of the Dales.

At some point after the sister establishes the Veridium Mine as a base for Freemen, Gertrude, one of the refugees hiding out from the War of the Lions, sneaks into her camp in order to steal supplies for her people at Watcher's Reach. The Freemen decide to imprison her for her theft.

When the Inquisitor arrives at the scene, they are mistaken for a rescue party for Gertrude, and she attacks, dying as a result. The Inquisitor then rescues the prisoners.

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Quest icon DAI A Deluded Chevalier
Quest icon DAI A Fallen Sister
Quest icon DAI A Vicious Thug
Quest icon DAI Not Everyone's Free
Quest icon DAI Victims of War
Quest icon DAI Seeing Red

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Mosaic Pieces icon Invasion 1/12 pieces

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Axe of the Dragon Hunter icon Glittering Darmallon - see A Vicious Thug
Soulkisser icon Soulkisser - see A Fallen Sister

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This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Red Templars have brought red lyrium to the mine in order for it to be mined here.

References Edit

  1. As evidenced by the elven statues at the gate
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