Valeska's Watch is ancient Grey Warden ruin located due east of the Drakon's Rise Inquisition Camp in Emprise du Lion.

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The older woman—the one who got me out of prison—she told me she was sending me down a tunnel to kill a darkspawn. That's insane. I let them conscript me so I wouldn't hang. I'm not going looking for darkspawn. They have a disease. I've had enough of this. I'm free, and I'm not going back. The Wardens can find someone else to do their work. I'm going as soon as night falls.
—From a battered journal found in Valeska's Watch[1]

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They've broken through. The last time we had any trouble here, it was during the Blight. The records say someone reported hearing scrabbling. They investigated, but found no danger. After the Archdemon was killed, we got complacent. We might need to destroy all of the bastion, to keep them back. There aren't enough of us left to man the post. If there's a raid, we might not stand. They could get out, attack the town. Waiting for word from the Warden-Commander. In the meantime, I'll do all I can.
—From a diary found in Valeska's Watch[2]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I have marked areas of interest on the maps provided. I would draw particular attention to Valeska's Watch, an old Grey Warden outpost. It guards a Deep Roads entrance sealed after the Third Blight. Because of the entrance's size, the Wardens feared darkspawn would find a way through despite their efforts. Senior Warden Valeska recommended they build a fort over the collapsed tunnel, so Wardens could always guard it; they did so for centuries.

The Grey Wardens' disappearance means Valeska's Watch is now unguarded. If the seal over the entrance has degraded, darkspawn may infest it. Be wary when entering this area. The blight is a slow death, and one I would save you all from suffering.
—A missive from Leliana to Inquisition agents bound for Emprise du Lion[3]

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  • Audacity icon Knightslayer - looted from a corpse.
  • Wintersbreath icon Wintersbreath - looted from a corpse.

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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Valeska's Watch

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Text ico Grey Warden Diaries (battered journal)
Text ico Grey Warden Diaries (Valeska's Watch diary)

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Valeska's Watch
  • The blue diamond in the image marks the location of the key that is needed to initiate the quest. Search the corpse near a burned-out campfire. The white broken circle shows the location of the entrance to Valeska's Watch (which will appear after the key is acquired). From Drakon's Rise Camp head southeast and then northeast. The POI marker (light triangle) refers to the structure within Valeska's Watch.
  • A group of undead are found within along with darkspawn (the upcoming battle is considered to be difficult fight for most players, stocking up on potions and tonics is recommended).

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