Verdict is a unique greatsword in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • Looted at the bottom of a dried-up well in the southeast area of the Forbidden Oasis. Jumping on the boards, using Mighty Blow or Charging Bull will shatter the wooden covering and allow access.

Upgrades Edit

  • Comes with:
Cleansing rune icon Cleansing Rune (+20 AoE Damage vs. Corrupted)

Random Upgrades Edit

  • Can be found with:
DAI-gripicon2-common Balanced Greatsword Grip (+5 Strength)
Round pommel icon Balanced Pommel (+3 Willpower)
DAI-rare-pommel-icon1 Balanced Two-Handed Grip (+7 Constitution)
Round pommel icon Bell Pommel (+5 Cunning)
DAI-gripicon2-common Bulky Greatsword Grip (+3 Constitution)
Round pommel icon Crown Pommel (+30 Maximum Health)
Round pommel icon Engraved Pommel (Level 15) (+5 Cunning)
Round pommel icon Firm Round Pommel (+3 Strength)
DAI-gripicon2-common Thick Greatsword Grip (:+5 Constitution)
DAI-gripicon2-common Thick Greatsword Grip (+5 Cunning)
DAI-gripicon2-common Winged Greatsword Grip (+3 Strength)

Gallery Edit

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