A veilfire brazier.

Veilfire is a kind of magical fire that is used for dungeon exploration and finding secrets.

Background Edit

Veilfire was developed and perfected by elves in a time prior the founding of the Tevinter Imperium to serve various purposes, the simplest being a source of lighting. It burns without the need of wood or oil, though the flames can be quenched by pouring water over them.[1] Veilfire can also be used to activate certain inactive spells and, most importantly, as an advanced form of writing. Messages written using veilfire can transmit tangible sensations and complex ideas and feelings to the reader, yet only ancient elves seem to have mastered this art.


A veilfire torch.

While only mages can summon it, anyone can carry veilfire and use it to light braziers or examine writings and runes. Generally, holding a source of veilfire is enough for the reader to gain understanding of the inscriptions, but more complex or ancient texts (such as the ones found in the Temple of Mythal) may require additional knowledge to decipher them.

Involvement Edit

Veilfire can be used to find runes and activate devices. Veilfire braziers can only be lit by mages, but any party member can interact with a lit brazier to gain a torch. This torch will allow your party to interact with the runes, unlocking different elemental rune schematics (fire, frost, lightning and spirit). Engaging in combat or leaving the area will cause the characters to drop the torch.

When going through falling water like in the Lost Temple, a running jump will keep it from going out if timed right.

Trivia Edit

Rune being revealed by veilfire

Rune being revealed by veilfire

  • Veilfire braziers and devices can be found inside dwarven ruins. This may seem strange, but Dwarves do not require mages to create or charge magical devices.
  • Veilfire: A Beginner's Primer with Numerous Teachings, Exercises, and Applications by Magister Pendictus is included in the list of books banned by the Chantry.[2]

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References Edit

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