Vartag Gavorn is a dwarf living in Orzammar and is the second of Prince Bhelen Aeducan.


Vartag can be found in the Chamber of the Assembly in the Diamond Quarter. He will offer a task to enable the Warden to prove his/her loyalty. After completing it, he'll bring the Warden to see Prince Bhelen.

If the Warden is of the Dwarf Noble Origin, Vartag will be suspicious about offering you support. If the Warden is of the Dwarf Commoner Origin, his/her sister Rica will introduce Vartag.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

If you choose Lord Harrowmont over Bhelen, he remains at the palace after the coronation and will attack you the next time when you talk to him, accompanied by some guards.

If Bhelen is chosen to be the king and the Warden makes the ultimate sacrifice in the end, Vartag appears at the Warden's funeral, obviously as the official representative of the King of Orzammar.


You can steal a Champion's Shield from Vartag, up to three times. Once when you first talk to him to get the quest to help Prince Bhelen at the Chamber Assembly, the second can be obtained if you complete the proving fights causing him to show up at the Proving Arena, and the third time after you've finished the quest and in the Royal Palace.


  • He shares the same last name as Dougal Gavorn, a surface dwarf in DA2
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