Veld is a mercenary who works alongside his brother, Mekel.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Veld is involved in the quest Gamlen's Greatest Treasure.

Upon visiting Gamlen's House, Hawke will find a letter directed to Gamlen regarding a valuable gem. Hawke, following up on the letter, will end up in Darktown in order to meet the sender. After arriving, Hawke will find Mekel and a group of mercenaries waiting for him/her. Mekel will say that he was paid to deliver the letter but now wants the gem for himself. Hawke can try to convince Mekel that he/she does not possess the gem, but Mekel will nevertheless attack Hawke. After the battle, Hawke will find a letter on Mekel's person directing him/her to a place called The Sink. Once there, Hawke will fight through multiple enemies until entering a large cavern. In this cavern, Hawke meets his/her long-lost cousin Charade Amell. While talking to Hawke, Veld will enter and explain that Mekel was his brother and that he wants the gem so his brother's death was not for nothing. Veld will then attack Hawke and company along with dozens of mercenaries. Veld is killed by the Amells in the ensuing battle.

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