Named for the Qunlat term for a greatsword, the Valo-Kas are a Tal-Vashoth mercenary company.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In 9:41 Dragon they were hired to keep the peace at a Chantry conclave seeking to put an end to the Mage-Templar War. After a cataclysmic event one of its members ended up becoming the Inquisitor, leader of the reformed Inquisition, if chosen by the player.

Through an assortment of operations on the War Table, the Inquisitor is contacted by the leader of the Valo-Kas, Shokrakar, who asks them to help search for the surviving members of the group after the destruction of the Conclave. Afterwards, she asks the Inquisitor to use their influence in the Inquisition to give the Valo-Kas a new job.

A squad of the Valo-Kas is later attacked and captured while escorting a caravan by a group of fanatical humans who believed the Inquisitor was trying to convert the andrastians to the Qun. The Inquisitor can send the forces of the Inquisition to rescue the squad and defeat the fanatics, but not before some of its members were killed.


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As the new Viscount of Kirkwall, Varric hires the surviving members of the Valo-Kas to support the Kirkwall City Guard (much to Aveline's annoyance) and now the mercenaries reside in Kirkwall.

Known members Edit

  • The Inquisitor (Adaar, Qunari)
  • Shokrakar (female[1], leader of the company)
  • Katoh (female)
  • Taarlok (good with contracts)
  • Kaariss (male, poet)
  • Ashaad (eventually left group)
  • Ashaad Two
  • Sata-Kas
  • Hissra †
  • Sataa †
  • Meraad †

References Edit

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