Not to be confused with Varric Tethras.
Do I know anything? Let me tell you, salroka, if Varick doesn't know it, it didn't happen in this ring. You want anyone in particular?

Varick is a member of the mining caste and an exuberant fan of Provings. According to him, he has never missed attending a Grand Proving match since he was a child. Furthermore, he has the controlling interest in a mine located off of the old Rousten Thaig.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Varick can be asked about the Provings, its rules, and about any of the fighters the Warden will encounter in the championship. He seems to be particularly fond of Piotin Aeducan and prompts the Warden to even bet money in Piotin's victory.

If the Warden is of Dwarf Noble Origin and fought in the Honor Provings held in their honor during the Prologue, Varick will mention that he attended them. Similarly, if the Warden is a Dwarf Commoner, Varick will mention that he attended the Celebratory Proving in which the Dwarf Commoner participated.

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