Vengeance is one of Anders's spell from his unique Vengeance specialization in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Immune to conventional healing
  • Damage: +10%
  • Damage resistance: -50%

Upgrade Edit

Vengeance (spell) Wrath
Requires: Level 11
Focused fury increases the damage of Ander's attacks and spells while Vengeance is active.

Damage: +10% (total: +20%)

Notes Edit

  • It is possible to gain this spell without using a talent point. Anders gets this spell for free as soon as Vengeance takes over, such as when the party goes to the Fade for the quest Night Terrors or during the companion quest Dissent.
    • If you like, you can have Anders learn this spell before Dissent becomes available but still benefit from the potential "free" talent point. Owners of the Black Emporium may use a Maker's Sigh to unlearn the spell before reaching the point in the quest where it is automatically gained, and he will still gain the spell for free. (verified pcIcon pc 1.03)
    • The spell will be active during Night Terrors. However, it will not be learned. The ability will remain active after the quest is completed, and it can be turned off by activating Panacea. (tested pcIcon pc 1.03)

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