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Re Merrill Article Edit

Hi! Read this please.

And also read pages of all other companions. All of them include detailed descriptions of how to kill them, because this is one of the reasons why people come on the wiki - to find this out. If you believe something is wrong with the style, rewrite the fragment so that the wording is different, but all information is retained. Outright deletion of content is not good at all. Thank you in advance for not continuing the edit war. Asherinka (talk) 16:04, February 13, 2012 (UTC)

Hi again) My apologies too. Yes, I am 100% sure that there are three conditions that must be met simultaneously:

1. Merrill, Friend or Foe is not completed
2. Anders is a 100% rival
3. Anders' last quest is completed

I tested it. The only thing I do not know is whether there is any amount of friendship/rivalry at which she can not be convinced to help Hawke later in the Gallows. For Fenris it is [50%;100%) rivalry, but I was unable to check it for Merrill via the console since I had her at 100% rivalry in that save.

Only if Anders can potentially stay, will Merrill turn on a pro-templar Hawke, otherwise she is always loyal. I guess it has to deal with the gameplay, they wanted us to have at least one mage in the party no matter what. Same is with Aveline & Fenris (mages side). There is an 'order of betrayal'), like in the Night Terrors.

Another person also did some testing, but she has no clue what amount of friendship/rivalry will make Merrill refuse in the second time either. See here. She also checked (and I can confirm) that it is possible to kill Anders and then kill Merrill in one save. See here. My best guess is that it is also [50%;100%) rivalry, but since I can't confirm it, I did not write it in the article.

Asherinka (talk) 15:14, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

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