Valora is the fiancee of Soris. She is encountered during the City Elf Origin.

Background Edit

Valora was the woman selected by Valendrian to be married to Soris. Because of her squeaky, high-pitched voice and plain features, she is described somewhat unenthusiastically as a "mouse" (in contrast to the Warden's attractive betrothed). Soris, however, finds himself quite smitten with her.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Like the other bride and bridesmaids, she is captured by Vaughan and his thugs, Braden and Jonaley. If the Warden is a City Elf she may be rescued by the City Elf Warden and Soris, or left to Vaughan's devices if they accept his offer. She eventually returns to the Alienage with Shianni along with Soris and the others.

After returning to the alienage, if the City Elf Warden takes sole the responsibility for what happened, Soris decides to settle down and marry her; otherwise if he is arrested she will angrily confront them when the Warden speaks to Shianni. If the Warden is male, it's implied that Valora and Nesiara will go into business together as the Warden leaves with Duncan.

Later, during the Unrest in the Alienage, if the Warden asks, both Soris and Shianni will mention that Valora had been taken to the Tevinter Hospice a few days prior, allegedly with the plague. Regardless of origin, Valora has apparently already been shipped off to the Tevinter Imperium as a Slave by the time Caladrius is defeated.

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