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: Lovely! Simply lovely! {{=)}} '''This''' is mastery, not my blabla …
: Lovely! Simply lovely! {{=)}} '''This''' is mastery, not my blabla …
: Coming back later, first some other responses. --[[User:CompleCCity|CompleCCity]] ([[User talk:CompleCCity|talk]]) 21:50, March 1, 2017 (UTC)
: Coming back later, first some other responses. --[[User:CompleCCity|CompleCCity]] ([[User talk:CompleCCity|talk]]) 21:50, March 1, 2017 (UTC)
:: No, despite of what I wrote earlier, I have to make a stopover here – wanted to elaborate on this, and adding comments about the above topic in the process.
:: Lovely! Not "simply" lovely – "absolutely" lovely! This has to be the most pleasant English lesson I ever had. Anybody ever had. (I just asked above, but say, were you a teacher?)
:: Please! Don't ever move this to a future archive section, so that I always will find it when I'm in need of these explanations (and the pleasure).
:: Your help is appreciated, and as exactly this: help. I don't see it as criticism, and I do even ask for it at times. And I say "many thanks!" Finally somebody who not just simply takes my mistakes and ignores them, while answering the facts – finally somebody who gives some feedback. {{=)}}
:: As I don't know the original English titles for most of Poe's and Doyle's stories, I doubt I would have noticed.
:: There's a large complete and commented edition of all Holmes novels and stories, which I've taken an eye on – maybe someday I switch to read English literature, as well. For now it's only the games, I play un-translated. (You might have noticed the other wikis at the top of my [[User:CompleCCity|user profile]]: the (German) Sherlock Holmes wiki is one of them, though with far less edits than here.)
:: And the complete works of Poe are also an item on my wish list.
:: You know what I like really much when it comes to English wording/language? Shakespeare! That's one I indeed need an English edition from. Though the translators for German have done a good job, too. Sounds really impressive.
:: During 7th and 8th grade we had a teacher for German, who always used the last lesson before vacation to tell a story. (Who else tells stories, these days?) I always found that really delightful (though there were other pupils with a different point of view).
:: That was my first ever contact with E. A. Poe – ''[[wikipedia:The Pit and the Pendulum|The Pit and the Pendulum]]''. (This external link format only works with Wikipedia.) Pretty horrifying, at this age. And that teacher really was a good story-teller, capable of creating atmosphere, suspense, all that.
:: So, the most important Poe stories – a small omnibus – I read at the age of 14 or 15. And I love him. (And also all the mystery about his character.)
:: I think, I could write here even more, but I – again – have to take off for a short shopping, before stores close. But I definitely will read your last addition here, when I'm back. --[[User:CompleCCity|CompleCCity]] ([[User talk:CompleCCity|talk]]) 19:18, March 9, 2017 (UTC)
== Wiki guidelines, editing, user accounts, and such ==
== Wiki guidelines, editing, user accounts, and such ==

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Hello Bitter Lily and thank you for your contributions. We hope you'll stay with us and continue to help us improve the wiki.

Welcome to the Dragon Age Wiki!

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If you have any questions, please post in Discussions, join our Discord, or post a message on my talk page. We hope you enjoy editing here and look forward to working with you!

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The gender and the writing, and the relatives

Hi! Smiley.gif I'm not sure I would recognize a writer's gender by their style, even in my mother tongue. But you're not the first person to tell me of such a relation. What's behind this? What exactly made you think, a female is writing? (And no, be sure I'm not offended.) Is it the style, the wording? Or did you think more of the contents, I'm talking about, the perspective, the points of view?
And of course you may say you to me. (LOL)
Relatives near Wolfsburg? The "I live in Niedersachsen" on my profile – Niedersachsen is Lower Saxony. And Wolfsburg is near to where I live. 'til later, --CompleCCity (talk) 16:11, February 16, 2017 (UTC)

You're aware this is a public place? And everybody, even Google, can read what you're revealing about your privacy? Icon wink.gif
So, what term would a man choose if he wants to express, something's "lovely"? (And for my choice of it: it was a direct response to "I loved the description […]" Which doesn't mean, I would not use "lovely" otherwise as well.)
Interest in relationships and fleshing emotions out… Why would – or should – a man not do this? Okay, admitted, I seem to be a little different from the common man, roaming the ancient and the modern realms. My psychotherapist thinks, I'm an empath, and several people, my ex-wife in the first place, say I've more feminine traits than the average male. In my eyes, this is what a man should be. I feel definitely male, I don't see this as disadvantage, au contraire, and I can behave typically male – dominant, numb, rough, pragmatic, whatever –, too. So what? Icon wink.gif
I can't tell you half of the amount, you did, about my family's past and alike. My mother's parents were from Pommern, too, though not sure about her father, I think that was another region there, in the east. My father's originated from here, countryside, a farm.
I live in a city, a "big one", but not Wolfsburg. (And I'm not going to say where exactly, at least not here, publicly.) You've visited Germany, so I don't have to tell you that cities here, and their architecture, look different from what you know. Though my city is much older than Wolfsburg, which was founded only in the 30's of the last century – and does look this way.
But I can't tell you much about it, I'm not the person being much on the road. In the city. Museums. Shopping. And I do no sports, and I watch no sports. Icon wink.gif
We do have museums here, of course. But none of greater importance, as far as I know, such as a Hall of Fame for whomever. We have a cathedral and a castle, a "palace", too. A good theater company. And the city looks and feels like a city, not what Wolfsburg's trying to do in that place… (There's a saying: In Wolfsburg I don't even want to hang dead on some fence. ;)
Mind telling me what you did study?
And what's a leaking river?
And – to not forget our roots – how's Anissa?
CompleCCity (talk) 13:51, February 17, 2017 (UTC)

Gender and Geography

February 17

I fully agree with you that having lots of feminine traits makes a man a better human being, and is clearly an advantage. But then, I have to agree: I married such a man! :D FWIW, most men might call a conversation "great" or "enjoyable." "Lovely" doesn't actually mean anything related to "love" or "like" (anymore). It's actually "beautiful" or (in our context) "delightful."

Um, is mentioning the name of my city (w/ a population of hundreds of thousands) actually a security risk? When my last name does not appear in a public way? If so, please delete my comment from your talk page. And I'll change my profile! I didn't mean to pressure you for info you thought was imprudent -- forgive me!

Compounding my foolishness, perhaps: I studied English & German (literature) at a Minnesota college, although I started in Linguistics at Konstanz. I went on to take the classes I needed for a doctorate in Linguistics -- but never got a graduate degree :( -- at Northwestern University, in the Chicago area. I know that German education arranges things differently from our BA, MA, PhD. Did you go to a university? Do you feel like telling me where or in what?

Wow, you live in the area your family is from. I envy you the rootedness. I don't live that far from the city that my great-grandparents moved to when they immigrated (Chicago), all things considered -- only 350 miles. But still, my roots in this country can't go back any further than them.

And I envy you the old architecture. When I studied in Konstanz, it was so much fun for me that going to get groceries I had to turn right at the 17th-century building. I got so used to the route, it became blase for me. I guess there may be 17th-century buildings in a few places (maybe?) on the east coast of the US, but even there you're much more likely to find 18th-century ones -- and of course those are "landmarks" and set carefully apart from everyday use. Growing up in the Midwest, which wasn't settled (by Europeans) until the 19th century, I've literally toured 19th century homes as special monuments to the past. But in Konstanz, something from the 17th century was just the place to turn to get to the grocery store. Quite a contrast! "Oh, no museums here, no -- 'just' a cathedral and a castle and a palace." (Oh, do I envy you the architecture!)

I've heard it said that in America, 100 years is a long time, while in Europe, 100 miles is a long way. I think both are true! And what about 100,000 people? Is that a big city to you, or not? Here, it's nothing special.

I admit, I've gotten to be a homebody. Downtown is sooo crowded, I just don't want to face it that much. I've missed museum exhibits I regret. Of course, I've also missed movies I regret, and I don't have an excuse! :( I actually have no interest in sports either, to be honest. Although my interest perked up when the Chicago Cubs fought the Cleveland Indians in baseball's so-called World Series last fall. BOTH teams are chronic losers. And I had the attitude that this time, I couldn't lose; "my" team was going to win, no matter what. The Cubs have a longer losing streak than the Indians, so I was glad they won in the end -- but it took them all the way to the last possible minute. I don't think the Indians lost, really -- they could still hold their heads high over it. It was fabulous!

Saying that Chicago is the city where the river leaks is a way of poking fun at the city (affectionately, in my case). The city is built on a swamp. So street level has to be well above ground level, although that's something most citizens didn't know. I mean, we walk around on the street, right? Who knew that there were levels of sub-basements & tunnels deep below, all the way down past water level to bedrock? It's cool for a railfan like me; the tunnels were actually built to house a private railroad that helped to install electrical & phone cables for all the downtown buildings, and then ferried coal-dust away from them (back when we used coal-fired furnaces). Once the railroad was shut down in the 1950's, only a handful of inspectors paid any attention to the tunnels. Management for a lot of the buildings -- including the major department stores and the Chicago Board of Trade (nation-wide exchange for commodities) -- theoretically had bricked up their opening to the tunnels. But, as it turns out, not in a way that was waterproof. Ooops! Well, you also have to know that the Chicago river runs through the city. (Thanks to thoroughly illegal 19th-century engineering, it drains water away from Lake Michigan and the swamp and takes it off to other rivers and eventually the Gulf of Mexico.) Well, some contractor broke open a hole in the wall between the river & those tunnels lying below water-level, and... gravity happened. (Not that the flood was instant; it started out a very small hole. If the inspectors had been vigilant... But they weren't.) Because of the electrical cables, the entire downtown area of Chicago had to lose power while they tried to drain the water out of the tunnels and some very big sub-basements. The entire downtown area of the nation's 3rd largest city got its power cut for days. All kinds of records had been stored in those basements, too -- and not in waterproof storage. Other cities just have hurricanes or tornadoes -- WE had a river that leaked! Bitter Lily (talk) 18:54, February 17, 2017 (UTC)

February 21

Today I make this one here first priority. Have to answer some questions, have I? Icon wink.gif
The last days were filled with browsing the Nexus and deciding which mod to install and which not – and I ended up with the same setting I used for my last playthrough, some two years ago, with one change for the AddItem script and some minor additional fixes. And a HUGE list of to-do mods, that I have to take a closer look into.
And I've started a game with a Dalish ranger, but am yet struggling again with decisions like: should he have a vallaslin, is his hair color black or brown, and so on…
But now back to topic…
I take your second paragraph there above as irony, at least in parts. There's no need for excuses or calling anybody foolish or alike. Tonguesmiley.gif
Nevertheless I will elaborate on some points, and more…
I should have left you an explanation for why I removed your signature for editing the header on my talk page. Signatures are placed to – who would have thought of this – sign a post or comment on talk pages and in the fora. Other people's comments shouldn't be edited or removed by anybody. This doesn't apply to minor changes in e.g. formatting. Or placing or renaming a header for better reading or browsing. If you add something to your old comment that's more than just a missing word or comma, then you certainly should sign this edit. But not that one, that was redundant. And you always… Everybody always can take a look into a page's history to see what changes have been made.
And this would be the reason why deleting your comment from my talk would be useless. Okay, it's no more visible in the first place, and would need some research to find it, but the information would still be there.
Our talk made me change my profile. Icon wink.gif As the most wikis I'm contributing to are English wikis, I've changed "männlich" to "male" and "Niedersachsen" to "Lower Saxony".
No, I still didn't add the city. I simply don't want it to appear somewhere in conjunction with my pseudonym. If you do a Google search for me you find quite a lot of entries. Last time I looked, they were – except one, which was some typo – indeed all related to me. And I think, Lower Saxony's close enough to retain some anonymity.
Anybody, familiar with the region I live in or smart enough to use a map, and who has read my above description (and the following) would know my city's name anyway. But it is not mentioned verbatim, not named explicitely. And thus no search machine is able to use that information. That's why.
We have around double the population of what Wolfsburg has, but only less than the half of another city nearby. And around two-thirds of Cleveland. Though being a "Großstadt" by definition (Why's there no specific term for this in English? – Cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants. There are 77 of them in Germany.), it often doesn't feel like this. Hardly to go shopping or something without meeting someone you know. (This sentence correct?)
I don't know the etiquette for this, but I'm breaking in on your comment to guess that you mean: "It's hard to go shopping..." -- Bitter Lily (talk) 21:10, February 21, 2017 (UTC)
I don't see talking about studies as foolish, anyway. Icon wink.gif So I will, too.
The graduation system has changed, out of globalization reasons and for conformity within the European Union, and we now have BA and MA, too, don't know about PhD. But that was after my time at universities.
I've tried three paths – informatics at Saarbrücken, architecture and psychology here –, but didn't made it to a degree, neither. (And yours and my reasons for this should probably remain un-publicly. Icon wink.gif)
Mind telling me what brought you to study in Konstanz, a German city?
We differ somehow in our mind and the way to see certain things. Partially this might be, because you're from the U.S., and I am from Germany. (There surely will be more reasons. No, not because of our genders. I don't see that many differences in general between females and males. Besides the physical aspects, of course. Tonguesmiley.gif)
This, for example, affects our points of view regarding family and roots. I don't see the fact, living here, around 30 miles away from my parents and my brother's family, as "rootedness". It happened out of practicle reasons, I could have stayed in Saarbrücken as well, or moved to e.g. Berlin. (That indeed was an idea, somewhere in my past.) I was a trainee in Barcelona, in the late 80's – and I liked it there a lot. If I hadn't had a college place in Germany, back then, I probably had stayed. (Great architecture, there, as well. Lovely city! Icon wink.gif)
That statement about 100 years and miles sounds true. (Though in Europe no one uses "miles", we have kilometers here. Icon wink.gif And, yes, that distance I mentioned above is converted.)
I don't know the reasons for why you are using words, I have to look after more often, than other people I communicate with in English. (But, please, don't change this!) "Homebody" is one of them. No, actually I didn't have to look after it, it's self-explanatory, but at least I didn't know it before.
So, from couch potato to couch potato, I share your regrets and lack of excuses about missed movies and other opportunities. Somehow my life has become really computer focussed. Gaming's not bad, though, but there are attractive possibilities to spend the time in the city, too. Well, it's springtime soon – I'll see…
But no sports. No. I absolutely don't have any interest in our local soccer club (or even the football one), and I don't watch European or world championships, neither. No olympics, too. And I lack the knowledge about club histories and all sports related things, to be able to talk about. The orange category in Trivial Pursuit is not a friend of mine…
When did that leaking river incident took place? I can't tell from your (delightful) story, may be back in history or during your lifetime…
And you're a "railfan"? In Germany those are looked upon… um… with a little suspect. Icon wink.gif (And they're usually male.) Similar to stamp fanciers. No offense intended! I myself had some rail transport models in my childhood and own a small stamp collection, inherited from my mother and gathering dust somewhere in the attic, figuratively speaking.
I will be back to your comment on my talk page later, perhaps tomorrow, and will expand on our forum, too. But now there are some other things to do. And maybe I will play a bit – after I've made some serious decisions. Icon wink.gif --CompleCCity (talk) 14:53, February 21, 2017 (UTC)
Some quick notes, and then I have to run... I'll come back for the longer stuff. (I "wasted" all my time this afternoon looking through Wikipedia entries to solve the lovely puzzle you set for me! I think I've found your hometown, although Wiki makes it look like you have only the front of a palace -- but also an abbey that you didn't think to mention. And the whole time I was making goo-goo eyes* at the gorgeous architecture all over Lower Saxony! (*There I go again! I'm sorry my English is so challenging to you. I was just telling my husband how impressive your command of my language was, while my command of yours had degraded so badly! So I make you constantly "look words up," do I? I am sorry... But, OK, I won't change! :) )
Tell me you went with Valleslin! Please! You don't want the Hero of Ferelden to be some punk kid, do you? Icon wink.gif
While I'm busy leaving emoticons, is there a list somewhere of what to use to get them? I saw your wink, but I don't know what to type for :) or :D.
I did get a BA in English & German. (The latter being why I spent a semester in Konstanz; it's the Uni my college used for semesters abroad in Germany.) I didn't get a PhD, partly because I was studying theoretical Linguistics (syntax or grammar), which is about as job-worthy as theoretical Physics (maybe less). When I discovered how hard it was to get a college or university teaching job, my interest in actually writing a dissertation leaked right out of me. Now if I had only gone into Computer Linguistics, all would have gone differently... (OK, there were a whole complex of reasons; that one's true, but the only part I'll mention here.) But oh, syntax was fun! And a wonderfully rigorous training program in sheer analysis of complex data.
Thanks for the geographical auto-biography! As for Großstadt, there IS an English word for it: city. I mean, to be a city, you've got to have at least 100,000 residents. (Although Wiki is a lot more coy about committing to a numeric threshold -- I admit, there are whole states that don't have any such urban area, and I suppose the residents still think of their bigger towns as "cities.") And according to Wiki on US Cities over 100,000, 304 US cities fit that def now -- and I learned that some places I thought of as cities apparently don't fit it anymore, as population in the Midwest shrinks and drains away to the South. Ten have at least 1,000,000, or we could go for a meaningful threshold of 200,000 (116 cities), I suppose. So it looks like what I wondered is true: yes, a city of more than 100,000 residents is a big city to you, but not that special to us. The distinctions in scale can be so odd...
Yes, the leak was during my years in Chicago (1992) -- I'll see if I can link it -- Wiki on the Chicago Flood. I'm glad you found my story delightful - but have I scared you away from using "lovely"?
So railfans are looked upon with suspicion in Germany, are we? Suspicion of what? Being terrorists? Criminals? Eco-criminals? Icon wink.gif Now, usually male... yes, that's true here, too.
I have a bit of youthful history riding passenger trains here or there, but I didn't become a fan of railroads until I met my husband. Now, he played all kinds of board-games, and I had played some. So we started playing games together, and I discovered that his (many) train-games were more fun for me than his wargames or other "knock the other guy down" games were. In most train-games, your goal is to build the best position for yourself that you can, better than what the other players build for themselves. In other words, they're still competitive -- but there's little you can do to even block another player, much less eliminate them from the game. So naturally, Debnor (his user-name) shrugged and started focusing his interests on train-games! But then I took it a step further, and wanted to experience trains from railroading's history. Especially after I found a truly lovely rail museum not far away from Chicago. And we went to Scotland the summer after we got married and had an incredible steam train ride through the Scottish highlands. Nonetheless, the hard-core railfans would consider us diletanttes, I'm afraid. <shrug>
-- Bitter Lily (talk) 23:29, February 21, 2017 (UTC)

February 27

Time to see and chat again! Smiley.gif Which is a little complicated, with so many threads spread around the wiki, two forums, several talk pages, multiple topics on them …
I'm still in my origin, and need a break for today. I think I will return to the Alistair threads, once I have him in my party, perhaps after some level-ups.
What was your trouble signing in? (I already had an idea about a possible reason …) Seems to have vanished, luckily. Did you notice my question here?
Nice, that you liked my "puzzle" – which actually wasn't intended as such, but okay. Smiley.gif (Is "nice" okay in this place?) Yes, this "palace" (front) … Was a big argument, when the plans were revealed. It's designed after the original palace here, which was destroyed during WWII. And guess what's inside? A mall. No government, no administration, no offices – just a mall. And I don't remember, they even used "The customer is king" as a slogan – what a waste…
This abbey is outside, a suburban village. I was there once or twice, but … simply didn't think about mentioning it. Of course there are many more things to see here in the city and its vicinity. Do you have a special interest in abbeys?
And believe me, outside the cities the Lower Saxon architecture is definitely not gorgeous, rather boring. Icon wink.gif Very … rural.
Don't think so much about your "challenging" language – I like it, and it surely helps to build my understanding of English. Absolutely no need for excuses! Write down, however you want to write. (And if I can't find a matching translation I will ask you anyway.)
And don't think so much about your "degraded" knowledge of the German language. If you don't have the opportunity to speak it, don't train it, what do you expect? Last summer I took some time off from wikis and boards. And though further playing games in English, I really noticed that lack of training when I came back and wanted to start writing or chatting. And all this basically is the reason for my … How do you say? "Impressive"? Wow! … For my knowledge and abilities in English – though I see them far from perfect, nor only near to "you wouldn't notice, I'm no native speaker". (Thinking about how many linguistical improvements e.g. Kelcat has done here to my edits. Or other people elsewhere…
And yes, your guess was right! "Hard to go shopping without …" I thought, that sounds so … It could have another meaning, as well. So I didn't want to say, it's "hard to go shopping". Didn't work that well, but at least you got it. Smiley.gif
(Perhaps someday I'll re-translate your semi-German comment. Though for some of the grammar you used it would be hard to keep the special effects. Icon wink.gif)
I just here try to change my use of "…". Was hard to learn the correct English usage, directly after the last letter of a word, but I now think it's much more logical to use it as in German: with a space before if it stands for an open ended sentence, missing words – and directly only, if the word itself is incomplete. Makes more sense, I think.
Not sure I understand you right here: Vallaslin is not "punk" in your eyes? Thought, a tattoo would rather count towards it …
I have currently revamped my Delorian Mahariel, some minor facial surgery, and a different color style. Will have to update the screenshot …
Oh! Wanted to react to your question about emoticons earlier, but I see you already know how to use them.
Okay, some (short?) explanation about wiki editing and how to find out such stuff … I for myself learn something new every day, despite years of experience now. If I want to have something look the same as somebody else achieved somewhere, then I simply take a look into that source code, that here in the editing window. Look and understand, or just look and copy (the first step in understanding). So you just had to take a look at what I was typing there – which you obviously have done – and then imitate me.
So, when you begin typing {{, followed by a letter/symbol, the editor usually makes a proposal, lists available pages starting this way. Emoticons often use a colon as the first symbol – not here … So how do you know which are available and which not? Or what else symbol should you type instead of a colon?
"Pages", internal links starting with two curly brackets, are so-called templates. You don't find them if you use the search bar for them, they are in a different namespace (as the forum, user pages, and more). But if you type "Template:=)" in the search bar, you find it. Open it, and at the bottom of the page you see another wiki feature, a category. Now, categories list pages that belong to a certain category (What? Really??). In this case it's the Category:Emoticons. Et voilà, there you have a (small) list. And some more icons. Be aware that these only work in this specific wiki, unless the same images are uploaded to, and the same templates are coded in another one.
By the way, something I added to your "main space forum topic", but you perhaps weren't able to read anymore because the page got deleted: Before creating a forum article with the exact same name, you simply could have moved (renamed) the original page to the proper namespace. "Rename" appears in the small pull-down menu on the "Edit" button. Select it, and you then can choose the desired namespace, which would have been "Forum:". And then it would have become a forum topic.
Um… I don't have any idea about the job-worthiness of theoretical Physics. Icon wink.gif But your field sounds interesting. I have to admit that I canceled German after the 11th grade of academic high school (really? "Gymnasium" is academic? not only HS?), but I would call me a linguistics fetishist. I love analyzing the mechanics of language, finding the perfect wording, and searching for etymological backgrounds.
I also have to admit, that I perhaps translated "degree" or "grade" the wrong way – I not only have no PhD (Doc.), I neither made it to BA or MA. Only took studies, then relinquished. Never have thought about how my life would have been with some degree.
You knew, the first lectures in informatics – at least back then, at German universities – are semantics? Icon wink.gif
Well, not have gotten through only the half of your response, but I have to end this just now, for I have to go shopping and the stores are closing soon.
Expect a continuation! --CompleCCity (talk) 19:19, February 27, 2017 (UTC)
Going on …
I didn't know that a city only qualifies as "city" with more than 100K residents. Somehow "town" didn't come to my mind. Both words translate to the German "Stadt", which is a generic term, describing a settlement that is not rural, in opposition to the "Dorf", "village". "Stadt" does not make any statement about the number of residents. For this we have a whole series of terms, for example (and translated) "small city" and "big city".
I usually don't care about these numbers (and without a look to the wiki page I even hadn't known them). The size, the importance, the atmosphere … the feelings about a city, and if I like it or not, take it serious (in terms of influential to culture), that all comes by living in the city, visiting its centers, walking through its streets. (Another such term with the same translation: "street" and "road" are both "Straße" in German.)
That wiki article was interesting, your story was delightful. Or lovely. Or both. No, you haven't scared me away, but after this much time having passed since I wrote my answer, I only can guess that I used "delightful" because of your "[…] or (in our context) 'delightful'" (opening paragraph of this section) and for some diversity.
I have to admit that I not really know about the looks, railfans are getting in Germany – I more thought of model-rail freaks. (In fact I don't believe, I'm knowing any railfan.) And for "suspect" I hadn't criminology in mind, more something like "a weird bunch". And of course I didn't want to offend anybody!
Icon wink.gif
So you're playing strategy board-games? You have any name or wiki link to give me some impression of it? I didn't know about extensive sub-genres for board-games. (And I haven't played any since years …)
Now adding some more structure to this thing, for easier navigation, and then will head on to the next section, to leave a short reply there … --CompleCCity (talk) 15:23, February 28, 2017 (UTC)

March 8

Some other answers, finally, here where I can see what you said.
I agree about the cynicism of putting a mall inside a reconstruction palace facade. I didn't give Konstanz enough credit, as it turns out -- I'm pretty sure the old building I turned at to get to the grocery store was 15th or 16th century, definitely earlier than anything we have here. I also saw something I hadn't known before: they still have their old buildings simply because the city is right on the border with Switzerland, and they fooled the US bombers into leaving them alone. And yes, I love abbeys and cathedrals.
Technically, you're not supposed to use ellipsis like they do on-line in proper English, either. <shrug> When in Rome... (You may notice that I'm ignoring your vile threat to re-translate my semi-German comment.)
You haven't updated your screenshot yet! I talked about "some punk kid" in reference to the idea that you might go without Vallaslin -- the mark of adulthood. Surely the Hero of Ferelden should be all grown up! I may, however, be out-dated in my usage of the term. In my generation, a "punk kid" was a kid with an obnoxious attitude; these days, it's apparently high praise. So if you want to look punk, by all means wear Vallaslin as a sign that you're a Dalish elf out to make trouble for the authorities. I started playing my elfin archer, but as you can see on the forum, all did not go smoothly. I'm probably going to have to start over... again... and the next one may come out looking somewhat different. But I did get a reasonably good portrait; so the next step is to read the link you gave me so I can figure out how to post it.
In the US, we only have high school. Well, I guess you also might go to a prep school, which is an elite private high school, if your parents are wealthy. And there's the distinction between public (tax-funded) high schools and parochial (private, religious) high schools, but that applies to elementary & junior high schools as well. And now, because of the break-down of our education system, there's other descriptive words, too, in a given city. But nothing nation-wide that I know of. In general, you can be a jock and go to school on your way to a factory job, or you can be college-prep, and both take some of the same courses. The difference is that the college-prep kid will take foreign language, extra math & science, and so on as electives, because that's what they need to get into college, while the jock (if not trying for a sports scholarship) may just take lots of study halls to fill the day. This picture is complicated by the fact that each town or city supports its own school system as it pleases, with some state oversight. So parents want to buy a house in a suburb with a good school system, and then they shrug their shoulders at the plight of kids stranded in the big city schools.
Computer linguistics was hot when I was in graduate school. I spurned it. Great life-choice, that. Sad2.gif (I used your gift emoticon!)
I was joking in my response to calling railfans "suspect," I hope you know. To check out some of the board games we play, look at Mayfair Games. You'll find that most of the best ones are German! Big smiley.gif
-- Bitter Lily (talk) 21:40, March 8, 2017 (UTC)

March 9/09

Preliminary note: I like consistency. So, do we stay with or without a leading zero for one-figure dates? Perhaps you change those to your liking?
I didn't know that story about Konstanz (notice the difference of appearance and code of our two links to the same page?) neither. Well, the people of Baden-Württemberg are known to be smart …
I agree that cathedrals have a special atmosphere and a certain beauty. The building itself creates some awe, which might be the architecture's purpose. I don't have visited many abbeys, though.
I unfortunately don't see you "joking" with that "vile threat", so please accept my many apologies, concerning the topic. I won't mention it anymore, and I will take it back from the archive, just to make you sure, I wasn't "hiding" it there for some reason … (Though I'll wait with this until you perhaps, perhaps rectify my point of view … *innocent look*)
I know that I haven't updated the screenshot … don't stress me! Icon wink.gif
Okay, that was a misunderstanding, then. You used the term "punk (kid)" to distinguish a grown-up Dalish from the teen, I took it as a matter of style.
Coincidentally you made a good point in carrying general punk attitudes over to the Dalish people, the adults, by saying my elf would be "out to make trouble for the authorities". Well, they are not really making "trouble" for the "authorities", but they indeed have some kind of punk attitude against the dominating humans. (Perhaps you understand my understanding, regarding this, when I have updated my char's page some day …)
I don't think, there's generally "high praise" for punk kids – I believe, that's in the eye of the beholder. I (proudly) assign some punk feats to myself, though I wouldn't be/have been accepted as such by their community. (Same for Goths.)
I'll yet have to take a look at those forums, to learn something about your new Sarkany. By now I only know how she looks. Not too confident, not too happy (that may depend on the current situation by the time you took the screenshot), but conscious of her wantings.
Oh, education system … As it's now 30 years I left school, and since I don't have children, I'm not really up to date about its developments in Germany, sadly.
There are many combined schools nowadays, but the inner mechanics from the former separate schools remain. We had three "levels" of schools for grades from 5 and up.
  • The "Hauptschule" had only basic education, you left at grade 9, and the only thing you could do with that was learning some trade.
  • The "Realschule" (old: "Mittelschule") had English education in addition and put more focus on maths and such. You left at grade 10, and it was necessary to learn other professions than craft.
  • You could leave the "Gymnasium" (old: "Oberschule") at grade 10, too, and still had a higher education than those from the "Realschule". I think this has changed now with the "integrated schools". At grade 7 you had to take a second language (mine was French), and you could chose a third or fourth one later (Latin for me at grade 9). To get access to a college, you need to make it to grade 12 or 13 (depends on state; until some years ago it was always 13). Of course you haven't to visit a college, but, as far as I know, there's no non-academic job training that demands these grades.
What was your (main, or last) job?
Yes, was surprised to be immediately confronted with German on that page.
Regarding me and board games: I think, I'm not this specialized there, playing more mainstream games, if at all. Though usually I try to not be mainstream. Icon wink.gif
Okay. Leaving you a bunch of new replies, today. Sorry for the delay. Well, there's one more by you further below, so that's next … --CompleCCity (talk) 18:36, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

NMM et al.

February 24

Though I wanted to reply to other topics first, this seems urgent…
It appears to me you and your husband are using the same user account (on a Windows PC) and are playing the game, with possibly the same EA account as well, through Nexus Mod Manager.
NMM has a profile feature. (Haven't installed it right now, so I can only tell from memory.) It's on the top menu, one of the icons there. So what you could do would be, giving the current profile a name, your husband's for example, then create a new profile with your name. This at first will be a 1:1 copy of the source profile, but here you can (de-)activate mods without them being (de-)activated on the other profile.
It's a little more complicated for mods with empty folders. If you install a mod that's already there, but with a mysteriously empty folder, you would have to give it another name – by installing it manually, from a folder/download. Meaning, you don't chose the "Download with manager" option on the mod's page, instead "download manually" and save it to a certain directory. In NMM chose the "Install from folder" (or alike) option, move to the download directory and chose the file, then in NMM give it another name than the default one, when installing, so that it doesn't overwrite the old version of this mod, the one with an empty folder. Do this for all mods that seem to be corrupted.
Only thing you have to keep in mind afterwards is, you both always need to switch to your personal NMM profile before launching your game.
Sounds too complicated? I'm open for questions about it, and I've done some years of computer support, so I might be able to help you with this. Smiley.gif --CompleCCity (talk) 06:56, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

Thank you for your concern, City. <giggle> OK, CompleCCity. Yes, my husband & I share the same email address, which means we have to share the same account on a lot of sites, including EA. (And yes, the phone company will give us subsidiary email addresses for free, but it is more convenient for us to share one email address that we can REMEMBER and actually check for mail... every so often...) So I just don't want to fuss with NMM. Surely, I can simply uninstall the mysteriously purloined* mods, delete the folders, and install the mods afresh so much more easily. (*Now I'm trying hard -- "purloined" is an old word for "stolen" that we learn in high school and never, ever use. Smiley.gif ) But I want to wait till after my husband is done with his game, just to be safe.
And I'll have to start my game over, anyway. As an example, one of the mods I'm missing is the one that makes your Warden's keepsake worth keeping and wearing; I noticed in the notes that you have to activate the mod before the Joining. Since I've only gotten as far as finishing Ostagar, it's not heart-breaking to start over. And it would be far more annoying to play the entire game through gnashing my teeth over a mere +2 Con! Or to abandon Daveth, and wear something else. (I do recommend playing a game where your PC joins the Wardens wholeheartedly. It makes that Joining cutscene so poignant and meaningful.)
Hmmm, when I do start over, I'll have to learn to try for screen-shots for my profile! (Talk about needing computer support...) So again, Auf Wiedersehen! (Sort of; see your Talk page...) -- Bitter Lily (talk) 15:05, February 24, 2017 (UTC)

February 28

If "CompleCCity" (or "compleCCity", which I prefer, but isn't possible without cheating) is too long for you to use, you could abbreviate me as "cCC". Icon wink.gif
Believe me or not, but "purloin" was not unknown to me. ("To"? Or "by"? Or completely different?) Though I'd have had to look after its translation …
Your life would be much easier with that AddItem mod and the GFF-Editor, but I respect your careful use of a mod manager and trying not to interfere with your husband's savegames.
I don't understand your "to abandon Daveth, and wear something else". Is there a way to not "abandon" him? He's damned by default … No, don't know what you mean here.
You don't really need computer support or special knowledge to make screenshots. The game automatically makes story and achievements screenshots, if not disabled in the settings, and stores them in your user BioWare folder, under \Users\USERNAME\Documents\BioWare\Dragon Age\Screenshots. There also go the user screenshots you can make by pressing the Print key (by default).
You're allowed to upload up to 10 user images, see the user page images guideline for more information. I recommend to name them in a similar manner as I did, though that isn't part of the guideline.
And for implementing them on your user page, you simply can copy my syntax or take a look into the following pages:
Or ask me … Smiley.gif --CompleCCity (talk) 15:59, February 28, 2017 (UTC)
Hi, cCC! Ahem; what you said should be:
'Believe it or not, but "purloin" was not unknown to me... Though I'd have had to look up its translation.' English is soooo hard to learn! (And yes, you had the "to" correctly.)
Did your education include classic English-language short stories?
I don't remember Alistair's exact words when he gives the Warden's Oath amulet to you, but he tells you that it holds some of the blood potion you drank, and that wardens wear them to remember those who died in their Joining. Daveth, in other words. (Jory is a separate case.)
I'll try for screen shots! I've got that separate thread started -- and I'd love to hear about your new PC!
-- Bitter Lily (talk) 18:33, February 28, 2017 (UTC)

March 01

Gah! Always forget that "look up", no matter how many times I looked after it. Icon wink.gif
Is "believe me or not" plain wrong? Or just an unusual wording?
You know how many years have passed since my "education"? Icon wink.gif I know that I have not read e.g. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye, which apparently all other people did. But I don't remember what I have read … Examples?
Thanks for the Daveth-thing explanation.
Hear about my "new" PC? (I prefer Warden.) When it's time for him …
You noticed the other reply and the continuation as well? --CompleCCity (talk) 11:18, March 1, 2017 (UTC)
Last point first: Oh, I noticed. Apparently, Bitterlily was my old user ID. Ack! See my first explanation and a fuller one. Can I safely just abandon the old user name? How do I get an administrator to switch my recent comments under that name to my current user ID? And can I log into two systems at the same time with one ID? (And thanks for the catch!)
All right, all right. I'll be patient, and wait to hear about the new Warden. Patience is one of my key virtues, you know. Right up there with terseness. LOL! Do you at least have a name to give me, along with the pics?
Edgar Allen Poe's story The Purloined Letter is where just about every American high school student encounters the word "purloin" -- and probably the only such place, at that. I don't know if the Brits use it more, or not. Funny: I'd say the same thing about all American high school students reading Catcher in the Rye, too, except that I skipped it! Along with Fahrenheit 451. Life can be odd...
In any case, I may have forgotten key details about Poe's story, but I remember the word "purloin." And we can compete, if you like, on the number of years we've spent since completing our education! Smiley.gif
-- Bitter Lily (talk) 19:38, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

Purloining the topic, I believe

You can say "believe it or not" or "believe me," but how to explain the difference? And then there's the competitor phrases like "believe you me" and "I believe..."

  • "Believe it or not, I learned 'purloin' in school."
    • According to the Collins Dictionary, "believe it or not" is used to emphasize that a statement is surprising.
  • "Believe me, English is hard to learn; I still want to 'look after' words."
  • "Believe you me, as a non-native speaker, you may find you use the wrong prepositions here or there your whole life."
    • According to the Collins Dictionary, "believe you me" is used to emphasize that what you are saying is true. But according to a dictionary I don't have as much trust in, the Free Dictionary, it means "You'd better take my word for it!" This actually seems more apt.
  • "I believe the word 'purloin' comes from Sherlock Holmes." (I almost wrote this sentence above, believe it or not. My education has gotten misty in my recollections too, believe me!)
    • According to Collins, "believe" can mean you think a statement is true, but you are not sure. I use it a lot to hedge things I say on-line. "You can argue with the validity of what I say all you like, but it's indisputably what I think is true." (As it turns out, my claimed-to-be-hazy memory on the classic use of "purloin" was indeed faulty, so I'm glad I checked Wikipedia before I wrote my comment to you above! Poe is a great author. Believe you me, checking Wikipedia before you post comments on-line can save you a ton of rebuttals!)
  • [added] "I do believe you can pull off purloining that letter, after all!"
    • I had trouble finding this, but MacMillan Dictionary says that "I do believe" is used when you realize that something that surprises you is true. IMHO, this is more apt than the Free Dictionary's definition of "a way of affirming or reaffirming one's opinion."

I hope this helps! I'm offering it in the spirit of a fun digression into the bowels of the English language, not in any sort of criticism of your struggles with it. (And generally impressive mastery!) -- Bitter Lily (talk) 19:38, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

Lovely! Simply lovely! Smiley.gif This is mastery, not my blabla …
Coming back later, first some other responses. --CompleCCity (talk) 21:50, March 1, 2017 (UTC)
No, despite of what I wrote earlier, I have to make a stopover here – wanted to elaborate on this, and adding comments about the above topic in the process.
Lovely! Not "simply" lovely – "absolutely" lovely! This has to be the most pleasant English lesson I ever had. Anybody ever had. (I just asked above, but say, were you a teacher?)
Please! Don't ever move this to a future archive section, so that I always will find it when I'm in need of these explanations (and the pleasure).
Your help is appreciated, and as exactly this: help. I don't see it as criticism, and I do even ask for it at times. And I say "many thanks!" Finally somebody who not just simply takes my mistakes and ignores them, while answering the facts – finally somebody who gives some feedback. Smiley.gif
As I don't know the original English titles for most of Poe's and Doyle's stories, I doubt I would have noticed.
There's a large complete and commented edition of all Holmes novels and stories, which I've taken an eye on – maybe someday I switch to read English literature, as well. For now it's only the games, I play un-translated. (You might have noticed the other wikis at the top of my user profile: the (German) Sherlock Holmes wiki is one of them, though with far less edits than here.)
And the complete works of Poe are also an item on my wish list.
You know what I like really much when it comes to English wording/language? Shakespeare! That's one I indeed need an English edition from. Though the translators for German have done a good job, too. Sounds really impressive.
During 7th and 8th grade we had a teacher for German, who always used the last lesson before vacation to tell a story. (Who else tells stories, these days?) I always found that really delightful (though there were other pupils with a different point of view).
That was my first ever contact with E. A. Poe – The Pit and the Pendulum. (This external link format only works with Wikipedia.) Pretty horrifying, at this age. And that teacher really was a good story-teller, capable of creating atmosphere, suspense, all that.
So, the most important Poe stories – a small omnibus – I read at the age of 14 or 15. And I love him. (And also all the mystery about his character.)
I think, I could write here even more, but I – again – have to take off for a short shopping, before stores close. But I definitely will read your last addition here, when I'm back. --CompleCCity (talk) 19:18, March 9, 2017 (UTC)

Wiki guidelines, editing, user accounts, and such

I'll answer your questions and concerns here, centrally, and will only link to here on the other pages. Less chaos, and easy to find, unless you forget again your username. Icon wink.gif

I think we all can be certain that you did not use two different user accounts, and one or more IPs in addition, to "deceive or mislead other editors, disrupt discussions, distort consensus, avoid sanctions, or otherwise violate community standards and policies". It just happened due to a combination of technological problems and remembering a long forgotten name. And I also think that we can all suppose, you're not the only person on Wikia who didn't remember the old account after years of inactivity, and created a new one.
So – no worries. No one will you block for this, I think that I can be sure about. Smiley.gif You're not guilty, you have committed no crime.

I know you don't like multiple usernames/passwords, but what about making this your account alone, and leave Clansb to your husband? Besides having to log in/out each time, when you switch in contributing to the wiki here, nobody would ever think, "wait, last time I read of her she definitely sounded female, but what's that here now?" Oh, stupid me, forgot your husband's female traits, dumb example. Icon wink.gif No, it really would make sense to use different accounts.

I don't know if it's possible to assign another user to edits made. And this wouldn't be something for an admin – needed, if at all, a bureaucrat. Loleil already helped you out, once. (And didn't you want to thank her on her own page, anyway?) I mostly contact Kelcat if I need such help, and then there's Tierrie, of whom I only know the name. Here's a list. Possibly the accounts can be merged, but I don't see a serious reason to do this. Surely you can "abandon" the old account. (Or do as proposed above.)
But in general the user ID/IP is fixed in a page's history. I think it's okay to add manually your signature if your editing logged out, but I haven't looked if there's something in the guidelines about this topic. Or to change your first account's signature so that it appears as your second one, if that's your preferred contact. And it won't happen again, I think.

Yes, it is possible to use the same credentials on two different devices, even at the same time. In case you're saving an edit from two devices in a span of seconds, a warning might appear and the second save would have to be confirmed. But nothing worse, I believe.
It's even possible to use two different credentials on one device. You could log in on Internet Explorer as Bitter Lily and simultaneously on Firefox as Clansb. And a third time editing with Chrome anonymously. (The latter you shouldn't do. Icon wink.gif)

Clansb was the first, "joining this wiki 2014-01-28". Bitter Lily registered "2017-02-09". It's all on your user pages, top.
But, if a similar situation will ever happen again, try to remember if your name's spelled in one or two words. (A hint: two! Icon wink.gif) And "Clansb" is definitely different from either, "Bitterlily" and "Bitter Lily".
Bitterlily doesn't have an account on this wiki, but she will surely be a Wikia member, if the name was unavailable. (Debnor neither. Is that his Wikia username, but he never logged in here? Then forget what I told above.) So try to use the two words version in the case you have to sign manually.

So, have I covered all? Think so … If not, ask.

Another thing. Here, too, I'm not sure if it's handled in this wiki's guidelines, but it usually isn't looked well upon when an editor makes several consecutive changes/edits to the same page – such as you most times do.

  • 18:34:32 User talk:Clansb‎‎ (5 changes | hist) . . (+874)‎ . . [Bitter Lily‎ (5×)]
  • 18:48:13 Forum:How to respec Alastair‎‎ (7 changes | hist) . . (+761)‎ . . [Bitter Lily‎ (7×)]
  • 21:28:17 User talk:Bitter Lily‎‎ (9 changes | hist) . . (+5,202)‎ . . [CompleCCity‎; Bitter Lily‎ (8×)]

The edit count is a somehow important number for a user account, and people might interprete this as farming.

Did you ever notice the preview feature in the upper right corner of the editing mask? It's there for a reason, you know? Icon wink.gif For example to avoid editing again to fix a typo … and again, because you forgot a word … and another time for some formatting. Icon wink.gif So, best try to use it for future edits: edit summary, mark all, copy all, then preview. If it's okay, then save at the bottom, if you have to make corrections, cancel and make your edits. Then again preview. It nevertheless sometimes happen that a second edit is necessary or useful, but it overall would be an improvement.
By the way, you've learned your first magic word today: __TOC__ Smiley.gif
With {{TOC left}} (default) and {{TOC right}} you as well could apply it to the right side of a page, as I did on your original forum post.

Okay, again, from my point of view you've done nothing seriously wrong. You don't have to feel guilty or be concerned in any way. It's a very friendly wiki here (believe me (hah!) – there are others), and I can't imagine some admin would be behind you now. (Personally I wouldn't, but I'm no admin here.) No worries! Smiley.gif Just try to stay with one name. I'll read from you … --CompleCCity (talk) 23:08, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

Forgot: […] or feel "busted" […] Icon wink.gif --CompleCCity (talk) 23:13, March 1, 2017 (UTC)

In case it's necessary, I'd like to point out the March 8 section above as also a new answer to your posts.
Thank you for all your tips! They're uniformly helpful. It would be even more helpful, believe me, if there were a simple Guide to Editing Forum Articles that covered some of these basics for newbies like me. Looking at a looooonnnngggg list of guidelines is just too daunting, I'm afraid, even though I'm sure everything you've told me is there somewhere. I do want to address that blighted Preview feature. I certainly did notice it, but it was grayed out! Clicking on it did nothing. Sad2.gif After you gave me the hint that there was a way to turn it on, I stumbled around and eventually found "My Preferences," which gave me a further hint that changing the interface might help. I now have a different interface to learn, but the Preview button is properly enabled.
How would you like to collect all the tips you've given me on all of these different pages and make one editing guide out of them? Tonguesmiley.gif -- Bitter Lily (talk) 21:53, March 8, 2017 (UTC)

A small reminder

The page title has to begin with User:Bitter Lily/
The slash behind the regular address of your user page will make it a subpage of it. (You could then add a link to it on your profile for easy finding.) Wiki contributors aren't allowed to edit pages inside a user's namespace. (There are small exceptions from this, like updating links.) Also it won't be added to whatever categories. It's your "own" page this way, your "sandbox". --CompleCCity (talk) 17:00, March 3, 2017 (UTC)

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