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I agree aswell. But he missed a few points:

1. First and foremost, and so obvious that it hurts my very core that it was not given more thought. The saves. 250mb worth of saves ever? Even if you disconnect the cloud storage. Really? An rpg game with several characters where you are maxed out at 50-100saves? That's outright retarded. Exactly how does one not realize that this can not end well, and they never even bother to fix the problem.

2. The ruination of once great charcters, a trend in the game series now. Varric whom always had something amusing to say, is now starting to become as stiff as Anders became in DA2, possibly even worse. I do realize that his experiences have hardened him some, but that really can't explain away this completely switched out character. It's almost as if they're trying to take away the most important aspect of the series, the engaging conversation.

3. The lack of any real sort of freedom of choice early on. In Origins especially, you could almost always walk your own path, the game made take on the consequences, but it was possible. Even if the soldiers and their commander came to take you away for some crime you didn't commit, you could either accept and later escape, or you could fight the overwhelming odds. None of that here, if the odds are bad, it seems you will simply obey, flee or stop playing. Just sad in an rpg, the only role you really play, is the one already chosen for you. Makes the witcher look like the better alternative, in terms of freedom of choice. At least there you already know what you are, and what your name is. The game doesn't force these points upon you, step by step. Making you walk their maze, only to always reach the same destination.

4. How you're forced to shoulder the mantle of a religious figure, and forced to work together with such people. There is one thing I might consider positive here: Everyone hates how they changed Leliana, but at least her changes make sense. At least she has finally started to grow up and become disillusioned, with her fellows, her faith, herself.

5. Learning specialties from some irrelevant npc's instead of your companions or mystic tomes. It makes them seem far less unique, as if becoming a reaver was something you simply sent for a school teacher to guide you through. As if it's something anyone with a bit of coin is free to learn. (talk) 23:52, March 18, 2017 (UTC) Lethatur

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