Unlike other cities, where the people are the life-blood and the character, Val Royeaux was her own person, and her people little more than decorations. There was always music in Val Royeaux, streaming from the many windows--quiet refrains and triumphant choruses. And always, floating above that all, the Chant, coming from the Grand Cathedral. It was magnificent. ―Leliana

Val Royeaux is the capital city of Orlais, and home to the Andrastian Chantry. It lies on the northern coast of the far inland tip of the Waking Sea. It is one of the largest cities of Thedas.[1] The city's residents refer to themselves as "Royans."[2]


Val Royeaux is not only the secular capital, but also the capital of the Chantry, the seat of the Divine being situated at the Grand Cathedral of Val Royeaux. There, past the imposing Sun Gates and more modest Night Gate, the Chantry performs a ritual where the entire Chant of Light is sung, a process thought to take about a fortnight to complete. From the White Spire, the Knight-Vigilant of the templars directs the Order.

Val Royeaux is home to the University of Orlais, a major center of learning that attracts young nobles from all over Thedas with the best education money can buy. It is a relatively modern institution whose liberal-minded professors have already clashed with religious conservatives over the content of their classes.

Val Royeaux is also where aging templars retire to when they can no longer adequately perform their services due to mental deterioration caused by long-term lyrium dependency.

The Alienage of Val Royeaux is the most populated and dilapidated in Thedas, with over ten thousand elves living in an area roughly equivalent in size to the market in Denerim.[3]


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The Inquisitor visits Val Royeaux in order to talk to the remaining Chantry mothers, facing their accusations head-on and hoping that at least some of them will grow doubtful of the Chantry's claims about the newly formed Inquisition. After Revered Mother Hevara publicly denounces the Inquisition and declares its followers heretics, Lord Seeker Lucius interrupts her speech and one of the Templars under his command knocks her out. He mocks the Chantry mothers and dismisses any idea of allying with the Inquisition before leading all Templar forces out of the city, claiming it is not worthy of their protection.

Following this incident, the Inquisitor receives an official invitation by Imperial enchanter Vivienne to attend a party at the Duke Ghislain's estate, as well as instructions to meet Friends of Red Jenny member Sera in a secluded courtyard. Upon leaving the city, Grand Enchanter Fiona approaches the Inquisitor, explaining her rebel mages might be open to an alliance, if the Inquisitor comes to Redcliffe Village to negotiate.

The Inquisitor has no more official business in Val Royaeux, but may visit the capital again for shopping or on business related to or on behalf of their inner circle.


Main quests

Quest icon DAI The Threat Remains

Side quests

Quest icon DAI The Imperial Enchanter
Quest icon DAI A Friend of Red Jenny
Quest icon DAI Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune
Quest icon DAI Heraldry from a Herald
Quest icon DAI An Unexpected Engagement
Quest icon DAI Revelations
Quest icon DAI The Magister's Birthright
Quest icon DAI Under Her Skin


Seeker hq

Seeker headquarters

Val Royeaux icon (Inquisition) Summer Bazaar
Small location icon (Inquisition) Secluded Courtyard
Small location icon (Inquisition) Boisvert Mansion
Small location icon (Inquisition) Val Royeaux Prison
Small location icon (Inquisition) Vicinius's Home

  • Grand Cathedral
  • White Spire
  • Seekers of Truth headquarters
  • Belle Marché - A bustling marketplace[4]
  • The Imperial Palace[4]
  • The Academie des Chevaliers[5]
  • University of Orlais
  • The Sun Gates - Impressive entrances into the city; made of steel and covered in a golden facade depicting the rise of Emperor Kordillus Drakon and said to blind an attacking army in full daylight[6]
  • The Night Gate - A less imposing entrance to Val Royeaux[7]
  • Avenue of the Sun - A major thoroughfare
  • Grande Royeaux Theater - The Empire's most renowned theater[8]
  • Sweetsong Brandy Parlour - A popular tavern among the Orlesian Nobility
  • Lady Sennova's Manor



Song icon Three Little Empresses - Inside a shop on the south side of the main level of Val Royeaux. It is the shop that sells glass and drapery upgrades for Skyhold. The codex is a note attached to the bunk beds.
Song icon She of the Highwaymen Repents - Nailed to the gallows

Notable items

  • There are many interact-able objects in the city that each grant at least 50 XP if interacted with. The amount of XP gained is increased by acquiring the Knowledge perks at the Inquisition War Table.


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