Vadis is the disgraced daughter of Magister Mareno Vadis. She works as a thief in Minrathous with her partner Irian Cestes.

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Vadis grew up as an Altus in Tevinter, the daughter of a magister. She grew close to an elven servant of her family, Irian Cestes. Unwilling to engage in a romantic relationship with one of her family's servants, Vadis got Irian a high-ranking post within the Magisterium. Their relationship started once Irian was no longer an employee of House Vadis. Her father, furious at the scandal of having his daughter in a relationship with an elf, told her to choose between Irian and her family. She chose her lover.

After her loss of money and status, Vadis became a thief for hire, with Irian as her partner in crime. Dorian Pavus once hired them for an unspecified job in the Archon's palace in Minrathous, during which Vadis twisted her left knee. As a result, it now aches when it's cold.[1]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter NightsEdit

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Half Up Front
Vadis is hired by a mysterious elven woman to steal Dumat's Folly, said to be a piece of the Black City, from the Archon's palace in Minrathous. When she infiltrates the palace with Irian Cestes, they realize that the Qunari have stolen the artefact first. In the escape route that the previous thieves used, Vadis finds a replica of Dumat's Folly and a note that allows Vadis to track them to Kont-aar with blood magic.

Vadis and Irian board the Qunari dreadnought on which Dumat's Folly is stored, a mobile Darvaarad used to isolate and study magical objects. When Vadis finds the artefact, her patron reappears and paralyzes her with magic. She reveals that she acts for the Dread Wolf, and that the replica Vadis found was the real one, while what the Qunari brought on board is actually an ancient artifact that draws magic into itself then explodes. By hiring Vadis for the theft, she intended to implicate a Tevinter Altus mage in the destruction of a peaceful Qunari settlement, which would remove any chance of peace between Tevinter and the Qunari. When Irian neutralizes her, the elf ingests poison to avoid capture.

Using wind magic, Vadis and Irian take the ship out to sea, more than four miles outside of Kont-aar. Just as they return to shore on a magically assisted lifeboat, the dreadnought explodes, creating a cataclysmic blast that sends a wall of water towards Kont-aar. While the wave reaches hundreds of feet inland, it seems to cause only minimal damage to the settlement.

Vadis and Irian are brought in front of a Ben-Hassrath agent, Gatt. After hearing their explanation, he reveals that the Ben-Hassrath were similarly tricked into stealing Dumat's Folly by an agent of Fen'Harel within their ranks. He thanks them for foiling the plot, and saving the lives of his men on board the dreadnought. He warns them that they are now known to the Dread Wolf, and directs them to a dwarf in Kirkwall who will want to hear their story and give them a chance to strike back. Vadis says that they'll go to Kirkwall eventually, but asks if they can go to Val Royeaux first, as Vadis told Irian they could go there if they took the job.

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