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Varric's Apology is an Act 2 companion quest for Varric in Dragon Age II.


Varric's Apology will become available if Varric betrays Hawke during Night Terrors.


Varric apologizes profusely, stating that nothing in the Fade felt real, which makes sense considering where they were. He swears he would never choose a demon over Hawke "while conscious and sober," after which you'll have a few options to respond. Female Hawkes can choose a Flirt option that says she doesn't have to worry about Varric "running off with a desire demon unless he's passed out drunk." Male Hawke does not get this option, but he can sarcastically say, "So less than half the time you're on my side?" Varric takes either of these options in good humor, but he closes by thanking Hawke for hearing him out.


Choosing either the diplomatic or the humorous reply will result in Friendship Varric: friendship (+10), whereas choosing the aggressive reply will give Rivalry Varric: rivalry (+10).


  • This quest, along with all other "Night Terrors aftermath" quests, supersedes any other companion quests, aside from the initial "Visit" quests issued at the beginning of each Act. In Varric's case, however, the conversation in Friendly Concern, which can trigger from completing Night Terrors and certain other quests, will come before this one.
  • Flirting with Varric does not yield any long-term results as a romance cannot be pursued.