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Forum:Is the Maker a jerk? Edit

“I'm not even convinced that he even exists in the way the Chanty claims. The reason for this are small things pointed out by your companions. Shale has some funny comments faith, but I'm thinking mainly of Morrigan and Oghren's remarks. Morrigan will point out that darkspawn corruption and that caused by abominations look just about the same, thinking there's a correlation between the two. And Oghren will question the Guardian's immortality as something caused by the Maker, as the mountain is full of lyrium.”

This neither proves nor disproves the Makers existence, the Maker is DA’s equivalent of God, and therefore beyond that which can be proven, the concept if faith. Faith is a concept that is difficult to grasp and that is what makes it so interesting. There are generally three kinds of people, the atheist that refuses all that they cannot see or hear, and the dogmatic that believes faith alone can justify there actions. The third groop is all these not intelligent enough to make a coherent statement, and faith requires intelligence. Way too little and you don’t comprehend the concept, a little too little and you can’t understand it correctly, you mix faith and belief.

It is rare indeed that we find a person that can stand outside these boxes, it requires something beyond the norm, (a God given gift perhaps), but only someone that can truly understand the concept of faith, can call himself a philosopher. -rphb- (talk) 18:36, July 31, 2010 (UTC)

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Renaming pages Edit

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weapon info-box Edit

o hai, the weapon info-box has a dark-grey background which makes it very hard to see the stats listed. Is there anyway I can change it? Amorality 15:30, May 2, 2011 (UTC)

Not that I know of, though, you could try asking one of the administrators listed here:
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