Vaea (born 9:23 Dragon[1]) is the first known[2] Fereldan elven squire, accompanying her knight, Ser Aaron Hawthorne, as he travels throughout Ferelden and abroad.


{{SpoilerKE|style=short| Vaea was raised in the alienage of Edgehall, which is located outside of the town; she lived there with her parents. When she was seven, she survived the Fifth Blight in Ferelden, however the darkspawn destroyed the alianage's walls. At the age of nine, in 9:32[1], her parents were killed when the elves residing there rebelled against the arl, Gell Lendon. Living alone, she turned to theft to survive. Her uncle Coran, a city elf-turned-Dalish, always invited her to live with him and the Boranehn clan, to no avail.[3]the Boranehn clan, to no avail.[4]

Coran often returned to the alienage to trade. While there, Coran advised Vaea that not all humans are bad, and that the problem is that humans are driven to change their world while elves are more willing with live with it as it exists, and that to do otherwise invites murder or death.

Some four or five years later, around 9:36 Dragon, the alianage's walls still haven't been fixed back from when the darkspawn destroyed them in 9:30 Dragon.Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag.



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