Valdasine is a unique staff in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Acquired in the ancient crypt during the Act 1 quest The Deep Roads Expedition, in one of the piles of treasure found after defeating the Ancient Rock Wraith.

Background Edit

In the ancient days before the darkspawn, when dwarven cities wound through the roots of all the earth, House Valdasine single-handedly kept the empire supplied with lyrium.

One day the mining family shut the doors of their thaig. They spoke not to their noble patrons, nor their king, and not even a visiting Paragon. Days passed in silence before the doors to Valdasine Thaig opened. Anxious partners discovered it empty. Not one soul remained—no bodies and no sign of what had happened.

House Valdasine only left a staff of strange metal behind. It looked like lyrium and chilled one's heart like a remembered sorrow. The king sealed the staff inside the thaig, and no dwarf ever ventured there again.

—As recounted by Shaper Merta
—From Codex entry: Valdasine

Trivia Edit

This weapon shares its physical appearance with Voracity.

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