Corporal Vale is an Inquisition soldier looking after refugees in the Hinterlands.

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Corporal Vale in the Hinterlands

Corporal Vale is stationed at the Crossroads. He overlooks some troops' training from atop a small rise in the land, southwest of the fast travel point. There is a dirt path leading up to his position. He must be spoken to at least once as part of The Threat Remains.

If the following quests are completed, he, along with some refugees, will offer to help the Inquisition, and may be recruited as an agent for Cullen:

Once all those are complete, speak to him again.

Bug icon Bug! All three of the options will reward Influence (50) & Power (+1), as well as showing the recruitment sequence and Agent Acquired card. However, only the option to "recruit the skilled" will result in Vale's Irregulars being actually obtained as agents.
Corporal Vale: The Inquisition might be able to make use of them, if you had a mind to.
(All subsequent approval changes will occur regardless of who is in the active party.)
  • Recruit the skilled. (Capable volunteers will join the Inquisition as new agents.)
Additional rewards: Power +1, Influence +50, Vale's Irregulars acquired for Cullen
DAIApproval Blackwall Approves
DAIApproval Cassandra Approves
DAIApproval Dorian Slightly Approves
DAIApproval Iron Bull Approves
DAIApproval Sera Approves
DAIApproval Solas Approves
  • They can bring in gold. (Refugees will bring in coin for an immediate gold reward.)
Additional reward: Gold (80 – 120)
DAIApproval Dorian Slightly Approves
DAIApproval Sera Approves
  • Grow our reputation. (Refugees will spread tales of the Inquisition's work for a gain in power.)
Additional reward: Influence +80
DAIApproval Blackwall Approves
DAIApproval Cassandra Slightly Approves
DAIApproval Cole Greatly Approves
DAIApproval Iron Bull Approves
DAIApproval Sera Slightly Approves
DAIApproval Solas Approves
DAIApproval Varric Approves
DAIApproval Vivienne Approves

Mother Giselle will recognize the Inquisition's aid in the Hinterlands, and her dialogue in reply to the Inquisitor, asking about the state of the people ("How are people elsewhere?"), will change to a more positive statement regarding the refugees. This will only happen after the Irregulars' help is accepted.

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