For the character named Vengeance, see Justice.

Vengeance is Anders's specialization in Dragon Age II.

Ability tree[edit | edit source]

Vengeance tree

Talents[edit | edit source]

Eye to Eye Eye to Eye
Requires: Anders Friendship
Hawke's support helps Anders maintain his focus.

Physical damage: +10%
Fire damage: +10%
Cold damage: +10%
Electricity damage: +10%
Nature damage: +10%
Spirit damage: +10%
No Compromises No Compromises
Requires: Anders Rivalry
"The mages will be free." This one resolution drives Anders on, whatever the opposition.

Health regeneration rate: +50
Panacea Panacea
Size: 10m
Upkeep: 40%
Cooldown: 10s
Anders always had a knack for healing. While this mode is active, nearby allies recuperate quickly, even in the heat of combat. This mode allows Anders to use Aid Allies and Regroup, but cannot be used the same time as Vengeance, and Anders cannot cast any offensive spell for the duration of the effect.

Unable to cast offensive spells
Health regeneration rate: +100 for all party members
Aid Allies Aid Allies
Activation: 35
Cooldown: 50s
Requires: Level 8
Requires: Panacea
Anders learned a great deal about healing while running a hospice in Kirkwall. He can now apply those skills to heal the whole party with a single spell. (Panacea must be active.)

Health regeneration: 25% for all party members
Regroup Regroup
Activation: 45
Cooldown: 120s
Requires: Level 10
Requires: Panacea
Anders can revive fallen friends even in the heat of battle, restoring a portion of their health and stamina or mana. (Panacea must be active.)

Revives fallen companions
Health regeneration: 30%
Mana/stamina regeneration: 40%
Vengeance Vengeance
Upkeep: 20%
Cooldown: 20s
Requires: Level 7
While this mode is active, Anders gains a measure of control over the spirit within. His attacks and spells inflict much more damage, and he becomes able to cast Martyr, but he is more susceptible to damage and cannot be healed. (This mode cannot be used at the same time as Panacea.)

Immune to conventional healing
Damage: +10%
Damage resistance: -50%
Wrath Wrath
Requires: Level 11
Focused fury increases the damage of Ander's attacks and spells while Vengeance is active.

Damage: +10% (total: +20%)
Martyr Martyr
Requires: Level 9
Requires: Vengeance
Anders sacrifices his own health to replenish mana and cast spells more rapidly. (Vengeance must be active.)

Spells currently on cooldown have 20% of their total cooldown removed from the time remaining
Health: -5%
Mana regeneration: 5%
Blood of my Enemy Blood of my Enemy
Requires: Level 12
Requires: Martyr
Anders won't rest until his task is complete. Every enemy he kills restores a portion of his health. (Vengeance must be active.)

Health regeneration: Minimum 10% upon enemy death, based on enemy rank
Swift Justice Swift Justice
Requires: Level 10
Requires: Vengeance
Requires:  2 points in Vengeance
Drawing strength from his fury, Anders has become able to cast all his spells more frequently.

Cooldown: 90% for all spells
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