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Welcome Edit



Hi, welcome to the Dragon Age Wiki! Thanks for joining! I hope that you will stick around and continue to help us improve the wiki. Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! -- Aedan Cousland (Talk) 04:39, 2011 January 14

Creating categories that aren't supposed to exist Edit

There is no need to create them and link to the existing categories. They will be deleted. If you see a page with an incorrectly named category, just change the category. --D. (talk · contr) 03:00, March 23, 2011 (UTC)

I haven't created any categories, but sometimes when categorizing a page several variations of a category show up and it's hard to tell which is the "correct" one (there were at least three variations on "Dragon Age II side quests" for example). This is why I was marking the empty ones for deletion so they could be removed and so no one would incorrectly use them. If I misunderstood, and empty categories will be removed as a matter of course, then my apologies :-). --Morgan-wolf (talk) 03:07, March 23, 2011 (UTC)

Technically, you have created them as they were newly created by you. People may type them incorrectly, but they will still show up as red links, and as such, not created.
In general, categories are in lowercase (if they are not, they should be—not all categories have been "renamed" yet to their new naming convention); this is the same for most page names (there are exceptions, like in-game items and quests; they should be capitalized like in-game). A lot of pages are improperly categorized, so it may be hard to know which one is the good category, but for most game categories, it follows the pattern of using the full name of the game, then the type of the category, e.g. "Dragon Age II creatures". Most "main" categories have been created in Category:Dragon Age II for DA2, but some smaller ones (in particular for items) are still being made. --D. (talk · contr) 03:15, March 23, 2011 (UTC)
(nods) Still, just now, typing "Dragon Age II side" to add a category shows "Dragon Age II side quests," "Dragon Age II side Quest" and "Dragon Age II Side Quests." What I was hoping to do was to get rid of the incorrect ones that show up when adding, so that no one will see and use them. Apparently I was not succeeding :-). I'll continue to fix categories on articles, but I won't play with the category pages anymore. Sorry if I goofed anything up :-(. --Morgan-wolf (talk) 03:25, March 23, 2011 (UTC)
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