• I live in Lower Saxony
  • I was born on October 13
  • I am Male
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== Puzzlingly paradoxical perusals ==
Why remove the "Inquisition Members" category from Fiona and leave "Venatori" if both are equally spoileriffic and conditional? --[[User:Loub|Loub]] ([[User talk:Loub|talk]]) 04:18, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

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A fully-English comment

Hi! This time, I'll talk in my much better English. Icon wink I thought you were in that vicinity (Hamburg & Wolfsburg), but my memory of the German map has gotten so, so bad. I finally just went and looked up a map (on Google, who'd think of that?) :) So your state is where most of my father's family lives now, although they come from Pommern, before the war. The group near Hamburg actually lives in Das Altes Land, south of the city. Some did go to Schleswig-Holstein. You said you live near Wolfsburg? That one family I visited lives in the city, proper. (My mother's family is German, too -- I'm that American anomaly, 3rd-generation on all sides but of 100% one ethnic group. However, I don't know where in Germany they came from or where they ended up after the war; there was soooo much disruption and movement! I have quite a story about how we kept in touch with my father's family after the war.)

Is your family from Niedersachsen originally, before the war?

I was born in Milwaukee, which is north of Chicago, but I lived in Chicago for my first 20 years after college, so I feel like more of a Chicagoan than a Milwaukeean. Everyone I met in Germany knew about Chicago and Al Capone, although we have a lot of other colorful history, too. For instance, Chicago is the city where a river leaks! :) (Really.) Mostly, it's a key city of really tall sky-scrapers, the city where the International style of architecture took hold. (Not that I'm a fan of it -- I'm grateful for the many examples of "postmodern" architecture these days.)

However, I've lived in Cleveland now for almost as long, so I'm starting to identify myself as a Clevelander. Cleveland, well, Cleveland is a bit of a pit, but then so is much of the American Midwest these days. My husband got a good job here, and we could afford a house (which was impossible in Chicago), so we moved. And it's a small Chicago in many ways -- a lovely skyline, just a lot smaller. The arts & sports. Lots of museums, although again, smaller ones. (The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is especially nice.) We're on a shallower Great Lake, in a different direction, but it's still "the lake" in everyday speech. (We're south of Lake Erie, while Chicago is west of Lake Michigan.) And the lake still mitigates some of the otherwise horrible midwestern weather.

What's your home like?

As for your feminine writing style, partly it's word choice. ("Lovely" is one example.) Partly, yes, your interests in relationships and fleshing a character out emotionally. Bitter Lily (talk) 18:26, February 16, 2017 (UTC)

New Picture

I love it! Now, see, that's the feminine side of you coming out! LOL —Preceding unsigned comment added by Bitter Lily (talkcontribs)

Again, I don't really understand what the image's to do with some feminine traits… An – except the not visible dog – all girl party? The comment? Placing an image at all? Placing an image with a female main character while being male myself? :wonder: Icon wink
I love it, too. (If I may say so.) Never ever again in a following playthrough I did manage to capture this exact moment. The deed – and this facial expression, the coldness, dispassionateness… her motion, effortless, this ease… and her left hand – I don't know a word to describe it… it's perfect. This is a perfect screenshot. It's perfection has nothing to do with the looks of my char – I even don't like her anymore –, it's simply the animation. Perfect.
I love it, too.
By the way, I've removed your second signature for the heading's edit, but placed one at your last comment. Not your real signature, of course. A template that is used for such cases. And I hope my change to the second heading is linguistically correct. CompleCCity (talk) 11:25, February 18, 2017 (UTC)

Answering the last paragraph first: thanks for fixing my mess! And yes, the second heading is now fully English! (LOL)
As for the pic, it's partly, I suppose, the all-girl party.
Mostly, I'm afraid, I was making a joke. Few people would consider the dialog line, "No one threatens my friends and lives!" to be feminine. And you're right: the pose & body language are very efficiently violent. Although... that efficiency is part of what I myself consider feminine in the context of the dialog line. I've spent a fair amount of energy in feminist studies, and it is not necessarily "feminine" to accept rape & murder. Not at all. When a true woman sets her heart on killing, she'll commit to it fully. But it will be in defense of herself or her loved ones -- her friends, in this case. I'm personally convinced that the US army kicked and screamed before allowing women on the battlefield because the generals feared, bone-deep, that it would limit their options for wars of aggression.
*politics alert* Of course, that's not the way reality is playing out: women are dying in a war of aggression in the Middle East right now, and it's not causing their sisters to demand withdrawing. *sigh* *End politics alert*
So the dialog line was actually something I'd honestly call feminine. It's just that most people would see the pic & my comment and assume I had to be joking. Although... I've run through the encounter, of course. I've always let the dude live after he spilled what he knew. Was your PC in fact executing him afterward, as opposed to threatening him before?
--Bitter Lily (talk) 20:07, February 18, 2017 (UTC)

Thanks, I wanted the first two headings being related to each other, by their wording. And you did me a great favor by adding that "semi" – bugged me that there was an "a" and an "an" before…
Hm… Might be we have different points of view about the image's aesthetics. Or talk past each other. I didn't have "efficiency" in my mind, and her violence is not something leaping to my eye. It's there, yes, but more under the surface. Or no, not hidden, but not the foremost thing. Cold, dispassionate – that disguises the violence somehow. Perhaps you think of the attributes "effortless" and "ease", I mentioned, when talking about efficiency. But I thought of them in a more physically aesthetic sense, such as watching an acrobat can be a pleasure.
And for me the most important aspect is this left hand, I didn't find words for. It looks so… playful, so detached, so… as if she held a picture or a book in her right hand, looking at that – instead of murdering somebody just at that very moment. The left hand makes the deed something, that might happen every day and would be an absolutely common thing for her.
You know – I love this screenshot, this scene. Smiley
Though I was in the army myself, military/national service (don't know about your laws regarding this, but when I was 18 I could have refused to fight, and doing social services instead, or fulfill the 15 months as a soldier), and although today German soldiers are involved internationally, too, my heart is not with the army. Not as yours. And I think this really has to do with the countries we live in, we are from.
So I can only theoretically share your feelings about female soldiers, the battlefield, etc. When was it that women were allowed to the front?
And I'm really interested in the background of those studies, and if your thoughts about women and violence only came together with these studies, or if there was a specific interest in and reason for this topic. But I don't want you to answer this here, please no. Perhaps someday, somewhere else…
This sentence was no prob for to-be queen Lilith Cousland and her bard education. And as she relied on her diplomatic skills as well, specifically persuasion, and planned to go into politics – now, what's a little lie to get some more information, out of an assassin? In the end it wasn't something to struggle with later…
I think she often lied – everytime, it served her purpose. Cold, planning, selfish, and with a goal – there you have your efficiency, after all.
And what about my current "punk"? Icon wink --CompleCCity (talk) 18:43, February 22, 2017 (UTC)

How about elegant? For the left hand? As for the line -- yes, I took that into account when I called her efficient. It's going to be interesting playing my Lady Anissa Cousland, who is willing to steal, but still considers honor to be the quintessential virtue of a noble, and hates lying. (And there I go again with my word choices!)
As for your current "punk" LOL, I can't remember what Tamlen looks like. Is that him on the left, and getting pulled into the eluvian on the right? Or is that your PC on the left, and NOT getting pulled into the eluvian on the right? Assuming the latter, I focus personally on the portrait on the left & the second quote. It's an interesting combo... What is his name?
Integrating women into US combat positions is still on-going; right now, they mostly serve "alongside" troops. I have nooooo interest in serving in the military, and opposed the Vietnam draft, but I do think it's a feminist victory that's underway. We have a "volunteer army" today -- mostly composed of the poor, of whom we have all too many. (Coincidence? Yeah, sure.) I won't go into a political rant here, I won't, I won't. And yes, maybe somewhere else, sometime else...
I was aware of German compulsory service back in '76, when I was in Konstanz. A number of the male students talked about moving to Berlin to avoid it -- was that why you thought of that move? Plus, there were two "Kontrolleurs" on the city buses who apparently could serve in that fashion as conscientious objectors. I don't know what it was, but I could be certain that one or the other of them would climb on board fully half of the buses I rode. Mind you, I of course had a validated ticket at all times, so they were in fact providing a valuable social service in exchange for their military service! LOL I could go into Kontrolleur stories if you want... Nah, you had to be there.
-- Bitter Lily (talk) 21:30, February 22, 2017 (UTC)

Tying up loose ends … Hard to decide where to begin – after some days of absence here. And I hope I won't repeat myself …
I think I answered this at another place, but for the sake of consistency: the left side of the (soon to be removed/changed/updated) screenshot is a portrait of my Dalish elf, Tamlen's on the right edge, and below is – again – my Delorian, being pushed away by the eluvian's eruption.
My choice for the "combo" of quotes: Well, the first one's clearly a direct quotation from Tamlen when he's examining the mirror, shortly before the eruption happens. The second one … now, it is not related to my character, or the scene. I was thinking, "what could be an appropriate answer to this?" "Blackness" … the Chant of Light came to my mind, and there I found this sentence about "light(ning)", which somehow matched the situation. (I, of course, am aware that this eluvian and that force have nothing to do with the quotation's purpose. Icon wink)
So, you were a hippy? Icon wink
I love the thought that being born in 68 makes me a child of that generation. Well, actually not, but I sometimes feel like one. Smiley And I have a four-CD edition of Woodstock in my possession. (Though it's not my favorite music style.)
No, that Berlin idea came later …
In Germany the weapon laws and related differ from those in the U.S., I suppose. To be allowed hunting, here, and thus being allowed to own a weapon and carry it more or less publicly, you need to take an exam (with a preparatory course of around half a year). Since my father is a hunter and has a hunting district of his own, I took this exam with 16 years of age, the earliest permitted.
Back then it was common belief that having a game license would make a conscientious objection to military service (is my dict correct here? Icon wink) completely pointless.
Today, I think, I would try it. I'm sort of a pacifist. I don't use … I haven't used violence since my teen years, and I haven't gone hunting since I was 20 or so. But I don't regret not having refused the draft. I look back to that time with mostly positive memories, and I really do think that it has done me good. (For example, I wouldn't have the physical strength, I have, without it.)
I'm not sure I got the point with those "Kontrolleur stories" … Icon wink
Heading on to other topics … --CompleCCity (talk) 15:50, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

New Contrib

Yes, I should let you know that I made that new forum post. (A little late...) But you will be the first to hear, before I post to the world, that I decided on the extreme surgery for Alistair. I realized that I can get Massive Silverite armor -- the Juggernaut set -- in the Brecilian, where I want to go right after Lothering. My itinerary is set for a very roundabout way to Redcliffe, via the Brecilian, Denerim, and the Circle Tower -- I just will have to be careful NOT to get the news that my fellow noble, Arl Eamon, is deathly ill. At that point, I'll be in shape to deal with not just Connor, but the Urn immediately after. Then it's off to Orzammar. (Normally, I race to get to the Circle Tower & my extra stat points -- and my healer. Since I won't collect the healer this game, it's less urgent. It will also be interesting to see what the Fade is like at a higher level.) And then there's the DLC's. Having to wait for a high enough tier is annoying! Probably, Shale & Ostagar after Redcliffe/Urn. I should be a high enough level to get good stuff by then, and geographically, they're reasonably convenient. But Warden's Keep... I suppose I walk right past it on the way to the Circle Tower, and hit it on my way back to Denerim to speak to the good Brother -- or rather, to his evil stand-in assistant. It's a long time to ignore that annoying quest arrow in camp. <sigh>

Anyway, I should be able to collect fabulous, silverite Tank armor from those selfish Tevinter revenants by Alistair's 10th or 11th level -- I hope. Or die trying... So I want him able to wear it by then.

Bonus Announcement: Not only did I go and make a forum post, I've actually contributed (sort of) to the wiki!! Please check out Talk: Cailan's armor set. Wow! I'm helping in a minor, querulous way to build this lovely group resource. -- Bitter Lily (talk) 17:59, February 23, 2017 (UTC)

Actually, if you could do something about the entry for Cailan's Armor Set, I'd appreciate it. I don't know how to fix it! (See the bottom of the Talk Page for the stuff I spotted as missing.) For once, I've found something easy to pester you about. Smiley -- Bitter Lily (talk) 15:12, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

A break in the conversation

I'm stepping away for a little bit, I'm afraid. And mourning Anissa, just a bit. I'll come back and start over, and maybe redo her name -- but try again for the personality. I like it! And after all that mulling, I'll keep my plan for respeccing Alistair, I'm afraid.

What happened is that I discovered that some of my favorite mods are NOT installed, even though NexusMods indicates they are. Somehow, somewhen, the contents of those folders vanished! I'm going to have to reinstall those mods and start over. But for safety's sake, I don't want to do it while my husband is mid-game. His Lord Nathan Cousland in the Deep Roads, almost to the point of heading to Denerim for the Landsmeet. And he (the player) just told me he doesn't care about actually defeating the Archdemon -- like your Lady Cousland, his Lord Cousland simply wants to see Howe die writhing at his feet. (For one thing, he's installed a mod that he wants to see play out. Could putting one mod in actually erase the contents of other folders? Seems unlikely...) So I've got to wait through the rest of the Deep Roads & rescuing Anora, is all.

It's been wonderful chatting with you... Auf Wiedersehen! (Fully intending: "See you again!") —Preceding unsigned comment added by Bitter Lily (talkcontribs)

Actually, I don't have to step away soooo fast. You never told me your new PC's name, or anything about him.-- Bitter Lily (talk) 15:13, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for spotting the confusion in user IDs. See the Alistair/Alastair thread & Bitterlily's talk page for more details. -- Bitter Lily (talk) 17:36, March 1, 2017 (UTC)
For all further concerns regarding the ID confusion, please see Bitter Lily's talk page. --CompleCCity (talk) 23:11, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

Are you here right now? You just commented on a talk page I'd posted on, but when I try to get to you on chat, you're not available. [Cry.gif] (Hmmm. I guess you have to click it.) I want to respond to several of the things you've said on my talk page, but I have to go prep something for a Pathfinder game I'm running... tonight! But if we can chat for a minute first... I'll stay. Ooops! a signature is needed, and... no, I didn't use "Cry.gif" correctly. Drat! -- Bitter Lily (talk) 16:04, March 3, 2017 (UTC)
I'm sorry -- I left our chat, only to waste time reading PC Magazine's review of Pillars of Eternity, rather than see your last question. I thought your last comment on my Talk page was extremely helpful! I haven't been offended by anything you've said. -- Bitter Lily (talk) 18:09, March 3, 2017 (UTC)
No need for apologies – we bid goodbye, didn't we? (This also would make your reading not a "waste of time"! Icon wink)
Thanks! For all.
I think I don't have to go further into details here, so … heading on to other topics … --CompleCCity (talk) 16:00, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

More Stupid English Tricks

Rueful comment on the English language.

  • Believe it or not, these are all "legal:"
  • You have to recruit Shale.
  • Necessary
  • You don't have to recruit Shale.
  • Not necessary
  • You have recruited Shale.
  • Past but on-going (present perfect)
  • You haven't recruited Shale.
  • Not present perfect
  • You have had to recruit Shale.
  • Present perfect of necessary
  • You haven't had to recruit Shale.
  • Present perfect of not necessary
  • You have a recruit.
  • Possession
  • You don't have any recruits.
  • Non-possession
    • This doesn't sound right to me, but might be British:
  • You haven't a recruit.
  • Non-possession
    • This is just wrong:
  • You haven't to recruit Shale.
  • Not necessary

    ... I think I can actually explain this set, amazingly enough. In "have to recruit" and "have a recruit," "have" means different things, but it really is the verb. So you have to negate it with "don't have." (On this side of the pond, anyway.) In "have recruited" and "have had to recruit," the actual word "have" is only part of a complex verb -- it's just an auxiliary verb. So you negate it with "haven't." Such fun! :) -- Bitter Lily (talk) 20:15, March 5, 2017 (UTC)

    You're welcome to feeling amused at my choice of wording. Big smiley
    Now that you point this out, I can't than feeling irritated about my words there. I believe, I thought, I might be using this auxiliary verb "do" a little too often. Sometimes I think that's coming from my proper English education decades ago, but I observe other people to use it much more seldom. Well, saved on the wrong place, obviously …
    Speaking about linguistics: You would do me a great favor pointing me to mistakes (or bad wording) in my welcome message, here at the top. (Perhaps that also lets you feel a little less "outgunned" (without hyphen, according to my dictionary). Icon wink)
    By the way, I've done a little formatting to your above entry; hope, you agree. (Otherwise I'll revert it to your version, of course.) --CompleCCity (talk) 16:25, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

    Responding to your comments in reverse order:
    I don't mind you correcting my formatting one bit. But it would help me so much if you explained what you do as well as doing it. I'm not good at all at abstracting principles from a few examples of code.
    Whoa, I've been corrected -- on my use of English! Oh no! Actually, I often have run-on sentences these days -- what Grammar Girl calls comma splices. And I often stick wrong hyphens in just to placate ignorant spellcheckers. Outgunned... oh, wait, this isn't an example. Drat! Tonguesmiley
    I've edited your Welcome Message; feel free of course to revert or change anything I did. I noticed after I hit Publish that I skipped inserting an "and" somewhere -- I'll leave that as a puzzle for you. Smiley
    Under the circs, you might try not correcting your use of "don't" and see what happens. Certainly, we use "don't" in places where we wouldn't use "do."
    • "You do have to recruit Shale" is emphatic.
    Maybe you're in an argument about it. Or maybe you're talking about visiting Cadash Thaig, and then say: "Of course, you do have to recruit Shale in order to get access to the thaig."
    • "You don't have to recruit Shale" is the ordinary form of negation.
    Maybe you're talking about getting the Helm of Honnleath, and you add: "You don't have to recruit Shale after you fight Kitty & get the Helm."
    I hope this helps. Smiley -- Bitter Lily (talk) 17:00, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

    I always insert (opposed to styling rules) a double line break between comments of different users – makes it more readable, I think.
    I knew of – and do use – the emphasizing meaning of "do" in combination with a verb. But thanks! Smiley
    Actually, the Wiktionary lists "out-gunned", though the "outgunned" article seems to be the main one, containing more information. My online dictionary doesn't know of the hyphen version.
    Well, the welcome topic is discussed elsewhere …
    But now for the reason, I really came here for – an explanation of what I did to your formatting.
    • If you need a direct comparison, open the former version in a new window.
    • What you were trying to do, was simulating something like a table, by inserting as many periods as necessary to make the explanations appear at the (nearly) same postion for each line – but that didn't work out perfectly.
      • The reason for this is that the wiki's default font isn't a monospaced one, with fixed symbol widths, such as Courier. Each symbol, each letter or number uses the space it needs to be displayed, with "w" being far more wide than "i" or "." (proportional typeface).
    • The easiest way to establish such purpose is, make a real table. And that is what I did.
    • A wiki table opens with {| and closes with |}. | marks a column, while |- opens up a new row.
      • So basically the code for the first two table rows would have been:
        |You have to recruit Shale.
        |You don't have to recruit Shale.
        |Not necessary
      • If you want to spare some space, or for other reasons, you can omit the line break within one table row and place the column contents in one line by adding a second pipe ("|"):
        |You have to recruit Shale.||Necessary
    • Special elements, I inserted:
      • As this now wasn't a bullet point list anymore, I inserted <li> ("list item") at each row – I could have used "•" as well, this one you'll find by clicking on "more +" in the upper toolbar, here.
      • I wanted the table to appear as a continuation of your bullet point list, but placing a table inside one, breaks the list. So I had to trick, and told the whole table to be indented by 40 pixels (one bullet (and one colon) counts as 20 px). As this is a style, applied to the whole table, such an element is placed in the table opening header, behind the {|:
        {| style="margin-left:40px"
        Besides the syntax, kind of self-explanatory, I think. Of course there's also "margin-right", "-top" and "-bottom".
      • Then I noticed that you continued this quasi-table, but interrupted by a superior list element. And not only once, so I had to make several real tables. Problem is, by default the column widths adjust automatically to the cell content. Which led to the fact that the following ones used different column widths than the main table. Well, happily there's a way to define a fixed width:
        |width=240px|<li>You have to recruit Shale.||Necessary
        This is a style element (you could as well use |style="width:240px"|…) that has to be defined in the specific column, it should apply to, and as such isn't placed in the table header, rather at the first column. (And it also only has to be placed once for each table.)
        • If you want to style a certain column/row/cell, again such a pipe has to be inserted, to separate the style element from the cell content.
    So, here you have your first lesson about wiki tables. Pretty much for a start, I guess, but you don't have to (phew!) learn it all at once, just come back here in case you need it someday.
    Did I mention that I'm a huge fan of tables? Big smiley -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 12:03, March 11, 2017 (UTC)


    I tried to post a picture to my user page, but failed hopelessly to decipher your code. I feel... out-gunned by the complexity (compleCCity? Smiley ) here. -- Bitter Lily (talk) 22:39, March 8, 2017 (UTC)

    Thanks for the compliments! (I understand this as such.) Icon wink (And of course the double-C shall read as x.)
    As a first step: add File: between the opening link brackets, [[, and the name of the file.
    Second: it's important to use the proper spelling of the file, including upper- and lower-case letters, even for the file extension.
    Result: [[File:Sarkany Portrait.PNG|thumb|Sarkany, first conception]]
    (Didn't I point you to some help pages for images?)
    Always glad to help you, you're welcome! Smiley --CompleCCity (talk) 16:39, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

    Yay! Huzzah! It worked! The whole wide world will see my beautiful Sarkany! (All right, maybe not.) Thank you very much.
    Btw, I somehow thought the name of the file was Sarkany_Portrait, so that mistake was just that. But the "File:" in front... that was ignorance! Thank you again. -- Bitter Lily (talk) 17:06, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

    You're not really wrong with that underscore. Hm … Now it comes to something, that isn't defined absolutely in the guidelines.
    • There are two ways to link to something on a wiki page (and the image on your user profile is just such a link to the file "page"): with single or with double brackets.
      • If you use single brackets, the complete HTTP address has to be inserted as the link, followed by a space and then the text, as it shall be displayed. Examples:
        • [ "outgunned" at Wiktionary] leads to "outgunned" at Wiktionary
          It's marked as an external link by the symbol behind it.
        • [] – this it looks if you don't place a display text: [1]
          Bad. Icon wink
      • Double brackets only work for internal links, with additional syntax elements expanded to Wikipedia and all Wikia hosted wikis. Also for different language versions of both.
      • Difference in appearance (you already know about these, but I want this to be complete):
        • Internal format: [[wikipedia:Konstanz|Konstanz]] leads to Konstanz,
        • while the external format [ Konstanz] leads to Konstanz.
        • A truly internal link: [[Dragon Age Wiki]] leads to Dragon Age Wiki.
        • Formatting this as an external link, offers some surprise: [ Dragon Age Wiki] misses the external symbol: Dragon Age Wiki. That's because it's a truly internal link, right from this wiki.
          • Quasi-internal links to Wikipedia and other wikis need the pipe and a display text, which for truly internal links only is used to display a title different from the original one.
    • Now, different contributors use different (and oftentimes inconsistent) ways to format their internal links. And this not only applies to untrained editors, no, admins do it as well. It depends on convenience: for some people it's easier to copy-paste the HTTP address (and make a quasi-external link), for some it's easier to copy-paste the page title (and thus creating an internal link). I have my own opinion on this topic: I always use the internal format where it works. This not only spares some memory space, but makes maintenance tasks easier: If a page is moved, a redirect is created (I already explained this). Well, optimally now all links, referring to that page, should be changed to reflect and link to the renamed page, instead of it's redirect. The easiest way to do so is, opening the "What links here" page for the redirect, and editing all pages on that list. Open page, edit, search for OLD PAGENAME, replace with NEW PAGENAME. But: if the link was created using the external format, you won't find it this way. That means: more work. Again: bad.
      • A disadvantage of my method: Since some time, Wikia doesn't display the namespace for non-main space pages anymore in front of its title. So the page title of your image isn't File:Sarkany Portrait.PNG anymore, instead only Sarkany Portrait.PNG, in the file namespace. (Which caused your mistake.) So one has to have this in mind when creating an internal link …
    • As you perhaps noticed with all these examples: the spaces within internal page (and file) titles are replaced by underscores in the address. So it wasn't wrong and would have worked as well, to type File:Sarkany_Portrait.PNG, but if you take a look at the image page, you see the title displayed without the underscore.
    You really think I should start writing guides? IDK … -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 13:09, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

    Grammar guides

    Hey! Happened to notice you asking about grammar guide recommendations (I swear I wasn't snooping, just bored and skimming recent changes lol!) As a nerd who actually reads grammar books for fun I thought I'd offer a couple suggestions:

    • "Eats, Shoots & Leaves" by Lynne Truss is excellent for punctuation help, one of my favorite books of all time.
    • "The Great Typo Hunt" by Jeff Deck isn't so much a guide, but a great look into everyday mistakes and how to correct them.
    • "Alphabet Juice" by Roy Blount is currently on my massive to-read book pile in the dining room; not sure yet how helpful it is yet, but it's certainly comprehensive.
    • Grammar Girl is the best site I've found online for all things grammar (I use it to figure out word choices, such as "effect" vs "affect").

    Hope you find this useful! Smiley --Kelcat Talk 05:16, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

    Thank you! Smiley Oh, I know this kind of not snooping, something I do all day … Tonguesmiley
    Though I think I won't order printed books, rather stick to online sources. This last one I just bookmarked, looks like fun to read. And I think, I'll start here. Some other tips for navigating there? (And now, and for the first time, my completely new and fancy signature in action – tada:) -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 11:54, March 10, 2017 (UTC)
    I took advantage of your convo and took a peek at Grammar Girl. That looks fun and informative, but may be a bit disjointed for you. Still, I hope it helps. And I want to thank you, Kelcat, for the ref: I've signed up for the newsletter. I've already been re-informed about my highly improper way of joining clauses together with just a comma.
    I admire your new sig, compleXity. It's great! Or is still CompleCCity in ordinary type? compleCCity? cCC? In any case, your new sig makes you look important, like an editor! An editor who could get together a group to write a brief guide on using the interface, tips on how to code things, and common conduct guidelines for new forum users. A single how-to guide that would utterly skip all the stuff that's only relevant for wikia articles. (It would, of course, link to the set of such guides already in place.) With the death of Bioware's social forum, Sad2 there's bound to be more clueless chatters like me coming here, don't you think?
    <giggle> I'm going to thank Kelcat on her own talk page, so I might happen to copy this request, too... -- Bitter Lily (talk) 17:26, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

    I insist on the double-C! It was not unavailability of "complexity" that let me choose this name. Icon wink -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 13:13, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

    Improvements to my welcome message

    I post this here, because here is where this message is placed, and here is where I started the topic.

    As you possibly have noticed, Lily, I undid your changes to my message. I asked you to point me to mistakes, but not to edit them by yourself. Sorry for that misunderstanding …

    But of course I accept your ideas, see your points.
    I have questions:

    • "(I feel free to remove inappropriate things again…)"
      • You removed "again". Why? At least in German it is proper use of the word "wieder", if someone placed something and then removed/deleted it again. "Again" in this case isn't related to "remove" directly, but to the preceding action. I don't understand this …
    • Um … well, seems to be only one question. Smiley

    After clarifying this I will implement your other changes, because those are clear and understood. Smiley -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 16:45, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

    I am so sorry for treading on your toes! Please accept my apologies. There were a lot of bitty edits to make, but clearly I should have copied your text, pasted it below yours, and edited that.
    Do take note, please, that you would do well to hunt for the missing "and."
    All I can say is that in English, "again" could only refer to "remove," the only verb in this clause/sentence. For instance, you didn't undo my changes to your Welcome Message again this time; you didn't have to, because I've only edited it once. But if I were to go and do it again, you no doubt would undo those changes again. (With a lot more annoyance!) I doubt you want your policy to be that as long as people post only one inappropriate remark or image, you won't remove it! LOL
    -- Bitter Lily (talk) 17:48, March 10, 2017 (UTC)

    Better now?
    I left out "one where". Tell me if it's really necessary, or if it does indeed work as is now.
    I guess, after you read the comma splice article (which I didn't, only noticed it), the puzzle of the missing "and" is related to "you talk to me here, I answer you on your talk page". Well, in my opinion these are not two separate main sentences, it's more of a enumeration or something like this. Okay, I changed it, but without using "and" …
    It's not like you "treaded on my toes" … There are some general guidelines, specific to the user namespace. (Not sure, they're all listed here, on this wiki.)
    • Other users' profile, sub- and talk pages in general don't have to be edited.
      • An exception might be to change outdated links, for example after a page move. It would be okay, if your image would be renamed, that e.g. I go and edit your profile, updating the link. But nothing more, only this.
        • That's also the reason why I didn't fix your link, but only told you, how it's done. (This way you also have some greater learning curve. Icon wink)
    • This is why I said on the forum, you wouldn't be allowed to edit my Delorian page. As well as I am not allowed to edit your CompleCCities page. Which of course changes, if you explicitly give me the permittance.
    • Edits on user talk pages: Well, of course you are allowed to edit – in terms of add a discussion/topic/post. And you're also allowed to edit that one later.
      • You are not allowed to edit other users' comments, in terms of changing the plain text they wrote. (Same for article talk pages and the forum.)
        • The link-update exception applies here as well, though should be handled with caution: I usually retain the old link display, by adding the link with a pipe, otherwise the original and the following comments' context might get confusing.
      • It is allowed, for improvements in readability, to add headings on talk pages, "sign" unsigned comments with the related templates, insert line breaks, and adjust indentings. Again: same for the forum.
      • It is not allowed, even if it improved readability, to fix other peoples' typos, make links out of some text, or format their text with bold or italic styles.
      • This all is much more sensitive on a user's talk page: here you theoretically don't have these readability permittances, it's at last some other user's page, and their responsibility.
        • So it was bold, if not to say cheeky, by me to do some of the changes I did on your talk page. I accepted similar changes by you on my page. And I'd say, we're both okay with this, else we would have said something, wouldn't we? Smiley
          • This also applies to my format change of your comment into a table, even if it's on my talk page. Sure, I have all the rights here, but out of respect for your contribution I shouldn't have done it, plainly. That's why I told you about, and said, I would revert it if you wish so.
          • Something else that is affected by these guidelines: yesterday I added a short comment to your talk page, a request for a chat … and later undid it, when I was going offline. (You can see it in the history – I know, Greek.) That wasn't absolutely correct, I theoretically shouldn't delete something from your talk page. So, there you have all the rights, to re-add it or ban me from the page or whatever else comes to your mind. Icon wink
    • So, this is why you shouldn't edit my welcome message. And not even reply to it directly below. That one isn't a comment per se, it's … the intro. (I would have removed such a copy-edit-reply to it as well.)
    I hope you noticed the ";)" at the end of my undo summary. Icon wink -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 14:17, March 11, 2017 (UTC)

    Feel free to comment directly on the CompleCCities of English page. When you said you were not allowed to do so, I thought you meant the software prevented it! So now I have the right to... WHAT? Hmmm. I'm going to have to think about this one! Tonguesmiley

    Well, however the edits & un-edits & re-edits came about, your intro looks good to me! Although the missing "and" is still out there to hunt down... (No, it wasn't related to "you talk to me here, I answer you on your talk page". I took that the same way you did.) One thing I did try and find (through pages of Greek) was that "one where." I had a "one where" where? -- Bitter Lily (talk) 02:47, March 16, 2017 (UTC)

    News from the Front

    I'm in a punch-drunk mood, I can tell. I ran one Pathfinder game on Friday, and promptly started prepping for the one on Monday. "At last," I thought, "time to get back to Dragon Age." But no... I've spent the last two days on the Pathfinder messageboards, trying to get answers to some questions for both games. In Friday's game, we're coming up on the big finale, and I belatedly realized that I didn't know where the McGuffin* that the party has been searching for is actually hidden. (* That'll send you off to the dictionaries! Smiley ) So I had to work a few technical details out. And now tomorrow I have to actually write up that changeling NPC I told you about the other week, but never finished.

    And this when we ended Monday's game with the gnome up on a table, excitedly waving a lit torch about, the elf up on the stove, grimly prepared to throw a flask of Alchemist's Fire, and the human magus (having sheathed her intelligent sword as nigh-useless) standing there with her hands still outstretched after casting a spell. The NPC human is kneeling behind the magus, trying to pick a lock to get the party out of this mess. The final two humans are huddled against the far wall, with the elf's pet tiger guarding them as requested -- albeit choosing the spot directly in front of the elf's stove for carrying that request out. One of the pair, however, just cast a light spell on a rat in the opposite corner of the kitchen.

    What? All this excitement over one rat? No. No, it's over the rat's 299 buddies rampaging madly in the kitchen. When the Bestiary claimed a rat swarm would be an easy fight, I believed the game writers... Hah! Rat swarms are nothing to mess with, let me tell you! They're also complicated to run... I still have a post to make in the Homebrew forum (being dissatisfied with the rules), and some replies to make.

    But at least it was just rats. Apparently, it's been known for a swarm of cockroaches to out-run as well as out-gun a low-level party, and nibble them to death. Ugh! What a horrible death to have on your tombstone!

    In short, this babbling is all that you're going to get out of me, likely for days, and it's been basically a week already since I last wrote you. Feh! I will at least chase down & READ everything you've written, in all the nooks and crannies this convo has taken. But given how long it takes me to write... I don't know how much I'll be able to say in response. Could I ask for one big favor, all the same? <bats eyelashes> Would you please copy all the comments you've given me about codes over to a user space page for me? Like my CompleCCities of English page? It would be so helpful to know where to look for this stuff! Good night! :) -- Bitter Lily (talk) 02:47, March 16, 2017 (UTC)

    re: Those Edits are Tricky

    Hi CompleCCity, first, let me say I am so sorry about the accidental edit. My fiance was trying to read a forum to me from his laptop (and he knows not to do that while I'm editing or writing code) and our six month old puppy was trying to knock my Chromebook to the floor. I'm assuming there are magic puppy food goblins in it and he was trying to free them for loot.

    Thing is, I cannot figure out how to undo that whole edit. I was actually trying to add a bug section for the main page and get someone on a non-PS system to verify bugs. I've got both the PS3 and PS4 version, and I've completed the PS3 versions of Unfinished Business ...more than eight times (big DA fan) with no problem. I'm running the PS4 version for the 2nd time (had to get it for the DLCs as soon as I got a PS4 last year) and this was a major problem. So I wanted to:

       1. find others on XBox/PC who could verify 


       2. find someone to test a theory that Dorian Pavus' necromancy skills are what glitch it.

    I never intended to edit the Talk Page, beyond asking for gamer backup. lol. Then I couldn't figure out how to roll it back.

    My fiance assured me he will never read his forum aloud to me again, on pain of being skewered with Kindness, my six foot (r/l) war spear. I really really apologize. The puppy has no comment on the matter and denies his technosidal tendencies. We're seeking an intervention and treatment for him.

    Ultimately the screw up was mine. Do you know if there's a way to fix it? I would be more than happy to undo this. Rilriia (talk) 10:46, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

    If you've read my intro section, here at the top, you see why I'm replying to you here instead of moving to your talk page …
    First: Nothing to worry about – I already have undone your edits to my comment, leaving your edits on the bug section untouched.
    Second: That's not really so tricky. In the upper right corner of the page, where you can "add topic", you can also call the page's "history". Then you can compare the relevant edits by checking their two small circles – et voilà, there's an "undo" feature at the top in the heading that shows the revision date, the editor and the edit summary (if given).
    However, I still don't understand how one accidentally can remove specific lines on different positions from amidst the contents of a completely different section … -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 11:35, July 5, 2017 (UTC)

    POC reply

    Hello. Thanks for reading my strategies, and I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Unfortunately I haven't played DA2 on PC and don't really know how the controls differ, so I assumed the radial wheel was on all platforms but was brought up with a keyboard button rather than the shoulder triggers. I at least know from Origins that it is possible to simply click on doors, or any object mid-battle, with the mouse pointer without need for menus of any kind, but on consoles you do need to bring up that radial wheel, so that's why I mentioned it specifically. Some things do require a specific method depending on platform, but I always try to keep the language neutral. Perhaps you can help in that regard; how would I bring up the PC's equivalent of the "radial menu," the one that has the options for potions, talents, and "Move to Point?"

    Thanks for the feedback.

    RShepard227 (talk) 21:38, July 12, 2017 (UTC)

    Excuse me if I break some rules or customs, but I like to keep one discussion in one place (see my Welcome at the top), so I reply to you here.
    Um … there is no radial menu on PC. You take a potion via the quickbar, where you also choose your talents, you move to a point by right-clicking that point – you interact with an object (or subject) like doors per right-click on it. That's it.
    The specific example, upon which I came about this topic, reads as follows:
    "Back up slightly, open the radial wheel, select the door again and close it […]"
    Perhaps "Back up slightly, open the radial wheel, select the door again and close it […]" would suffice?
    And the D-pad … That's Playstation specific and doesn't even apply to the XBOX, where that command would be "+", on PC (by default) … um, obviously non-existent in DA2 – came only with DAI, where it is TAB.
    I'd try to word all this without such specific commands – only giving the purpose of action, not its how-to. Perhaps the controls article is a good reference (exists also for the other games). But – as said – I'd prefer more neutral wording. -- UserCCCSig -- You talkin' to me? -- cCContributions -- 22:29, July 12, 2017 (UTC)
    P.S. I've never played on any console. Icon wink
    I prefer it this way, actually. Most conversations I've had here had to be jumping between talk pages, which does help notify someone they have a reply, but having it on one page is still more convenient. :)
    Thanks for explaining the quickbar. I recognize it from Youtube videos but never figured out how it worked, other than the talents mapped to the keys. I've been meaning to join the master race, but I'm still waiting for benchmarks on AMD's new GPU (the gaming model, not the FE) before I make my decision. Anyway, good point on the Controls articles (but, IIRC d-pad is short for directional pad, which refers to both of the console gamepads, you can cycle through the closest objects by pressing up and down), I'll reframe that line of Pier Pressure. I only happened to point them out in those "early" quest articles because it's knowledge that I...really would've liked in my first playthrough, let's just leave it at that :), so other players could benefit from that knowledge at the exact moment it would be most useful. It's not something I would go out of my way to mention on a later quest, but I agree the specificity either takes up unnecessary space or gets confusing. Let me know if you spot it anywhere else and I'll edit it. Thanks.

    RShepard227 (talk) 00:05, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

    Puzzlingly paradoxical perusals

    Why remove the "Inquisition Members" category from Fiona and leave "Venatori" if both are equally spoileriffic and conditional? --Loub (talk) 04:18, July 13, 2017 (UTC)

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