The Vaels are the ruling family of the city-state of Starkhaven in the Free Marches.

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Prior to the Vaels' ascension to the throne, Starkhaven was in a state of ongoing coup d'état, with warlords repeatedly seizing power before being overthrown themselves in rapid succession. Lord Vael organized a peaceful protest against the rule of "King Ironfist", the latest self-declared "King of Starkhaven". Inspired by Lord Vael's piety many of Ironfists's soldiers began to desert and Ironfist himself abandoned Starkhaven. Afterwards by popular acclaim, Lord Vael was offered the title of King but he refused, feeling he had no claim to the title. Instead he was declared Prince of Starkhaven, which has remained the ruling title in the city ever since. Ever since their ascent, the Vael family has remained very devout, always dedicating at least one member of the family per generation to become a cleric or brother in the Chantry.[1] One member of the family even served as the leader of the Seekers of Truth. [2]

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Dragon Age: Last Flight.

In the Exalted Age, Amadis Vael led the Ruby Drake mercenary group against the Darkspawn in the Fourth Blight. Amadis was trapped in Antiva City by the Darkspawn and escaped with the Grey Warden Isseya to Wycome. There she helped the Wardens' efforts to rally various nobles & mercenaries to fight against the darkspawn. Prince Vael meanwhile offered the refugees from Wycome sanctuary in Starkhaven. Over the course of the blight, Amadis eventually became Garahel's lover.

Amadis and the Ruby Drakes continued to battle the darkspawn in the Anderfels, aiding the wardens' efforts to break the siege of Hossberg. As repayment for their aid and to provide further incentive to other mercenary captains to continue aiding the Wardens on only promises of later repayment, Garahel gave Amadis her own Griffon, Smoke. Amadis and her mercenaries fought in the battle of Ayesleigh where the Archdemon Andoral was finally slain. Afterwards, Amadis returned to Starkhaven and eventually chose to give Smoke's clutch of griffon eggs to Isseya, in the hopes that isolating them would help preserve the species. [3]

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Dragon Age II.


Sebastian Vael, Heir to the Throne of Starkhaven

During the Dragon Age the Vaels were betrayed by the Harimanns, a noble family of Kirkwall who had previously been staunch allies and longtime family friends of the Vaels. At the bidding of Lady Harimann, the Flint Company mercenary band assassinated the leading members of the family including the Prince. Lady Harimann placed Goran Vael, a cousin to the main branch of the Vael family, on the throne as the new Prince of Starkhaven, however the other leading families of Starkhaven disregarded Goran. Lady Harimann planned to wed Goran to her own daughter Flora Harimann in order to establish permanent control.

In a critical oversight, however, the Flint Company neglected to kill Sebastian Vael, who had been dedicated as a lay brother in the Chantry against his will by his parents, who felt his hedonistic lifestyle was an embarrassment to the family.[4] In 9:31, Sebastian retaliated for the attack on his family by placing a bounty on the head of every member of the Flint Company.

If Hawke accepted the bounty: Hawke destroyed Flint Company in its entirety, leaving no survivors.

In 9:34, Sebastian finally discovered that it was Lady Johane Harimann who had masterminded the plot against his family.

If Hawke chose to join forces with Sebastian: Hawke, the future Champion of Kirkwall & Sebastian confronted Lady Harrimann at her family Estate in the Hightown district of Kirkwall. Sebastian and Hawke discovered that Lady Harimann had been using both Blood Magic and demonic influences to achieve her ends and killed her before she could proceed further with her agenda. Free of the demon's influence and repulsed by her mother's actions, Flora Harimann vowed to support Sebastian if he faced more opposition in reclaiming his birth right.

If Hawke supported Sebastian on the Friendship path: Ultimately, however, Sebastian decided to forsake his duty and birthright and remain a brother of the Chantry.

If Hawke supported Sebastian on the Rivalry path: Ultimately, Sebastian decided to retake his lands once the situation in Kirkwall with the Mages and the Templars had been resolved.


If Hawke refuses to kill Anders: Outraged that Hawke would spare Anders' life after he murdered Grand Cleric Elthina Sebastian swears to reclaim his throne, raise an army and burn Kirkwall to the ground until he finds Anders and brings him to justice. Sebastian then storms off before the battle.

If Hawke decides to kill Anders:

Sebastian assists Hawke in the battle at the Gallows.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After death of Elthina, Sebastian returns to Starkhaven. Knowing that without him Starkhaven will devolve into civil war amongst the nobility, Sebastian accepts his title and becomes the new Prince of Starkhaven.

Known members Edit

  • Lord Vael - first proclaimed prince of Starkhaven
  • Fedras Vael - Father of Amadis, cousin to the Prince of Starkhaven during the early Exalted Age [5]
  • Amadis Vael - Princess-Captain of the Ruby Drakes mercenary company; lover of Garahel [6]
  • Lady Seeker Alandra Vael [7]
  • Sebastian Vael - Prince in exile of Starkhaven
  • Goran Vael - placed upon the throne with aid from Lady Johane Harimann
  • Meghan Vael [8]
  • Corbinian Vael - supposed heir to the throne of Starkhaven.[9]
  • Prince Artesian Vael - Negotiated with the Tevinter Imperium for the return of Siege's End
  • Ser Reginald Vael - won the Grand Tourney of the Free Marches [10]

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