Inconsistent List Formatting Edit

There are a few issues with using template links in lists. One of the most obvious I've noticed is when using the iconmini style--see Side Quests (Origins)--and one or more entries link to something such as a subsection (anchor) of an article. There is no way I can find to do this with template links. So here I will test a few methods using the Arcane Warrior quest link as an example. There is no quest article for this and so the link actually points to a subsection of the specialization article. You can clearly see the problem with the solution currently in-use and my attempts at fixing it below:

Classico arcanewarrior Arcane Warrior, This one works but doesn't link to anchor. Also results in different icon since there is no actual quest article in the wiki for this even though it is a journal quest.
Ico Quest Flemeth's Real Grimoire, Example of a regular quest
Ico Quest
The Arcane Warrior, How it is currently in the wiki. See inconsistent formatting, especially on mobile browser. I put this in between other entries as that makes the difference most noticeable
Ico Quest
The Arcane Warrior, This is my first attempt at duplicating the correct style by looking at the generated HTML. Great improvement but still isn't right in mobile browsers.
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