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::*[Hug him] {{Approval3|Slightly Approves}}
::*[Hug him] {{Approval3|Slightly Approves}}
::*He/She said goodbye to you. {{Approval3|Slightly Approves}}
::*He/She said goodbye to you. {{Approval3|Slightly Approves}}
=== Bianca Davri ===
''[[Skyhold]], after [[Here Lies the Abyss]].''<br>
''Begins the quest [[Well, Shit]].''
:'''Bianca: Well, this is a suprise. You're the Inquisitor. Bianca Davri, at your service.'''
::* [Investigate.] - ''No approval change.''
::* It's a pleasure. - {{Approval3|Slightly Approves}}
::* You two look nervous. - ''No approval change.''
::* What's going on? - ''No approval change.''
:'''Bianca: There's a deep roads entrance crawling with strange humans carting put red lyrium by the handful.'''
::* [Investigate.] - ''No approval change.''
::* We should shut this down. - {{Approval3|Approves}}
::* We have other priorities. - {{Approval3|Slightly Disapproves}}
== [Investigate.] ==
== [Investigate.] ==

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Dragon Age II


Varric likes to talk and likes Hawkes who do too. Solving problems and gaining advantage through diplomacy, outright lies, and even blackmail will impress him, while straightforward violence and thuggery leaves him cold. He also responds well to joking, flirting and sarcasm and to mild greed. Beneath his silver tongue, however, he's a goodhearted person and will appreciate Hawkes who look out for their families and are kind to dwarves.

Act 1

  • A Business Discussion: At the final dialogue choice, a cautious approach Friendship small (+5) or a charming responseFriendship small (+15)
  • Act of Mercy: Tell Grace that you will convince the Templars the mages are all dead Friendship small (+10)
  • Act of Mercy: Upon returning to the Templars, defer the situation to Varric Friendship small (+5)
  • Bait and Switch: Accept the quest from Anso with the response, "Make it worth my time." Friendship small (+5)
  • The Deep Roads Expedition: Agree to find Sandal Friendship small (+5)
  • The Deep Roads Expedition: Agree to find the Wardens for Carver or Bethany Friendship small (+5)
  • An Errant Letter: Tell Ser Thrask you will keep his secret Friendship small (+5)
  • Finders Keepers: Attempt to trick the guards by the docks with the Star response, "Fire!" Friendship small (+5)
    • Note: This will only work if Merrill is not currently in your party as she will unintentionally blow the cover and receives the approval instead of Varric.
  • Finders Keepers: Upon returning to Martin, refuse to tell him the location of his cargo and then choose the response, "I'll tell you for a price." Friendship small (+5)
    Note: With patch 1.03 or later, you may no longer have the option of demanding for payment. Revealing the location will grant you the approval.
  • The First Sacrifice: Choose the following dialogue options while speaking with Ghyslain Friendship small (+5)
    1. Investigate
    2. "Don't you want her back?"
    3. "And you wonder why she's gone."
  • Get Back to Work: Offer the workers a raise, and upon returning to Hubert choose a Witty response Friendship small (+5)
  • Loose Ends: (Athenril path) Give Pryce the goods and then lie to her about it results in Friendship small (+5)
  • Loose Ends: (Meeran path) When talking to Gustav, choose humorous response Friendship small (+5)
  • Loose Ends: (Meeran path) Spare Lord Harimann Friendship small (+10) and then lie to Meeran about it Friendship small (+5)
  • Magistrate's Orders: Kill Kelder Friendship small (+5)
  • Questions and Answers: Choose one of the following dialogue options
    • Humor ("Maker, that's big!") + Humor ("So does insomnia." or "You're looking for excitement?") Friendship small (+15)
    • Diplomatic ("Protecting my family") + Humor Friendship small (+15)
    • Diplomatic + Diplomatic ("So, have you been there?) Friendship small (+10)
    • Humor + Diplomatic Friendship small (+10)
    • Diplomatic or Humor + Aggressive ("Have any war stories?") Friendship small (+5)
  • Shepherding Wolves: Reject the quest from Sister Petrice (you'll still get the quest) Friendship small (+10)
  • Shepherding Wolves: Upon returning to her at the end of the quest, choose the response, "I don't care, just pay me." Friendship small (+5)
  • Tranquility: Promise Lirene you won't harm Anders or "He sounds too good to be true." Friendship small (+5)
  • Tranquility: When conferring with the angry Ferelden refugees, use the diplomatic option "We're on the same side" available to a diplomatic Hawke Friendship small (+5) xbox360Icon xbox360 (May not happen after the 1.04 patch).
  • The Way It Should Be: Upon rescuing Guardsman Donnic, choose the Witty response, "A politician's scheme." Friendship small (+5)
  • Wayward Son: Let Varric deal with the Slaver leader Friendship small (+5)

Act 2

  • All That Remains: Meet Gamlen in Lowtown at night. Speak to the Urchin and pay for information Friendship small (+5)
  • Plans for the Future: Choose any response first and then choose the humorous response for Friendship small (+10)
  • An Update: Choose the Charming response, "Let's go get some drinks." and agree to find Bartrand Friendship small (+25). Alternatively, "You can tell me anything." then agreeing to find Bartrand Friendship small (+20) or refusing to find him Friendship small (+5)
  • Family Matter:
    • Varric kills Bartrand without healing Friendship small (+15)
    • Anders heals Bartrand and Varric allows him to live Friendship small (+15)
  • Friendly Concern: If in romance with Anders/Isabela/Fenris/Merrill, all peaceful/humorous responses Friendship small (+20)
  • Prime Suspect: Accept the quest from Emeric along a Humorous line of conversation Friendship small (+5)
  • Prime Suspect: Choose the Sarcastic response, "This I have to hear." while speaking to Gascard DuPuis Friendship small (+5)
  • Repentance: While speaking with Allure, select "I would never betray my friends.", then choose either of the following dialogue options: "That's a good point." or "Don't listen to her..." for Friendship small (+5)
  • The Tethras Signet Ring: Give Varric the gift (on the Friendship path) Friendship small (+15)
  • To Catch a Thief: Agree to give Isabela the relic Friendship small (+10)
  • Demands of the Qun: Agree to the duel with the Arishok Friendship small (+10)

Act 3

  • Alone: Convince Fenris to allow Varania to live Friendship small (+10)

Legacy DLC


To earn rivalry with Varric, choose aggressive responses that glorify violence and combat, and show a lack of interest in his stories, his friendship, and your place in Kirkwall.

Act 1

Act 2

  • All That Remains: Meet Gamlen in Lowtown at night. Speak to the Urchin and intimidate him for information Rivalry small (+5)
  • An Update: Express disinterest in pursuing Bartrand (you'll still get the quest) Rivalry small (+15)
  • Family Matter:
    • Anders heals Bartrand, then Varric kills him Rivalry small (+15)
    • Varric allows Bartrand to live without healing Rivalry small (+15)
  • Friendly Concern: If in romance with Anders, all aggressive responses Rivalry small (+20)
  • Plans for the Future: Choose the Aggressive response (indicating that Hawke might leave Kirkwall) Rivalry small (+10)
  • Prime Suspect: Choose all Aggressive responses (you'll get quest anyway) Rivalry small (+5)
  • The Tethras Signet Ring: Give Varric the gift (on the Rivalry path, patch 1.02 or later) Rivalry small (+15)

Act 3

  • Alone: Hand Fenris over to Danarius Rivalry small (+10)

Legacy DLC

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Note: See the Approval (Inquisition) page for an explanation on point values

Varric's Disposition

The player can tell generally how Varric feels about the Inquisitor by engaging him in a "generic" conversation (i.e. a conversation where his greeting is not changed by any other factors such as a quest or cutscene).

Hostile (-5 to -75):
Varric will greet the Inquisitor with "Yes?"
Neutral (-5 to 34):
Varric will greet the Inquisitor with "Need something?"
Warm (35 to 74)
Varric will greet the Inquisitor in one of the following ways:
  • "I've got a minute if you need something."
  • "Looking for someone to talk your ear off? I think I can oblige."
Friendly (75 to 125):
Varric will greet the Inquisitor in one of the following ways:
  • "I can spare some time. What do you need?"
  • "If you've got questions, I'm your dwarf."
  • "Need something, or are you just here to admire the dwarf?"
  • "Something you wanted to talk about?"
  • "What can I do for you, your inquisitoralness?"


Are you alright?

Haven only, first attempt to speak to him...

Most people would have spread that out over more than one day.
  • (Pleased) I'm just glad to be alive. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • (Confused) I can barely keep up. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • (Sad) Too many people died up there. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • (Stoic) I'm fine. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • (Mad) This is all bullshit. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
"Bad for morale" would be an understatement. I still can't believe anyone was in there and lived.
No approval changes

After In Hushed Whispers / Champions of the Just

Haven; his initial lines vary based on which quest was completed, but the rest is the same regardless

Finding more of it really punches a hole in my "red lyrium at the temple was a coincidence" theory.
No approval changes
You just won a big victory for the Inquisition! What're you going to do to celebrate?
  • Plan for what's next.
  • Catch my breath. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Anything but celebrate.
  • Have a party. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

After the fight with Cassandra


Varric is visibly upset as he leans against a table; says nothing as Inquisitor approaches...
  • Are you alright? - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • She's calmed down. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • No more secrets. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
I wasn't trying to keep secrets. I told the Inquisition everything that seemed important at the time.
  • You knew about Corypheus. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • I believe you. - DAIApproval Approves
  • Hawke should've joined sooner. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
  • Talk to Cassandra.
  • Choose a side. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves

Corypheus is back...

Available after moving to Skyhold

First two sets of choices have no approval changes
Maker's breath, what have I let loose?
  • This isn't your fault. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • I think you're confused. - DAIApproval Approves
  • It doesn't matter.

I'm a business man

Skyhold, requires +35

Varric is writing something...
No approval changes
I'm a business man. Never really followed a chosen one before.
  • I'm just like you. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Make it up as you go. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • Just be my friend. - DAIApproval Approves
  • Just do what I do. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
You just don't know what you are to the people out there. The Herald of Andraste is a symbol bigger than any of us.
No approval changes
You heard the crowd singing after Haven was attacked.
  • I'm still me though.
  • Please don't sing. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • This is giving me a headache. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves


Requires -30

You leave a lot of innocent people ground into the dirt behind you.
No approval changes

After Here Lies the Abyss

If Hawke survived and the Warden ally was left behind:

He wasn't the first good man to fall to Corypheus. He won't be the last. This story's no good for heroes.
  • At least hawke survived.
  • We heroes might make it. DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • He will be the last.

If Hawke was left behind and the Warden ally survived:

Their weird, foreign foodstruff arrived... alive. And one of them, true to its name, wandered off in the middle of the night.
  • If it helps, tell the story. DAIApproval Approves
  • I'm sorry, Varric.
  • [Hug him] DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • He/She said goodbye to you. DAIApproval Slightly Approves

Bianca Davri

Skyhold, after Here Lies the Abyss.
Begins the quest Well, Shit.

Bianca: Well, this is a suprise. You're the Inquisitor. Bianca Davri, at your service.
  • [Investigate.] - No approval change.
  • It's a pleasure. - DAIApproval Slightly Approves
  • You two look nervous. - No approval change.
  • What's going on? - No approval change.
Bianca: There's a deep roads entrance crawling with strange humans carting put red lyrium by the handful.
  • [Investigate.] - No approval change.
  • We should shut this down. - DAIApproval Approves
  • We have other priorities. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves


I have questions about Hawke.

Orsino's fate made no sense. - DAIApproval Slightly Disapproves
Remaining choices have no approval changes

I have a personal question.

No approval changes

Tell me about red lyrium.

Begins Seeing Red

No approval changes
A couple more options are available in this branch after In Hushed Whispers or Champions of the Just, but neither have any approval changes.

Tell me about Corypheus.

Available after speaking to Hawke

No approval changes

Let's discuss the Inquisition.

Requires +35

He talks about a random advisor or party member; never any approval changes

Do you believe I'm the Herald?

Requires +75

No approval changes


There are 8 possible War table operations from Varric:

In the field

Killing a group of Red Templars with Varric in the party - DAIApproval Slightly Approves

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