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Velanna is a Dalish elven mage and one of the companions in the Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening expansion.

Velanna is rather impatient , but while she usually likes to avoid pointless trouble, and has a hatred of humans, she will willingly help people if shown reason. Dealing with Velanna requires patience, many of her replies are snaps, and she dislikes it when someone assumes something about simply because she's an elf, she may take some getting used to.


Raised as the first to her clan's Keeper, Velanna knows how much has been lost, and her pride demands that her people lose no more. When you first meet her she has been harassing anyone who passes through the Wending Wood believing humans have kidnapped her sister. She is nature's hand, an instrument of vengeance, and she will never submit. She has the Keeper specialization.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

You can find Velanna in the Wending Woods. She has been murdering humans who cross her path in an attempt to terrorize the nearby villages into releasing her sister. After talking with a wounded Militiaman he will reveal that it was truly the darkspawn who took her sister. Upon informing her of this she will offer herself to the Grey Wardens in hope of finding her sister Seranni. If she is put through the joining she will survive to become a full Grey Warden.


If Velanna is left to defend Vigil's Keep:

  • When the walls of Vigil's Keep were breached, the surviving defenders watched in horror as a section of stone collapsed upon Velanna. When the rubble was later cleared, however, there was no body. Velanna was just gone.

If Velanna was with you defending Amaranthine:

  • Velanna stayed with the Grey Wardens for a few years but eventually leaves and disappears.


Ico Quest Velanna's Exile
Ico Quest Velanna's Joining


Ico staff Heart of the Forest


Name Notes Description

Blank journal
Blank Journal
A fine leather binding surrounds crisp, wordless pages.
Tre ico greenstone
Carved Greenstone
Located: Kal'Hirol - Treasury in the trade quarter
Delicate greenstone engraved with eye-catching swirls.
Tre ico book 1
Discarded Journal
Located: City of Amaranthine - Village
In this old journal, an elf who lived in Amaranthine writes about the hardships of daily life and the unrealized hopes of his people.
Tre ico runestone 1
Elven Runestone
Located: Vigil's Keep- Deep roads Gem Mine
A flat stone bearing an elven rune.
Plt ico seal of faith
Elven Trinket
Found in the Wending Wood
A carved ironbark trinket inlaid with silver and suspended from a leather cord.
Tre ico silver bowl
Ornate Silver Bowl
Located: Blackmarsh
This antique bowl is embossed with graceful representations of elven halla.
Tre ico malachite
Shiny Malachite
A smooth piece of malachite, polished until glossy.

Dialogue Points



Below are the spots where you can initiate dialogue with Velanna. On the PC, it can be hard to find the correct spot to click; make sure to hit "tab" and rotate the camera if it's not letting you click on it.

  • City of Amaranthine: a tree by the stairs to the Chantry -- Dialogue about her life with the Dalish.
    • Note: The "comforting" answer - "I think you would have made a good Keeper" - makes Velanna disapprove (-1).
    • The other two choices are neutral
  • City of Amaranthine: as soon as you enter the Amaranthine map, there is an abandoned house on your right (later used for the Till Death Do Us Part quest) and two city elves nearby. Walking near them triggers a dialogue with Velanna, if she's in the party.
    • Note: There are only two combination that net you positive approval, one of which is available only to City Elves:
      • (+2)"You two should have chosen your words more carefully." "They cower because you yelled at them" and then "You are one scary passersby"
      • (+4 -- City Elf Only) "You two should have chosen your words more carefully." "Do I make you sick too?" and then "You are one scary passersby"


See Velanna's Dialogue.

  • "All people with power never fail to abuse it, even those with good intentions"
    File:Velanna-02 01.jpg
  • "You killed my friends and the merchants kidnapped my sister... They brought this on themselves just as you have!"
  • "Creators! It's like being pestered by a child!"
  • "Velana"He wanted to make the world a better place"? What an insipid line. Is that really supposed to make her feel better about his death?"
  • Warden"I'm not with her!


Bug icon Bug! Proceeding to complete the Silverite Mine without Velanna in the party will cause the plotline to be broken resulting in all sorts of strange behaviour (players are unable to leave the mine, awaken yet again imprisoned but without a key, etc.)
Bug icon Bug! It is possible to have Velanna undergo The Joining and become a Grey Warden prior to completing the Silverite Mine and still get the dialogue where she asks to become a Grey Warden.
Bug icon Bug! If Anders and Velanna are in the party simultaneously, Anders will sometimes initiate the same small talk lines multiple times with Velanna: "Have I ever told you that I find tattoos on women..."
Bug icon Bug! It is possible to get Velanna's approval to +100 by giving her a gift when she first joins your party. In order to not get the +100 approval bug with any of the characters, you need to do the "blight orphans" quests or "chantry board" quests, that give (dis)approval to a character, only after you recruit that character. For example, if you do the "From the living wood" quest(that normally gives -1 approval to Velanna) before actually recruiting Velanna, that will get you the +100 approval bug with Velanna. Same goes for the quests for the "blight orphans". If you do quests that give (dis)approval to Justice or Sigrun before recruiting them, that will lead to the bug with them.(Tested on PC)


  • She wears a blond version of Morrigan's "unique" hairstyle.
  • Her voice actress is Grey DeLisle, also known for her role as Viconia from the Baldurs Gate series to which Dragon Age is a spiritual successor. She shows some similarities with Viconia as well.
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