Varian Ilithis is a human slaver from the Tevinter Imperium[1] operating out of Kirkwall.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age II.

Varian Ilithis is holding Feynriel captive in the Slaver Caverns on the Wounded Coast during the Act 1 main quest Wayward Son.

Hawke can deal with Varian in a number of ways:

  • Bribe him to release Feynriel.
  • Attack him without negotiation ("I'll risk it").
    • Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10)
    • Rivalry small Aveline: rivalry (+5)
  • Use a throwing knife, killing Varian and making the ensuing battle much easier (only available if Hawke is a rogue).
  • Ask for Varric's assistance. In an amusing conversation, he convinces Varian to release Feynriel without a fight and gains 3 DAO goldpiece trans in the process.
    • Friendship small Varric: friendship (+5)
    • Friendship small Fenris: friendship (+10) (if chosen to kill the slaver after Varric's intervention, forfeiting the gold)

Quests Edit

Act 1

Quest icon DA2 Wayward Son

References Edit

  1. Mentioned by Danzig during his interrogation.
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