Ventus, the city formerly known as Qarinus, is a northeastern coastal city in the Tevinter Imperium. Initially settled by the Qarinus, one of the Neromenian tribes[1] and a pre-Imperium kingdom, the city has great strategic importance as it lies across the Ventosus Straits from the disputed island of Seheron. Qarinus was renamed "Ventus" following a Tevinter victory on the Ventosus Straits.[2]


Prior to the founding of the Imperium, Qarinus stood as a mighty kingdom of its own settled by the Qarinus tribe. In -1195 Ancient Darinius united Qarinus and Tevinter,[3] kingdom of the Tevinter tribe, forming the Tevinter Imperium, and declaring himself the first Archon. The city of Minrathous became the capital but Qarinus retained its importance. With the unification of the Imperium the nation became a magocracy. The mage nobility own slaves as is common in all of the Tevinter Imperium. Amongst the nobility transportation appears to be by horse and carriage.

After the alliance of Tevinter with the dwarven empire, a subterranean embassy for the dwarves was built in the city of Qarinus.

Qarinus 3

The city architecture

During the invasion of the Qunari in the Steel Age, Qarinus was captured and controlled by the Qunari. However, between 7:25-85 Storm the Exalted Marches on the Qunari, which were declared by the Imperial Chantry, managed to retake Qarinus and the island of Seheron.[4] Qarinus was later re-named to celebrate the Tevinter military victory, and called Ventus.


BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

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Dragon Age: Those Who Speak.

Alistair travels to Ventus in search of the Tevinter magister, Aurelian Titus. Alistair and his companions join a gala to locate Aurelian Titus, the man who allegedly kidnapped King Maric Theirin in order to use Maric's blood to fuel his magic and ambitions. Confronting Aurelian, Alistair causes a skirmish to break out in which the magister Maevaris Tilani, a relation by marriage to Varric Tethras, aids him in the fracas.

During the battle Isabela slays her former lover and comrade, Lord Devon, in order to hide the truth about their past collaboration in transporting slaves. After the brawl, Alistair and his companions leave the city by ship.

By 9:44 Dragon, rumours that a major Qunari invasion of Ventus was imminent became widespread.

Notable residents


  • Though in-game, Ventus has had a new name among Thedosians for decades, the real-world reason for the change was potential confusion between the words "Qarinus" and "Qunari." [7]



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