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Hi, welcome to the Dragon Age Wiki! Thanks for joining! I hope that you will stick around and continue to help us improve the wiki. Please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! King Cousland (talk) 10:46, August 29, 2013 (UTC)

Hey Man[edit source]

In the chat, you asked me if I had The Last of Us on the PS3. No I do not. Its been on my list for a while though. I am tempted to just wait for the PS4 release of it though when I get a PS4. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 23:10, May 12, 2014 (UTC)

Hey, that's fine. Lemme know when you buy it, I'm planning on buying TLOU for ps4 too, we should have some online match ups in a team or opposing, it's really fun; ill let you know more about it on chat XDLazare326 (talk) 14:58, May 13, 2014 (UTC)
It depends on when I get a Next Gen console first. Can't decide as I like the games on both the Xbox One and the PS4. After the news that there will be a Kinect-less bundle for the Xbox One for 400 dollars, I am more inclined to get an X1. Not sure though. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:53, May 13, 2014 (UTC)#top|talk]]) 19:02, May 13, 2014 (UTC)

Helping hand[edit source]

Hello, sorry to bother you, I just joined today because I wanted to join a forum discussion, but I can't seem to find out exactly *how* to actually do that...I see that you are a frequent contributor to discussions, so I was hoping you might be kind enough to help me. Thanks in advance! --Isabeau Cousland (talk) 20:08, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

Hi Isabeua, firstly welcome to the Wikia you'll have a great time here. Other than that, to join or contribute to a forum, simply click on a certain forum, e.g: Andraste is Dumat (thats a weird example XD) and then on the top right corner, there is a contribute tab, in which you click on edit page, and sign of with 4 tildes, (Lazare326 (talk) 06:19, May 17, 2014 (UTC)), then if you want to make your own forum, go on community, there should be a forum tab, which will lead to you to game discussion and lore discussion. From thereon you can easily make a new forum Lazare326 (talk) 06:19, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

Signature[edit source]

Hey, not sure if you've gotten any answer from someone else, but if not yet, then here it comes.
The instructions for what pages to create can be found here. The unique signature you're going to have, has to be either made up of codes (unless you're experienced with that, I wouldn't suggest it, but if you are, it's probably better), or a picture that you would upload as a file, for which I can extend my help. Word of advice though - even if other users I created signatures for are not bothered by the size - it's better to have a small signature. The small size might trick you at first but it'll look decent on the wiki, and if it's too small, not like you can't upload a newer version. Just thought I'd mention, because I fell for that before. Hope I could help! --Margerard is a Dragon Age Wiki Editor 09:55, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks! And on that note could you lend your assistance to me in regards to the bit where you offered it XD, and you know what you're talking about, so it'd be better! Lazare326 (talk) 12:27, May 17, 2014 (UTC)
Two versions are done, but I just saved the first attempt too just in case, I'll let you decide when you're available next on chat which one you'd like (I'd rather not put them up here without confirmation just yet). You can also make suggestions if you'll have any. --Margerard is a Dragon Age Wiki Editor 16:32, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

Image file names[edit source]

Hello there! Please use names in the files which you upload in the wiki that describe what the image is about. Files which have 20 numbers as a name do not help other users find images in the wiki. Na via lerno victoria 16:28, May 17, 2014 (UTC)

Salutations Vik, sorry for the problem, won't happen again if I can help it hopefully. When did I do this, if it's not a problem XD. But i'll try to be of better use next time. Lazare326.png 17:56, May 17, 2014 (UTC)
Oh and something very minor, per the wiki's editing guidelines, could you please fix two links in User blog:Lazare326/A new location!?
To be exact the word "dwarves" to link to "Dwarf" page and Adamant Fortress instead of "Adamant fortress". Na via lerno victoria 16:38, May 19, 2014 (UTC)
Comprehended, and what are these two links? Btw, i put some links in, some other person of more credibility sorted it out i guess. Lazare326.png 21:57, May 19, 2014 (UTC)
Well, if you press edit in your blog post, you will notice in your blog's text [[dwarves]] at some point. Please change this to [[Dwarf|dwarves]] in order to link directly to the page.
Furthermore, in your blog's text you have [[Adamant fortress]] which you should change to [[Adamant Fortress]]. Na via lerno victoria 08:58, May 24, 2014 (UTC)

That's okay, though it would be better if you are more careful as noone but you and the admins can edit your blogs for possible mistakes. There is another minor issue, in your latest blog. Could you please change the [[Grey Warden]] to [[Grey Wardens|Grey Warden]]? As I mentioned earlier, we generally want the links to directly send someone to the page, not to the redirect page. Thanks in advance! Na via lerno victoria 04:37, June 8, 2014 (UTC)

Game of Thrones[edit source]

Apparently, I can buy episodes of the Game of Thrones on PSN. I don't like watching that stuff on my 360 as I don't want to leave it on constantly for fear of the RROD. Episodes are 2.99 each. Worth it? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 20:11, June 6, 2014 (UTC)

Worth it? HECK YEAH! Go for it. You'll love it, and you'll see where BioWare may have got their influences fromXD Lazare326.png 21:46, June 6, 2014 (UTC)
I'll see if I can scrounge up some spare money then (and memory as the episodes are like 2 gbs each) as I need to save for a PS4/Xbox One as well. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 22:12, June 6, 2014 (UTC)
Check online if there's s1, it may be cheap, well the non-blu ray one. It'd be worth doing that.Lazare326.png 09:56, June 7, 2014 (UTC)
Just checked and its like 50 something dollars on Amazon for the DVD. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 19:40, June 7, 2014 (UTC)

Game of Thrones (ASOIF) response[edit source]

Yes I know Tywin dies and that he doesn’t shit gold. Who cares what some theorists theorize? Is it canon? And who cares if Oberyn poisoned Tywin? How does that absolve him of his bastard making ways? I’m not basing my disdain of the character on his motive for fighting, I’m just countering your point in the character’s defense. Yeah, he was Tyrion’s champion, but not because he liked him or believed in him. So it isn’t a point in his favor. He fought the Mountain for his own revenge. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not something that puts him on a higher level in my eyes. You can say no one else would have fought for Tyrion, but Oberyn lost, and he lost because he wasn’t fighting for Tyrion in his heart. He was focused on playing out his revenge fantasy instead of saving Tyrion.

Again, love is not enough. Happiness is not enough. What kind of example has he set for those kids? If they grow up to be like him, it perpetuates the problem and makes it worse because there will be more demand on the same resources. If they don’t grow up to be like him, then it’s despite him and his philosophy not because he told them not to repeat his mistakes (he doesn’t see them as mistakes). He can’t be there for eight kids even if he weren’t whoring it up with an unknown number of individuals from both sexes. And you say he loves his bastards, but then why was he so reckless in fighting the Mountain? Why was he so willing to risk his life if he had loved ones to live for? Even in fighting the Mountain he was careless. Why wasn’t he thinking of his kids in those moments? Why didn’t he think that maybe he should calm down a little and be careful because he had kids to live for? I think people are mad about the fight for all the wrong reasons. They are so upset by Oberyn’s death they forget that he didn’t do the logical thing he really should have done to make himself genuinely likeable, which is anally raped the Mountain while everyone watched in horror and disgust yet would find it impossible to look away. I mean, Oberyn’s into the male booty-hole thing anyway, and if you’re going to punish the Mountain for what he did to Eliya then you subject him to the same treatment. That would be the logical choice. I could get on board with saying Oberyn was a boss in that case. But no, Oberyn was not the logical sort. If he had set out with that goal in mind from the start then he would have taken the proper measures to ensure the Mountain could not fight back, and Oberyn would still be alive. Fact.

I’m not comparing anything. Your point is that bastards are not seen as a problem in Dorn, therefore I should not have a problem with Oberyn creating bastards. That’s the same as saying I should not have a problem with Ramsey for flaying people because his house doesn’t see it as a problem. It doesn’t matter that Dorn sees them as equals. The fact of the matter is that the situations are not equal. Those kids would be better off in a nuclear family.

I could have easily defeated the Mountain. Believe it! And if people suddenly care about the Mountain’s “confession” then it’s yet another example of bad writing. No fault of mine. And if you mean Oberyn’s slut and bastards are the ones who care, then to Seven Hells with them too. They would have cared regardless. No one important cares. As I wrote, Ned Stark called for Gregor’s head a long time ago and that call went nowhere.

Thanks for the offer, but I don’t like GoT, so I won’t read the books. I stopped watching it after they made Ned Stark go out like a punk. Believe it! (talk) 22:36, June 9, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Believe it. Since this discussion is bound to continue, i've thought that i'd leave my response on your talk page, but will have it saved in case it's deleted. Nevertheless, excuse me if i start to blaze and flame in this response, in regards to your views on bastards, oberyn and westeros in general, and also i find it rather ironic that you claim Ned's death prevented you from watching further, as you have been claiming to watching this season, and i think you're a bit off and deaf on the fact that his death developed Joffrey as a character, and led to the war in the north and thus the entire civil war. Lel, but hey, that's what you get for paying attention.
So, let us commence. " And who cares if Oberyn poisoned Tywin? How does that absolve him of his bastard making ways?" - I hadn't linked it to such a thing, you merely claimed that HIS death was meaningless, and therefore unnecessary, but i counter acted that, so your comment there was pretty...meaningless."othing wrong with that, but it’s not something that puts him on a higher level in my eyes. You can say no one else would have fought for Tyrion," - But it's true, or are you not looking beyond the picture? Man, do you know that emotions get over you so much, his sister, that horrific death, and it all comes back to him, all of it, "He was focused on playing out his revenge fantasy instead of saving Tyrion." you're not watching or reading so i don't expect you to understand but hey ho.
Btw, mind this long quote, it's so atrocious that I had to copy all of it, as it has little validity, if any to it.

"Again, love is not enough. Happiness is not enough. What kind of example has he set for those kids? If they grow up to be like him, it perpetuates the problem and makes it worse because there will be more demand on the same resources. If they don’t grow up to be like him, then it’s despite him and his philosophy not because he told them not to repeat his mistakes (he doesn’t see them as mistakes). He can’t be there for eight kids even if he weren’t whoring it up with an unknown number of individuals from both sexes. And you say he loves his bastards, but then why was he so reckless in fighting the Mountain? Why was he so willing to risk his life if he had loved ones to live for? " - I feel like cursing right now, I don't know if you understand, it's a fantasy world. AS A READER OF THE BOOKS, I RECOGNISE THAT HE IS THERE FOR THEM AT ALL TIMES, BUT you haven't read the books obviously, so how would you know, and his "bastards" are of age, and you're clearly holding some conservative ideology that's preventing you from looking at a fictional world in the right terms. *slowly claps* well done, i'm sure GRRM is aiming this to people at you. But nevertheless, I don't expect you to understand the complexity behind the character.
" Eliya then" - Elia btw. Had to, I'm a grammar fanatic like that.
"I’m not comparing anything. Your point is that bastards are not seen as a problem in Dorn, therefore I should not have a problem with Oberyn creating bastards. That’s the same as saying I should not have a problem with Ramsey for flaying people because his house doesn’t see it as a problem. It doesn’t matter that Dorn sees them as equals. The fact of the matter is that the situations are not equal. Those kids would be better off in a nuclear family." - Dorne*, and on top of that bastards in that place are treated with respect. Believe it, i find it utterly distasteful and insulting that you compare flaying with bastard children. YOU CLAIM OBERYN IS A BAD CHARACTER FOR HIS BASTARDS.
DO YOU HATE ROOSE BOLTON, FOR RAMSAY SNOW? DO YOU HATE NED STARK FOR JON SNOW? DO YOU HATE AEGON TARG ONE OF THE GREATEST RULERS FOR HAVING BASTARDS. DO YOU HATE ROBERT BARATHEON, ONE OF THE STRONGEST AND MOST FORMIDABLE CHARACTERS FOR HAVING MORE THAN 16 BASTARDS? I'll list more, but wait, you wouldn't understand the fact that it's a medieval world and such things were common in a society like that, because we're looking at this in hindsight, that's how your morals are coming into fruition.
"I could have easily defeated the Mountain. Believe it! " - No you couldn't. That's just abysmal. I don't care who are what you think you are, you couldn't. Go fight an 8 foot monster, with 3 plates of armour, and a great sword the length of your body. The mountain according to Jaimie is worse than the smiling knight, one of the most psychologically menacing characters of all time. But hey, again you've not read the books, so i don't expect you to understand.
"And if you mean Oberyn’s slut and bastards are the ones who care, then to Seven Hells with them too. " - Don't bother talking back. It's his paramour, she's his partner for the long term future, and his bastards are way more intelligent and brilliant then you sound to be! " They would have cared regardless. No one important cares. As I wrote, Ned Stark called for Gregor’s head a long time ago and that call went nowhere." - Did you not watch what came up after that? Lol, no you didn't. Because the Clegane's are Lannister banner men and the Lannisters "always pay their debts" thus corruption. But i guess that passed your mind.
"Thanks for the offer, but I don’t like GoT, so I won’t read the books. I stopped watching it after they made Ned Stark go out like a punk" Well you've obviously not read the books, i offered but i would think again, as i don't think it would have any impact on you. And to conclude, i should tell you that all in all, i've repeated myself constantly, and none of my words are and will get through you. You're obviously not reading my comments, in fact, reply to me and i'll copy and paste this back to you. Should do the job, in fact it will. Aye yo, your conservative nature is clearly of no importance in such a debate, and if you feel the need to re-reply to me do so. Other than that, it has been nice to talk to you. I love debates. And if at any point that i've deeply insulted you please let me know, my humblest of apologies, and as a man of a high profession myself, working with the marginalised, some of your comments have been pretty disheartening, but i'm sure you didn't mean it. Lazare326.png 14:55, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

Hi Laz, posted that link you asked for in the Pick the Leader of Orlais thread. http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:Do_you_guys_think_we%27ll_get_to_pick_the_new_leader_of_Orlais%3F?t=20140707221547

Also, I saw that Cercei ordered the meisters (sp?) to save The Mountain's life even when Pycel was ready to just write him off. Seems like I was right that no one would care about The Mountain's "confession" to Oberyn in the arena. ;) Believe it! (talk) 22:22, July 7, 2014 (UTC)

That's a massive deviation from the books. If you've read them that is. His head is chopped off and is sent to Dorne. His confession does count, as if you've read them Doran actually contemplates war in for his sister, and later on his eldest daughter and heir seeks Aegon the true king to marry him as a result :D Lazare326.png 00:08, July 9, 2014 (UTC)
Wow Believe it! you are a hypocrite when you say you don't like GoT and read the books it based on. (talk) 02:48, July 8, 2014 (UTC)

Xbox One[edit source]

Okay, I am sold on getting an Xbox One now. The Halo Master Chief Collection with intact multiplayer and all 100 maps is just too good to pass up. PS4 has only three games, and one is two years or so away, that i am really interested in. Look at these beautiful halo 2 shots. http://imgur.com/a/Y8h6w

It will still be a few months though. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 21:02, June 9, 2014 (UTC)

Super, Microsoft one the day, Sony were blabbing on about stats, but Microsoft has got a better line up, get the Xbox One! Lazare326.png 14:56, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

Trailers[edit source]

Hi buddy

can you give me YT links, to the videos that you put at http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Lazare326/Dragon_Age_Inquisition:_Combat_and_Companion_details ? - JH EP - Talk - Contribs 19:40, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

Hi, sure I can!



Here they are! And lemme know if you want me to change anything, or if i can be of any more convenience. Regards. Lazare326.png 20:04, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

thanks man. - JH EP - Talk - Contribs 20:15, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

Last Flight[edit source]

You might want to adjust the countdown, because Last Flight's release date has been pushed back:


Plagiarism[edit source]

A large part of your recent news article, Dragon Age: Inquisition will not have 40 "major" endings, was a direct copy of Eurogamer's story on the topic. Directly copying another author's work without any sort of attribution is unacceptable. If this happens again further action will be taken. Friendship small.pngLoleil Talk 16:17, June 19, 2014 (UTC)

Sorry, I'll have it changed pronto. I wasn't familiar with such things, and was meant to attribute it, with commas, and a link, alas i failed, thanks for the warning though, much appreciated. Lazare326.png 23:13, June 19, 2014 (UTC)
I edited the news article as soon as I noticed, but I'm really glad you're taking this on board and want to be conscious of any other rules going forward. With writing news articles, properly sourcing your piece and making sure the standard of English is high are the two main priorities. For writing wiki articles as long as you take the Manual of Style and Editing guidelines in mind, you should be fine. Please ask if you have any further questions. Friendship small.pngLoleil Talk 18:56, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

Re:Iron Bull[edit source]

Hi Lazare, personally I don't think such comparisons qualify as trivia, per our guidelines. I agree that the remarks were mostly off the cuff and humorous so go ahead and remove them if you like. Chantry symbol.svg King Cousland | Talk   12:17, June 22, 2014 (UTC)

N64 Games[edit source]

Here are some N64 games I have.

  • Beetle Bug Racing
  • Rampage
  • Rush 2
  • Mario Party (no clue how popular the original was)
  • The Banjo Games
  • Super Mario 64
  • Ocarina of Time
  • Mario Kart 64
  • Tetrisphere
  • Donkey Kong 64
  • A Bug's Life
  • Toy Story 2
  • Waveracer 64
  • Pilotwings 64.

If you want to search for more N64 games, I recommend flea markets. Be wary though,some could be messed up there. I got lucky with Ocarina of Time that one day Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:25, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks buddy.Lazare326.png 18:19, July 1, 2014 (UTC)

Re:Ryott[edit source]

Hi Lazare, I didn't know what it was either and found the same source. I don't think it's significant enough for its own page but I've opened a discussion on the talk page if you'd like to contribute. Chantry symbol.svg King Cousland | Talk   17:57, July 4, 2014 (UTC)

Vivienne[edit source]

Hey Lazrae im 75% sure Gwendoline Christi (briene from game of thrones) is voicing Viv.

oops sorry that was from me about vivStar Metal Knight (talk) 21:02, July 9, 2014 (UTC)

Oh so, have a link for it? Or any proof, or is this based of rationality or speculation? Lazare326.png 00:34, July 10, 2014 (UTC)

Ocarina of Time Temple Order[edit source]

So, after a while, I finally got to the Adult Link part of the game and now I need to hunt down the temples and the sages. Is there any specific order or I can do them in whatever order I want? Sheik told me to go to Kakakrio Village and I know the Shadow Temple is there and I got the hookshot, but I heard some people say wait to do the Shadow Temple last but I am not sure. Any suggestions? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 00:09, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

I'll talk to you about it, sometime on chat hopefully, but other than that, look at some of the guides on google, that's what i did. Lazare326.png 08:50, August 4, 2014 (UTC)

RE BIoWare New IP[edit source]

I have not seen the new teaser. I haven't had the time today. Was gone for most of the day and will be gone for a good bit of tomorrow as well. If the superpowers are anything like in InFAMOUS, day one if the game is not an ios/free to play/MMO game. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 01:57, August 5, 2014 (UTC)

No, I don't think the powers will be like "infamous". They'll be real superpowers that we recognise such as maybe flight, or super strength and other ones. Lazare326.png 12:31, August 5, 2014 (UTC)

Hey[edit source]

How's it going? Haven't seen you on chat whenever you go on so what's up? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 00:07, August 11, 2014 (UTC)

Hey buddy, I have been quite busy lately, especially in my professional life. Hopefully I'll be back on soon. I'll let you know for sure brozilla. How's the chat been going?Lazare326.png 13:23, August 11, 2014 (UTC)
Not much going on chat other than Draco got banned for a few days from it for some reason. Other than that, chat has been pretty dull whenever I go on.
I did find my old copy of KOTOR 2 for the PC. Know any good mods for it that isn't the restoration mod? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 14:07, August 11, 2014 (UTC)
Hmm not that I'm aware of mate. We do need to catch up sometime though on chat.Lazare326.png 16:10, August 11, 2014 (UTC)

RE DAI Blog[edit source]

I wasn't really saying that BioWare is a bad studio. Sure, they made one mediocre game in the eyes of fans. ME3 ending aside, it was a pretty good game (Not ME2 tier though. ME2 is awesome and only KOTOR beats it). I'm just saying is that I've seen a pattern with gamers and game developers over the years. Make one bad game (in the eyes of the fans) and they turn on the developer like rabid dogs. Fable 3, Assassin's Creed 3, Final Fantasy XIII, etc, are all games that are considered bad by fans that led to them hating the developers like rabid dogs and thinking they can never make a good game.

If you want to look at a developer that hasn't made a really good game in the last decade, look at Rare. They are really a shell of their former self, and I enjoyed Nuts and Bolts. I just hope we can actually get a proper 3D banjo game with Phil in charge. Come on Gamescom. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:17, August 11, 2014 (UTC)

Er Ed, I didn't say that you said BioWare is a bad studio. I agree with you on the most parts, we've always agreed with each other which is awesome. ME3 is good, not as good as me1 or 2, bar the ending I agree, but I agree with you 10000%. BioWare have been making brilliant games for a long time and all of a sudden one or two bad games leads to BioWare betraying their fans. There are only a few people here who have good reasons for being angry and that's because they've been following BioWare for a long time. Some people for example, voice their critiques brilliantly, and it is totally understandable why some guys have lost faith. Others seem like trolls. I am a pessimist when it rationally suits it, but I like to be optimistic when a lot of things ride on it. That doesn't mean BioWare doesn't have some problems.Lazare326.png 17:28, August 11, 2014 (UTC)
The 'BioWare is bad bit was referring to what other people say about it. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 02:42, August 12, 2014 (UTC)
Right. But I do agree on there points you have raised. Lazare326.png 10:31, August 12, 2014 (UTC)

The Witcher 2 Xbox 360[edit source]

I am considering giving the Witcher 2 another chance. I don't want to abandon it just yet as I am interested in Wild Hunt (though I am getting Batman instead if it comes out at the same time). Any suggestions on how for me to improve the game, any builds you would recommend me take? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 15:08, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

Ah, i haven't played the game in a while, so http://uk.ign.com/events/gamescom this may help you. I think it will. Other than that, be patient, take your time, and literally don't get too frustrated. If you do again, the series may not be for you. Lazare326.png 15:50, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

Villain blog[edit source]

Great job with it, just wanted to mention (here, since you're off the chat) that you should tweak a few things on your blog - nothing major of course, just some helpful advice.

  1. Instead of [[Loghain]], rewrite it as [[Loghain Mac Tir|Loghain]].
  2. Instead of [[Meredith]], rewrite it as [[Meredith Stannard|Meredith]].
  3. Dragon Age: Inquisition, as the title of a game, should be italic.

The links are changed so they wouldn't be redirects, and all game titles are stylized that way in general. Again, nothing major, just thought I'd mention these. :P --Margerard is a Dragon Age Wiki Editor 23:02, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

Super appreciated worthy Marge. I have done them. Thanks! :P Lazare326.png 23:20, August 15, 2014 (UTC)

new page for you http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Age-World-Thedas-2/dp/1616555017/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408389270&sr=1-1&keywords=the+world+of+thedas+volume+2 Star Metal Knight (talk) 22:18, August 18, 2014 (UTC)

Marge thankfully covered it, but again good job on finding the stuff SMK, keep up the good work. Lazare326.png 21:57, August 19, 2014 (UTC)

Destiny[edit source]

I am not getting Destiny because it is "online only". I am moving sometime soon and the place where I am going may have limited internet and I don't like it when games are 'online only' anyway. Its why I dislike MMOs and games like Titanfall. I also was not able to connect to the likes of Xbox Live or PSN for many years as well until last year. I dislike the term 'online only' which is why I am also not to fond of the Dragon Age Keep being something you have to download. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 14:46, August 26, 2014 (UTC)

Ah right. Well, unfortunately it seems that the gaming industry is heading towards that way, shamefully, I guess. This gen is going to feature a lot of online-only heavy features. Lazare326.png 14:53, August 26, 2014 (UTC)

I'm Tor n[edit source]

I am torn deciding between getting an Xbox One or a Wii U. Can you help me decide on this? PS4 literallly has nothing other than Bloodbourne for me that is a must have. with the Xbox One, I really want Sunset, Unity, and Halo right now. With the Wii U, there is Mario Kart, Zelda Warriors, Wind Waker HD, Smash, Bayonetta, and a few others that I want and I keep getting dragged in. Pokken Fighters (coming to arcade first but Wii U later) and Link in Mario Kart DLC sealed the deal for me. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 02:57, August 27, 2014 (UTC)

Get the Xbox One, you'll enjoy more next generation games and DAI will be better on the new gen. Halo looks amazing, but with the Wii U, you can wait an extra year, as it'll get cheaper at time goes on. I'd say get the Xbox One, and wait later till the Wii U. I think you'll regret it if you don't buy an Xbox One, or even a PS4, as most of the main exclusives like you said on chat, will be on one of them. So i'd say xbox one. Lazare326.png 06:32, August 27, 2014 (UTC)

Helping hand[edit source]

Rally HO! just curious on how to make the news page the correct way thanks in advanceStar Metal Knight (talk) 19:40, August 27, 2014 (UTC)

I'll give you some instructions on your talk page sometime. Lazare326.png 22:43, August 27, 2014 (UTC)

What's up[edit source]

How's it going my friend? The slow wait to get an Xbox One is killing me Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 14:46, September 3, 2014 (UTC)

Hey, not much friend, just the usual. Remember to give me your gamer tag, we can play DAI mp together, if you decide to play it, that is. Lazare326.png 15:27, September 3, 2014 (UTC)
I do plan to play it online once I renew my gold account. Only games I'll be able to get for now are Sunset Overdrive, AC Unity, The halo Collection and Dragon Age. I'll gladly play some multiplayer and I have a few online friends as well that plan to play as well. I may be mostly be playing Halo 2 online for a while. Team Swat on Lockout all day, every day lol. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:09, September 3, 2014 (UTC)

A Trio of Questions[edit source]

Hey Laz! How are you? Good I would hope. I've come bearing a noble inquisition. I just must know what color is your hair and what can you tell me of it (is it short or long, wavy or curly, etc.)? And what color are your eyes? I promise if you answer these questions it'll be well worth your time. B.S.S.T. (talk) 23:56, September 6, 2014 (UTC)

Well hello there, honourable warrior, I am good, how about you? My hair is black, and it's rather thick, not too think but, not too thick. I wouldn't call it bushy, but rather wavy thick. It's medium length, however it varies at times. I'd say it's rather short, but others would see it as medium. My eye colour is the typical brown. Other than that, I'd be happy to answer any other questions you have BSST. This sounds exciting. Lazare326.png 00:09, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
Splendid! Now two more questions and I shall be on my way. If you refuse to answer them I completely understand, they are of a personal nature after all. Have you woman (or man if you swing that way, I don't judge) that you are romantically involved with? And lastly What is your favorite girl's name (or boy's name if you are not of the heterosexual nature)? B.S.S.T. (talk) 00:17, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
I am currently not romantically involved, having been single for a couple of months now. I am heterosexual just to clear that up. I have been romantically involved previously, however for the time being, I think i'd rather remain independent until of course, DAI comes out ;) Though, I can reveal a a great female friend, and former companion of mine's name to be Ellie. Lazare326.png 00:26, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
Fantastic! You may want to visit the Blooming Hanged Man's Rose in a little. I'm going to have some fun. Now if I do this right I shall paint a very large smile across your face. If I do this wrong I will plant a very large fire in your heart. Pray that I do this right. B.S.S.T. (talk) 01:04, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
haha no pressure Lazare326.png 01:14, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
Thank you for participating. We have now told your story in a very... colorful way. You can find it here: http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:The_Blooming_Hanged_Man%27s_Rose?t=20140907021205 If you don't like it then I can remove it and we'll all be gold. B.S.S.T. (talk) 02:20, September 7, 2014 (UTC)
It's awesome! Do not delete it. I love it. Lazare326.png 09:49, September 7, 2014 (UTC)

Blog comments[edit source]

Hi Laz, just to let you know that I've had to close the comments on your latest blog (I'm sure you can guess why). Obviously you're the blog's author so I thought it was only courteous to let you know directly. Chantry symbol.svg King Cousland | Talk   23:31, September 9, 2014 (UTC)

I totally understand. In the future, I'll try my best to keep peace between users. I feel as though it's also the authors responsibility to keep a sense of harmony in the comments. Lazare326.png 00:09, September 10, 2014 (UTC)

LAZ GIVE ME UR PLAYSTATION 4 NAME SO I CAN ADD YOUStar Metal Knight (talk) 21:59, September 14, 2014 (UTC)

How's it going?[edit source]

Haven't heard from you in a while. How's it going? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 21:32, October 7, 2014 (UTC)

Concerning an alteration in the DAI: PC Requirements Revealed thread[edit source]


I just wanted to let you know that BioWare has edited the "Graphics Memory" in the Recommended System Requirements for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Previously, it stated that it would require 3 GB of Graphics Memory to run the game at the recommended settings, but BioWare edited it and now it says 2 GB.

BioWare changed this in both the official site PC System Requirements Revealed and in the Origin news section First Dragon Age: Inquisition PC screenshots, system requirements and hands-on!.

Also, the requirements BioWare sent to gaming sites like EuroGamer and Gamespot is 2 GB as well, so the 3 GB was most likely an error that was published only in the official site.

Sorry to disturb you, just wanted to tell you in case you want to edit the news thread you created, since I don't feel comfortable editing other people's posts.

Thank you for your time!

--Sdarts (talk) 16:05, October 13, 2014 (UTC)

How's it going?[edit source]

Hey, mate! Feels like forever since we chatted, so wanted to send along my regards and hope you are well. You really need to get around to finding my FB already. XD Makes contact a heck of a lot easier. Been busy with classes and some new hobbies; I expect you are similarly occupied. Cheers EzzyD (talk) 02:56, October 20, 2014 (UTC)

SUP[edit source]

It's just been one of those months where the shit hit's the fan, I come here and all I see is nit picking and shit and seriously? I don't wanna deal with nit picking 'cus I don't like to over think things (I do enough of that at my job and these past couple of weeks have been horrible on my body,my back is killing me 'cus of the stress).

Also, that dude was pointless argument without trying to reach any point or say anything that was open for debate, his initial statement was just that, a statement no debatable topic just a statement about his ideas (which I pointed out). If he had any point worth making I would have listened.

Finally, the dude was a cry baby... you know I can be worse and give less than a fuck about being banned, he was just a princess which made things worse.

DaveManiac3.png 23:36, October 21, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Mate[edit source]

Due to some events that I would be more comfortable explaining to you privately, I will not be reachable on this wiki or that chat for a long while. If you still have my Facebook details, you'll have to reach me there. To shake off any somberness, how are you? I hope you've been keeping well. Cheers, mate. EzzyD (talk) 04:08, November 14, 2014 (UTC)

I'll contact you on Facebook! I'm fine good friend, I hope you're well? Damn it Ezzy, i'm tearing up. I need to talk to you about this. Lazare326.png 04:35, November 14, 2014 (UTC)
I hope you still have all the right information still. If not, you can ask Meg for it, and I'll let her know it's okay. But yeah, it's.. uh.. been something. I'll definitely explain fully later on. I'm doing just fine otherwise. EzzyD (talk) 04:59, November 14, 2014 (UTC)
Also, I'm not sure how much you might have been told or by whom, but I want so assure you again that I will explain my half in full. EzzyD (talk) 20:26, November 14, 2014 (UTC)

What's going on Laz? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 01:27, November 15, 2014 (UTC)

How are you enjoying DAI?[edit source]

Hey Laz it's Darion I just wanted to ask how much your enjoying DAI. I am currently waching playthrough videos while I'm waiting to play it.My friend is getting it and letting me play it on his Xbox360(my PS3 broke long story) It looks amazing from what I've seen so far! well I can't wait to hear about your expeiriance so far!(Darion Cousland (talk) 20:23, November 20, 2014 (UTC))

I'm in the Uk so I get it tomorrow unfortunately, but even then, i'm waiting till early december to play it, when I get back home from Uni. Lazare326.png 20:25, November 20, 2014 (UTC)

Sorry about that did not relize you live in the UK(England I'm assuming although it could just as likely be Scotland or Whales lol.) Well I would still like to hear about your expeirance; when you do eventualy get it. If you don't mind that is. (Darion Cousland (talk) 20:33, November 20, 2014 (UTC))

hey laz its been a while? I haven't beaten DAI yet as I was on vacation for a bit but its a very fun game. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:53, December 2, 2014 (UTC)

Hey[edit source]

Its been going good. Haven't been on much here since no one is hardly on when I am on and the forums haven't been all that interesting. Actually wish the Blooming Hanged Man Rose would be revived.

I may give Witcher 3 a chance later down the line, I just got several other games to play, especially all these retro games I've been collecting. I need to beat the MEtal Gear series to prepare for Phantom Pain. My latest retro game find is the Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for the gamecube, 50 dollars with case and manual and game.

My DAI runs have been good. Sided with teh Templars for the first time and I actually liked that story line. I don't have Jaws of Hakkon yet, there is just other things I need to get first. I stopped hunting retro games to save up for more games on my Xbox One and 3DS. I plan to get Arkham Knight that's for sure. What have you been up to? Supergodzilla1118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:39, May 10, 2015 (UTC)

Ah, the Hanged Man's Rose, miss that place. I will try to revive it but nobody that contributed to it are barely here. And the forums have been really, really stagnant, that I agree with. I miss the audacious theories of the day. Maybe DAI cleared a lot of things up. And Arkham Knight looks beautiful. Definitely a day one buy. The chat has been empty recently too, as in nobody seems to be engaging in any conversations when I get on there....Lazare326.png 00:45, May 11, 2015 (UTC)
Agreed. I was about to actually try to revive the Rose myself. I've been visiting the Dragon Age reddit a bit more actually. There are some good people there and are pretty civilized, more than I could say for BSN. I plan to renew my gold account soon and maybe rebuy GTAV so I can try out GTA Online. I never did tell you my gamertag did?
I also haven't been able to watch game of thrones. I may end up buying the complete season on DVD or digitally. My favorite show recently has been The Flash. Supergodzilla1118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 01:12, May 11, 2015 (UTC)
You should for sure get ahead with watching Thrones. I revived the Rose, maybe to bring some of the old guys and gals back. They've been notably absent. Also, did you like the new Star Wars trailer? I think i must have watched it over 200 times by now! That is not hyperbolic haha. Though I'm bummed that Kylo Ren isn't Revan, there is talk that they want to reboot the Old Republic so that it would be canon, and apparently his mask may be a sith artefact that belonged to a dark lord in the Old Republic. Would be cool. Also, have you watched Daredevil, now that is good... Lazare326.png 01:19, May 11, 2015 (UTC)
I will try. Until then, I am watching Reign as an alternative until I do. I saw the star wars trailer about as much. I did read somewhere that lucasfilm said they plan to reuse old expanded universe characters, they were asked about it at the Celeberation and replied "yes" so Revan may come back. I think Kylo is the son of Han and Leia and a remixed Jacen Solo. I've seen 10 episodes of Daredevil. Its really good but Flash is my favorite super hero show lately.
Also, is it necessary to play Witcher 2 first before Witcher 3? Really did not like the gameplay of 2 and I think 3's will be better. If I get Witcher 3, it will be later. I am trying to get more cheaper games for both my Xbox One and 3DS. I got AC Unity just recently and plan to get Watch Dogs and Tomb Raider. The big games I plan to get this fall are Halo 5, Battlefront and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Supergodzilla1118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 22:59, May 12, 2015 (UTC)
I think Kylo is Rey's brother. I've suspected that he's Han's son, with him being a Vader fanatic it would make sense of he was his grandson. And I wouldn't say entirely. It helps to play Witcher 2, but it isn't necessary. Lazare326.png 00:05, May 13, 2015 (UTC)

I imagine one of them is Luke's kid and the other is Leia's. I plan on giving Witcher 2 another go at least. Not giving up on it yet. I gave Deus Ex another go and I eventually beat it, granted it took me two weeks. Supergodzilla1118 (talk Supergodzilla118 21:26, May 13, 2015 (UTC)
Witcher 2 is a no show for a while. Xbox Live won't let me download my 360 version of it. it just says "Can't download Witcher 2 Assassins of kings" every time I try to download it. Been messing with this for 3 hours now. Will try to find the disc version at least , if not, watch the cutscenes on youtube. Supergodzilla1118 (talk Supergodzilla118 00:06, May 14, 2015 (UTC)

Yo Laz, how's it going? I got Witcher 3 at a damned good price you won't believe it and I am enjoying it. Supergodzilla1118 (talk Supergodzilla118 17:02, July 6, 2015 (UTC)

Sorry for not being able to chat lately. Been hectict these last few days. Had to paint my room and didn't really have access to the computer or my game systems. Now to mention my computer is screwing up anyway. How's it going? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 23:15, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

I'm Back[edit source]

So, the inevitable happened. My computer finally died and it took me a good while to get a new one, just got this one a few days ago really. How's it going?

Supergodzilla118 (talk)  Supergodzilla118 13:35, September 7, 2015 (UTC)

MGSV is okay but haven't much time to play it. Catching up on some PS3 games I missed out on. Going to start the Last of Us this week. That and playing some Inquisition a good bit. I have the money for the new DLC, I just need it for some other things so it will be a bit before I get it unfortunately. I did hear some good things though.

What is your xbox live gamertag? I got gold again as well. Mine is Legionaryprime. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 23:05, September 8, 2015 (UTC)

Hey, Long time no see?[edit source]

Hey, its been a while. I just been busy and side tracked a lot. How's it going Laz? --Supergodzilla118 01:19, April 4, 2016 (UTC)

Hey Man[edit source]

How's it going? I just really don't go on wiki sites or most sites anymore due to lame internet where I live now since the move a few months back. I check back every now and then and this place is pretty much a ghost zone unfortunately.

Hpw's life treating you? Supergodzilla118 03:44, July 30, 2016 (UTC)

Very long time, No Chat.[edit source]

Not sure if you check this page anymore, but I wanted to let you know some way how things have gone for me in recent years. I completed university, and moved from one city to another. Also, some other good news, I finished my first full novel the other day. The end result was significantly different than how I imagined it would be once it was all written out and I changed a lot of my ideas partway through. Not sure if I want to get an editor involved or even consider the publishing process for it yet (even if it ends up as a self-publish for posterity's sake). I hope everything has been well with you, and life has not treated you too harshly. Kannon's blessing. EzzyD (talk) 08:02, January 7, 2018 (UTC)

Long time no see[edit source]

Long time no see. Still alive as well--Supergodzilla118 18:02, January 8, 2018 (UTC)

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