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“I swore an oath to avenge you all. And I shall.”

Utha is a female dwarf and a Grey Warden. As she used to be part of the Silent Sisters, she is mute and uses sign language to communicate.


Dragon Age: The Calling

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Calling.

As a child, Utha's father would usually drink a special dwarven concoction that he would belch out, annoying Utha's mom. As a result, Utha's mom would usually send her out to find the bottles of the concoction that her father tried to hide. Utha was always successful, leading her to be labelled Little Spoilsport by her father.

At some point Utha joined the Grey Wardens to avenge her family, whom the darkspawn had slain. The Commander of the Grey in Orlais, Genevieve, had visions while asleep. In these visions, Genevieve saw her brother and former Commander, Bregan, captured by the darkspawn. Furthermore, Bregan was among the few Wardens with knowledge of the locations of the remaining Old Gods. If the darkspawn could extract that knowledge, they could wake up the remaining Old Gods and start a new Blight. Utha was one of the few Grey Wardens to believe Genevieve's visions and in the beginning of 9:10 Dragon, she is part of the detachment which seeks to find him.

The detachment first goes to the Royal Palace of Denerim seeking the assistance of the King of Ferelden, Maric Theirin, and Teyrn of Gwaren, Loghain Mac Tir. These two are the only known people who passed from the Ortan Thaig and are still alive. This thaig was the last known location of Bregan, and thus the Grey Warden detachment has to go there before they find his trail and continue. After King Maric agrees to accompany them, the group goes to Kinloch Hold and in a special ceremony, in the presence of many members of the Circle of Magi, the Grey Wardens including Utha are given black brooches by the First Enchanter Remille which will keep them undetected by the darkspawn. In reality however, the black brooches keep them undetected by the darkspawn minus the Architect and also speeds the evolvement of the taint inside them.

Eventually the group enters the Deep Roads and heads to the Ortan Thaig. After some fights with the darkspawn as well as a fierce fight against a high dragon, the group reaches the abandoned thaig. While searching for Bregan's trail, Genevieve decides to lead the group to the palace. After they enter the throne chamber, the skeleton of the dwarven ruler is still sitting in the throne. However it turns to be a demon which traps the whole group in the Fade. Inside the Fade, Utha is experiencing the dream of being back with her family. She can also speak, unlike the real world. Even if she's aware that it is a dream, she still spends some time with them and so Maric, Duncan and Kell ap Morgan reach her. After she gives her farewell to her family, she also repeats the oath that she gave to avenge them. Once this is done, Utha's dream disappears and she along with the others are back in the ever-changing environment of the Fade. In the end the group exits the Fade and then Ortan Thaig itself.

UthaWarden TheCalling

Utha as a Grey Warden

Many hours later the group realizes that Genevieve abandoned them while they were sleeping and they sense darkspawn coming their way. In the ensuing battle, they fight as endless waves of darkspawn attack them, however Utha along with the others are overrun. Eventually they wake up in a cell in Kul-Baras. They are visited by the Architect, Bregan and Genevieve, the last two being turned into ghouls. Genevieve then tells them the Architect's plan of killing the remaining Old Gods and practically ending any future Blights and invites the captured group to join the Architect too. However, only Utha agrees to do so. Then the Architect releases her and quickens with blight magic the taint inside her turning her into a ghoul too.

After the escape of King Maric, Fiona and Duncan from Kul-Baras, she accompanies the Architect to Kinloch Hold in Ferelden which is now taken over by Orlesian mages and templars and led by First Enchanter Remille. There, Bregan explains the entire plan of the Architect, which also involves turning mankind into ghouls since the darkspawn would still attack them even in the absence of Old Gods. Utha accepts it, however Genevieve realizes that it is a mistake and turns against her former allies. The Architect subsequently kills her which causes Bregan to attack it. Bregan cuts the arm of the emissary but before dealing the fatal blow, Utha intervenes in an effort to save the Architect. Eventually as more join the fight, she manages to flee from the tower along with the Architect before Fereldan soldiers led by Loghain Mac Tir enter the chamber.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

By the time of the Amaranthine Conflict in the aftermath of Fifth Blight, Utha is still at the Architect's side and offers violent solutions to its problems, however she never says a word and thus all of her dialogue must be inferred from the Architect's responses. The Architect mentions her past as a Grey Warden and suggests that it promised her that it would form an alliance of sorts with the Wardens. Utha was the first Grey Warden to donate her blood for the Architect's research. Thanks to her contribution, the Architect was able to reverse-engineer the Grey Wardens' Joining and modify it so that it could instead grant the Disciples the Grey Wardens' resistance to the taint. With the modified Joining, the Architect was able to disrupt the Disciples' connection to the Old Gods and give them self awareness.

Utha is present when the Warden-Commander infiltrates the Architect's Lab in the Silverite Mine beneath the Wending Wood in Amaranthine. She also accompanies the Architect during the assault on the Mother at the Dragonbone Wastes.

If the Warden-Commander decides to fight the Architect:
Utha fights alongside it and is slain. The Architect apologizes to her before the battle, lamenting that it will not be able to keep its promise to her after all.
If the Warden-Commander allies with the Architect:
Utha will leave with the Architect after the battle concludes.


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Depths of Depravity Depths of Depravity

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Notable loot

Doge's Dodger Doge's Dodger - can be looted after killing her if the Warden-Commander elects to fight the Architect.
The Winter Blade The Winter Blade - potential drop, not guaranteed.


  • In Dragon Age: The Calling the sudden onset of the rapidly progressing taint, causes Utha to completely lose her hair, by the time of Awakening, her hair has regrown. Furthermore, in the novel she wears only Grey Warden robes and uses her hands and feet, and in rare instances, double-clubs (a weapon described as two steel rods connected by a chain),[2] in combat, by Awakening however she has taken to equipping heavy armor, and wields a sword and shield.
  • The House that Utha came from owned a building in Ortan Thaig.[3]
  • Utha is also the name of a planet in Mass Effect 2.