Valeska's Watch is a side quest and a region located in the Emerald Graves in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

An old key, found in Emprise du Lion and shaped vaguely like a griffon, has the words "Valeska's Watch" scratched into its face.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by finding a key on a corpse (using the search function) east of Drakon's Rise Camp, within view of the entry to Valeska's Watch itself.

Walkthrough Edit

Opening the door to Valeska's Watch completes the quest.

Rewards Edit

  • 331 XP
  • Influence 150

Landmarks Edit

Landmark icon Landmarks in the Emprise

Notable Loot Edit

  • Audacity icon Knightslayer - Looted from a corpse.
  • Wintersbreath icon Wintersbreath - Looted from a corpse.

Memories of the Grey Edit

Notes Edit

Valeska's Watch
  • The blue diamond in the image marks the location of the key that is needed to initiate the quest. Search the corpse near a burned-out campfire. The white broken circle shows the location of the entrance to Valeska's Watch (which will appear after the key is acquired). From Drakon's Rise Camp head southeast and then northeast. The POI marker (light triangle) refers to the structure within Valeska's Watch.
  • A group of undead are found within along with darkspawn (the upcoming battle is considered to be difficult fight for most players, stocking up on potions and tonics is recommended).

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Valeska's Watch

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