Vaea is a squire traveling with her knight, Ser Aaron, who has traveled to Kirkwall as an honored guest of Viscount Varric Tethras.[1] While in the city she takes what should be an easy job. However, she changes the terms of the job mid-heist and ends up in a dangerous situation.[2]


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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Ser Aaron and Vaea met after he defended the city elves of the Ferelden arling of Edgehall from Arl Gell Lendon's destruction of their vhenadahl. Gell had had their Tree cut down and burned in front of them after the elves protested their treatment by the Arl, and after a Dalish clan offered a sapling for a new tree had it confiscated. The Dalish threatened to attack if the sapling wasn't returned. Ser Aaron, who happened to be in Edgehall at the time, forced the Arl and the Dalish to stand down and ensured the tree was returned to the Edgehall alienage. King Alistair ordered the sapling not to be touched in order to protect it.

The elves there threw Aaron a feast and so impressed him with their kindness and generosity that he took Vaea on as a squire in hopes her successes would be shared with her people.[1]


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Vaea arrives in Kirkwall with Ser Aaron during the coronation of Varric Tethras. Varric invites Vaea to the celebration, but she politely refuses, saying that she has things to do first. A few hours later, Vaea goes to The Hanged Man, where she meets a former templar, Nevin Faramore. Ser Nevin hires her to steal a box that contains the bribes some parties had given to Knight-Commander Meredith Stannard before the Kirkwall Rebellion. The coffer is hidden in the Gallows. The job is pretty easy, and Vaea successfully steals the box right under the city guard noses.[1]

Vaea Sapling

Vaea stealing Nevin's key

Varric, who suspects she is doing something fishy, goes to search for her and insists in his invitation. This time, Vaea cannot refuse. After the celebration, Vaea stoles the coffer's key (that is in Ser Nevin possession), then goes to Kirkwall's Alienage and gifts the box to a grateful elven family. Before she leaves the Alienage, however, Vaea is approached by Leliana's second-in-command Charter, who accuses her of stealing a templar's property.[1]

Charter offers Vaea a deal. The Inquisition will deal with Ser Nevin, who has begun to pursue Vaea, if she rescues their missing associates. Wary of the organization, Vaea declines.[3] Some time later, Vaea changes her mind and takes Charter's deal to go on the rescue mission. On the way she must fence in societal niceties with Sebastian Vael and Seneschal Granger.The mission goes on to take a surprising turn, however.[3]


  • The tree featured on the cover of issue #2 appears to clearly show a Vhenadahl entwined with Vaea's image.
  • Varric's nickname for Vaea is "Fingers".[1]



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