I am justice. I am vengeance. Blood can only be repaid in blood.

Lady Vasilia was Archon Hessarian's wife and one of the eight spirits located in the The Gauntlet as a part of the first trial in A Test of Faith.

Involvement Edit

In order to advance in "A Test of Faith" you will need to answer Lady Vasilia's riddle.

"An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. The debt of blood must be paid in full. Of what do I speak?"

"Vengeance" is the correct answer. However the choice "I don't know" is acceptable. Lady Vasilia is one of the few spirits that will accept this answer.

Result Edit

If the Warden answers correctly or has chosen "I don't know" the spirit will disappear. If the warden answers incorrectly then they will have to fight an Ash Wraith.

Quotes Edit

  • "Yes. My husband Hessarian would have chosen a quick death for Andraste. I made him swear that She would die publicly with Her warleaders, that all would know the Imperium's strength."
  • "You have not found wisdom, but you have found humility. Go forward."
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