Another wrongful ban by the same mod! Edit

So here we go, Isolationistmagi abuses her moderating powers, and again it is against me. This marks the second time this has happened. As she is a repeat offender who has now demonstrated obvious prejudice against me personally, I am now requesting that this matter be reviewed by the admins and that Iso have her moderator privileges revoked. Below is a record of the chat, which proves Iso singled me out and banned me for no reason other than her own bigotry against me.

I have emphasized specific points of interest in bold.

5:56Margerard:I can see still in my window what you just denied
5:56Believe it!:what limits Iso?
5:56Isolationistmagi:Not every mind is capable of imagining the same possibilities. 
5:57Dracowrath:you know what must have seemed like a really weird idea at the time?
5:57Isolationistmagi:If I asked everyone here to come up with a list of every
possible use of a paper clip, almost no one would have the same number of answers. 
5:57Dracowrath:that silly story of a midget going on an adventure with a group of
slightly larger midgets
:and some old magician
:surely such a story would only be told to children
:oh wait....
5:57Believe it!:F5
~ Welcome to the Hanged Man ~
:and Miss
5:58Phishrir:You sunk my battleship!
5:58Margerard:F5 is when he refreshes
5:58Margerard:and lol
5:58Isolationistmagi:Oh, and B
5:59Believe it!:that doesn't indicate a limit Iso
:just different thought processes
5:59Isolationistmagi:That's exactly my point. 
5:59Believe it!:your point is you agree with me?
5:59Isolationistmagi:Because to me how you think determines what you are
capable of thinking of.
5:59Dracowrath:weird people have different thought processes which leads
to newer things
5:59Dracowrath:newer ideas and concepts
6:00Believe it!: 
6:00Isolationistmagi:Actually B, you just agreed with us 
:So we win. 
:Moving on!

Here, Iso does what she wrongly accuses me of later on, "handwaving".

6:00Dracowrath:and with that
:I go back to my book
6:00Isolationistmagi:Oh, and this is what Marge was talking about
earlier B: 3:54 Believe it!:bull crap

Iso is quoting me here. Drac posed a hypothesis, which I disagreed with. I explain this clearly to Iso following this. Drac took no offense to anything I wrote.

:Dracowrath:weirdness allows one to branch out from the normal, and bring back
something amazing
6:01Believe it!:I wasn't calling his opinion bull crap tho
6:01Margerard:wasn't even the first time but I don't have the earlier logs to prove
that, so I must've been hallucinating 
6:01Isolationistmagi:So the purpose of the Bull crap comment was what? 
:Spam for the sake of spam or something? 
6:01Believe it!:to disagree with it
6:01Isolationistmagi:By calling it Bull crap
6:02Isolationistmagi:It's pretty cut and dry to me Believe. 
6:02Believe it!:good. you finally see the light.
6:02Margerard:could you cut on that attitude just a bit at least?
6:02Believe it!:what attitude?
6:02Phishrir:Or learn how to debate...

This is the first of condescending comments by Phishrir that Iso doesn't bother to take issue with.

6:02Isolationistmagi:Ah, so I say you disagreed with him by calling his opinion
Bull Crap I see the light? 
:Thank you for the admission.

Here, Iso is projecting her own interpretation on to my post, and it is clear that she was doing this on purpose.

6:03Margerard:"good. you finally see the light." however should this be taken?
6:03Isolationistmagi:Now I'll ask you to refrain from doing it again.

Marge asks how the comment should be taken, which is what a reasonable moderator does. I explain how it should be taken a moment later. Iso demands that I refrain from saying "bull crap" again. This demand is unreasonable, given my explanation, however I do not violate the demand regardless.

6:03Believe it!:I know how to debate, and win.
6:03Phishrir:All evidence to the contrary.

Second condescending comment ignored by Iso.

6:04Believe it!:your proof?
6:04Margerard:confidence is good, overconfidence is not necessarily
6:04Believe it!:you should take it as "now you understand my point".

Here I explain how "you finally see the light" should be taken.

6:04Margerard:nobody understands your point XD
6:04Isolationistmagi:I'm taking it as an admission- because that's what it is.

And here Iso clearly disregards my own words ABOUT my own words and instead applies her own meaning to my own words. This clearly proves that Iso is biased and is not fit to be a moderator.

6:04Phishrir:The very fact that you "disagree" with someone by referring to
what they say is "bullcrap"
6:05Isolationistmagi:And unless someone here disagrees with me other than you,
it shall remain as such- and I am not going to debate it further and the warning
will stand.

This too proves bias. She is saying that what I say about my own words is not a valid opinion, but rather what OTHER people say about my own words is valid. It's also no coincidence that there was no one else in the chat who would have disagreed with her at that time.

6:05Believe it!:debate what further?
6:07Isolationistmagi:Whether or not you were calling Draco's opinion bull crap. 
6:07Believe it!:yeah, I wasn't, as you admitted.

Here I am referring to this earlier post:

6:01Believe it!:to disagree with it 6:01Margerard:aha 6:01Isolationistmagi:By calling it Bull crap

I read this as her agreeing with my explanation. I guess she meant something other than what she wrote. In any case, I clearly explain that I was not calling Drac's opinion bull crap. Drac stated a possibility regarding the conversation we were having, and I disagreed with that possibility and then stated my reasons for disagreeing with it. Regardless of who misunderstood whom, Iso should have accepted this explanation, as Marge did.

6:08Isolationistmagi:You admitted you were, but as I said the warning stands. 
6:08Believe it!:I wrote no such thing.

Again, as Iso stated previously, this is just how she is choosing to take the comment. It is not what I actually wrote. I reiterate that I did not admit to what she was accusing me of.

6:08Isolationistmagi:And while we are on the subject, I am going to put this
very plainly and very quickly. 
6:08Believe it!:I wrote that I didn't call his opinion bull crap.
6:08Margerard:would you not deny what just obviously happened?
:that'd make it less outrageous, I believe 
6:09Isolationistmagi:You are not seen as a constructive member of the chat, 
and are in fact widely regarded as a person who contributes negatively and
dampens the experience of everyone here. Either find a way to correct this
or do us all the favor of leaving.

This is where Iso changes the subject completely and accuses me of being some kind of nuisance to the whole community. No proof is offered, only her own opinion.

6:10Believe it!:You're singling me out because of my differing opinion.
6:10Isolationistmagi:If you are incapable of either, I shall gladly assist you. 
6:10Believe it!:Please don't make threats.

Here is where Iso makes a threat against me based on a false claim; a claim if true would NOT be grounds for a ban anyway. As it is not a requirement of the chat to impress others, nor to be considered "positive" by other members, nor to somehow prevent others from being "annoyed", Iso's basis for this threat is completely unfounded in any of the Wikia rules or guidelines. She created her own standard for chat access and applied it only to me, and not to someone like Phishrir who made condescending comments to me within this same discussion. This proves that she is prejudice against me.

6:10Margerard:so is everyone singling you out?
6:10Isolationistmagi:I am singling you out because
you are not a constructive members. 
:And do not mistake what this is B, it is a promise, not a threat.

Here, Iso admits to her own prejudice. She writes that she did single me out as an unconstructive member because I'm an unconstructive member. I disprove this circular logic later on, though such proof should not be required. The chat is free to all regardless of their contributions, and Iso has not addressed anyone who actually has posted unconstructive comments, such as Phishrir.

6:11Phishrir:It's not what your opinion is, it's how you express it. That's all.
6:11Believe it!:"everyone" according to one person.
6:11Margerard:Phishrir got it right.
6:11Isolationistmagi:Would everyone present who finds Believe a negative
contributor please say so now? 
6:11Believe it!:and how do I express my opinion?
6:11Phishrir:No, according to quite a few.
6:11Margerard:Believe, just because one person tells you something this plainly
because she has the authority to do so
6:11Phishrir:Aye, Iso.
6:11Margerard:doesn't mean that this isn't the thought of most people here
6:11Dracowrath:I believe so, yes
:among other things I could say which I won't
6:12Believe it!:If that were true then why do most people chat with me
for hours on end?
6:12Isolationistmagi:So I'll say this one last time Believe, find a way
to get along if you wish to stay.

What Iso suggests is mob rule. It is not up to other members of the chat to determine if another member is positive or negative, and it is not up to the singled out member to appease the mob. This is especially true when the other members dislike the one for his or her opinion.

6:13Margerard:you mistake pleasant chats with heated arguments where
everyone is pulling their hair out

On a side note, I would like to point out that everyone cherishes my opinion whenever we agree on something. Never any complaints about "the way" I express my opinion then. And that's because people know I'm a great ally in a debate. Also, there have been no complaints about how I express my opinion at all except for when Iso took issue with it. Drac did not take issue with it, and he's the one I replied to. Again, this is just a false claim made by Iso. Phishrir and Drac only agreed with her after she stirred them up against me. Proof of this is in the fact that other members of the chat regularly ask me for my opinion and discuss various issues with me. If I were such a negative non-contributor then why do others solicit my opinion so often?

6:13Believe it!:And "getting along" is defined by everyone else, is that correct?
6:14Margerard:would you like to include all the existing wiki members in
that "everyone"?
6:14Isolationistmagi:Getting along is defined by how people are impacted
by your contributions here. 

Here, Iso admits that getting along is defined by others. That means I have no control over the standard with which I am held against, as I do not control the opinions of other people. If others dislike me because of my opinion, as I suggested earlier, then those others can simply accuse me of being "negative" and I'll be banned based on their claims. The Wikia rules and guidelines do not support Iso's standard.

6:15Isolationistmagi:And I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the
vast majority find them negative, three have said so explicitly just in
the past ten minutes and I know plenty of others who will be perfectly
willing to voice their opinions on the issue. 
6:15Believe it!:Therefore, by that rationale, if I am polite (as usual)
and people simply don't like my opinion, they can say I am negative
anyway and you will side with them. Is that correct?
6:15Isolationistmagi:As has been established B, your opinion is not the issue. 
:It is the way you present it.

Iso does not answer the question. She just assumes members won't be against me based on my opinion.

6:16Phishrir:No, because most people in this chat will be more respectful about
disagreeing with someone.
6:16Believe it!:Again, what way is that?
:I received no answer last time.
6:16Margerard:politely so or not, you still manage to annoy people to no end.

Marge admits I am polite. But wasn't the point about HOW I express my opinion?

6:16Believe it!:with politness?
6:16Margerard:in your own, weird way, I think. 
:politeness is not a factor here

... So being polite is not a factor in how I express myself. Well then doesn't that leave only one thing, that being my opinion itself?

6:16Isolationistmagi:Exceedingly arrogant and handwaving everything that contradicts
what you think. 
6:17Believe it!:I don't hadwave anything,
I respond to it with a thoughtful opinion.
6:17Margerard:like bull crap.
6:17Isolationistmagi:You just did it again. 
6:17Phishrir:Really? I mean....really?
6:17Believe it!:people ask me questions and I answer them.
6:17Margerard:oh dear
6:17Believe it!:that's all I do.
:did what again?
6:18Believe it!:okay, and what is a handwave?
:I understand it as simply dismissing someone or ignoring something.
6:19Phishrir:David Gaider's signature move.
6:19Isolationistmagi:Yes, which is exactly what you just did. 
6:19Believe it!:No, I disagreed and said why I disagree.

Here Iso changes the issue again and says that handwaving isn't allowed. I explain why what I do is not handwaving, and yet Iso considers me defending myself to be handwaving. Also, what rule says someone can't ignore someone else? Even if that were true about me, how is that a bannable offense?

6:19Isolationistmagi:Now I suggest you phrase your responses very carefully,
as I have given all the warnings I am willing to. 

Another threat, and this also shows that the ban is based on how I reply. Iso is using her moderator powers to change my opinion. This is a gross abuse of the moderator privileges. Also, Iso has shifted the warning from "don't say bull crap" to "don't annoy others" to "don't handwave".

6:20Believe it!:As for contributions
:didn't I create something for you?
:for this chat?
6:20Phishrir:So you think that outweighs your negative influence?

This is exactly the problem I brought up before. Phishrir can disregard my contributions and focus only on what he doesn't like. This opinion could then be used against me. This is why a member's access to the chat should not be based on the opinions of other members.

6:20Isolationistmagi:Pardon my browser difficulties. 
6:20Believe it!:I seem to remember I made something you requested.
:even though I personally disagreed with it.
6:21Margerard:I did not request, you offered it on your own -
one action won't make up for the rest, though

Again, this proves I cannot win under Iso's standard. The undeniable good I do is disregarded and only the perceived negatives are considered, which are also determined by the other members, which again I have no control over.

6:21Isolationistmagi:At any rate, you said you didn't handwave things and gave
thoughtful opinions. 
6:21Believe it!:the rest of what?
:that's my point
6:21Margerard:and please don't try to make me feel compassion or anything similar to
that with a one-time event
6:21Believe it!:I have been one of the best contributers on here
:people dislike me for my opinion.
:anyway, I have to go.
6:22Isolationistmagi:Almost everyone here thinks differently. 
6:22Believe it!:bye all
6:22Phishrir:Run when you lose

Third condescending remark by Phishrir.

6:22Isolationistmagi:And you're handwaving again. 
:Last warning was given, so see you in a few days. 
~ You have been banned by Isolationistmagi. ~

First, handwaving is not a bannable offense. Second, I didn't handwave. Third, apparently having to leave the chat is handwaving and a bannable offense now. Fourth, Iso's warnings covered three different issues, none of which are found in the chat rules and guidelines. So her one "warning" about handwaving was her only one, and it is one I did not violate.

So I broke no rules, and remained polite the whole time, yet I was still banned.

This is all proof that Iso abused her authority, singled me out specifically, ignored a user who truly was rude and condescending, and applied her own subjective standards only to me just so she could ban me even when I did not violate any of her made up standards.

Last time she did this I demanded she get a mere warning. This recent attack against me proves that she is a repeat offender who violates the rules of the Wikia and cannot use the moderator privileges responsibly. I demand that she be reprimanded and have her moderator privileges revoked for at least a few years and until she proves that she can be trusted with such power. Believe it! (talk) 16:45, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

Your appeal is under review. -- tierrie talk contr 20:36, August 2, 2013 (UTC)
Believe_it!, I've been provided a complete unedited log by Margerard of the conversation yesterday. Your posts above is heavily edited and omits a lot of the conversation that leads up to your ban. For example, you omitted
  1. The dismissive behavior you have towards Dracowrath and Isolationistmagi's opinion
  2. Which led to an argument between you and Dracowrath. This is where Isolationistmagi suggests that you take your disagreement to PM.
  3. This directly leads to the part where you dimiss Dracowrath's opinion as bull crap
  4. At this point Margerard again asks you to cut the slack on the attitude towards others. You retort that you don't have an attitude.
  5. You deny that you are giving anyone attitude.
  6. Isolationistmagi warns you to be more constructive in chat. You retort by telling her not to make threats.
  7. Phishrir correct points out that it is not your opinion that people are having problems with, but rather the way you express them.
  8. You attempt to pull favors with Margerard by pointing out past favors you've done for her.
The log I read differs vastly from the one you provided above. I am disappointed that you provided an edited, nuanced version of events instead of providing the original logs.
Based on the unedited logs, it appears that everyone present in that conversation, Isolationistmagi, Phishrir, Margerard and Dracowrath found your dismissive attitude abrasive. Plus, your insistence of your righteousness in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary seems to indicate that you do not comprehend the reason behind the frustration with your behavior.
In light of all that I am upholding Isolationistmagi's ban. In the future, please provide unedited logs. -- tierrie talk contr 21:07, August 2, 2013 (UTC)
@Believe it!, Isolationistmagi did not say your logs were edited. I did. Your logs is missing comments from other participants which were crucial in understanding the context of your exchange with Isolationistmagi. Your logs (as posted above) appears to be a disagreement between you and Isolationistmagi. In fact, based on the complete logs provided by Margerard, Isolationistmagi is trying to ask you to be less abrasive to others and was not the instigator of the entire incident. -- tierrie talk contr 21:17, August 2, 2013 (UTC)
You do not need to respond to the bullet points above as they will not be read. Your appeal has been taken into consideration and the ban is upheld. I strongly recommend you let it expire and consider what everyone has been trying to tell you. You may try to get a majority of the other admins to agree with your point of view including Loleil and D-day. However, if you go down that road and your ban is upheld again, we may extend your ban until you understand why your stubbornness has a negative impact on this wiki. -- tierrie talk contr 21:50, August 2, 2013 (UTC)

I would like to reply to the above concerns here as well for anyone reading this page. Please also note that the chat log I posted is 100% true. None of the content was omitted or altered. The log extends as far back as my last refresh of the chat page, which caught the tail end of the discussion and the beginning of the conflict that Iso started. The refresh was made BEFORE the conflict began, and the chat log clearly proves that a refresh took place, as Marge confirms. Please also note that the "bull crap" quote was restated within the chat log, as it was copy/pasted later on at 6:00. Hence, nothing was omitted.

  1. My behavior was not dismissive. I disagreed with Drac's suggestion and stated why I disagreed. That is not a dismissal, that is a retort.
  2. That was not an argument. That was a discussion. It was no different from the numerous discussions that take place between the various members of the chat on a daily basis. Again, Drac raised no objections to having this discussion.
  3. As I stated at the time and on this talk page, I did not dismiss Drac's opinion as bull crap. I said the suggested hypothesis was bull crap and said why I disagreed with it. Drac's opinion on the other hand was fully considered and responded to.
  4. How is attitude determined across the Internet? Her concern was that I had an attitude. I did not actually have an attitude. My post was made to alleviate her concern. How is this wrong?
  5. Yes, I denied that I was giving anyone an attitude. Is it wrong to deny a charge that has been mistakingly applied to me?
  6. Correction. She did not tell me to be more constructive. She told me that others do not find me to be a constructive member of the chat and that I must find a way to correct the opinions within these nameless members or else leave, and if I cannot do either one then she will gladly assist me. This is far different from telling someone to be more constructive. Her comment was that I must change to fit the demands of others or else leave, and if I don't leave then she will gladly make me leave. That is a direct threat with gleeful intent stated along side it. Her following promise to carry this out compounds her sin.
  7. Phishrir makes that suggestion, but there is no evidence that this is the case. As I pointed out above, Marge even says that this has nothing to do with politeness. Iso also proves this, as I was banned merely for disagreeing and stating my own opinion.
  8. Excuse me? Favors? The topic of that particular discussion was about how well or poorly I have contributed to the chat. The example I brought up was to prove that I have contributed positively to the chat. Marge and Phishrir correctly interpreted the meaning of this when they retorted by saying that one good thing didn't outweigh all the negative things I had allegedly done.
I have read your response. Your reply shows that none of what Isolationistmagi, other users nor what I have said have sunk in. I feel that you need to take some time out to see this from other people's perspective. As you have shown that this behavior is repetitive, your time out will expire three days from today. Please take this time as a moment for introspection. I hope that you will be able to better empathize with your fellow editors after this break and I do hope that you do return as we appreciate your enthusiasm. -- tierrie talk contr 06:41, August 3, 2013 (UTC)

Naruto WikiEdit

Hey there, I somehow found your very old dicussions about the characer Haku. Now I have the question: Aren't you going back to correct the wiki? I mean, everybody still sees Haku as a male there. (talk) 12:52, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

Nah, I've kind of lost interest in that topic. I feel that I have proven it beyond a reasonable doubt. I have many other things I have to devote my time to. If I do return to that debate then it will be in a certain topic of mine somewhere that one person made a long reply to my argument. I've been to disinterested to debate the issue further. Same with the Zero Mission debate. Believe it! (talk) 21:42, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

Also, as I recall, that wiki is controlled by an admin who disagrees with the proof I found. So there's no point. Believe it! (talk) 21:46, June 10, 2013 (UTC)

Authorization Edit

Hi, in [forum] you wrote that you authorize a change to the wiki. Please do not misrepresent the wiki as you did so there. You are more than welcome to support or oppose such a change, but you do not have the authority to unilaterally allow it. Because of the issues we have had with you in the past, you will be blocked from editing further on the site. However as it is the first offense of this nature, your block will only be for 24 hours. As usual, you may choose to appeal to the admins, either D-day or Loleil. -- tierrie talk contr 20:18, October 9, 2013 (UTC)

Project: Heraldry Edit

Hey Believe it! Thanks against for responding to my invitation. The heraldries which need some fixing are located in Template:Icon. In order to be used in conflict pages they need the following changes:

  • Make their background transparent
  • Cut the surrounding background color as much as possible so the image would only have the heraldry (in order to be prominently shown)

More rarely, it would look bad if we also remove the smeared background. Such as here: File:H hseofauda 0.png. In that case we remove only the outlying one, like this: File:House Aeducan H TB.png.

How to get the images Edit

Find first in Template:Icon which image needs some fixing from the list (as several of them are already made). Then click edit on the page so we could enter the source mode. For example, right now the image which need fixing (from upwards to downwards) is the Amaranthine heraldry. So inside the source mode press ctrl+f and type "amaranthine". The third search result gets to this: amaranthine=H teyrncoua 0.png from that, copy the H teyrncoua 0.png and then add it to the following url: so it would be like this:

Afterwards click "Full resolution" (in the cases it is possible) in order to download the original image to your computer so you can start editing it.

Once this is done, you can upload the heraldry back to wiki via Special:Upload.

Note: After creating the updated heraldry, try to pick a suitable name for it before uploading it, such as "Amaranthine heraldry". Furthermore, Margerard already fixed some heraldries which can be found here.

That would be all! Please let me know if you have any questions :) Viktoria Landers 18:16, January 11, 2014 (UTC)

Square shape Edit

Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I while I was going to add your heraldries to the wiki, I noticed that some of them do not have the square shape. These are:

Cheers! Viktoria Landers 15:25, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

Square? ...




Oh, you mean the images must have the same height and width. Okay, I'll correct that later tonight and upload these again. I had to make some corrections to some images anyway. Believe it! (talk) 18:04, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

Yeah I didn't mention it (that all images should be like this) because the remaining images had already the same height and width so I thought it was reduntant to request that. I'm sorry. Viktoria Landers 19:49, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

Dwarven symbol Edit

Hello there! Regarding the symbol for the dwarves, the one used right now is this one. In HoDA, however, the game uses this symbol. I am wondering if you could take one of these two images and create a larger version of it with a transparent background (since there won't be a background, the symbol cannot be black as it will conflict with the skin of the wiki). As to which of these two, my vote goes to the first but if you have a different opinion please let me know. Thanks in advance! Viktoria Landers 17:56, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Believe it! (refrains from posting your real name here). I hope you're doing great! Anyway with the last batch of Henio0's images the project is done, only the dwarven symbol remains. Are you still up to it? Cheers! Viktoria Landers 07:14, April 6, 2014 (UTC)

Hello! I just wanted to inform you that Henio0 created the symbol since there was no reply from your part. Take care of yourself! Viktoria Landers 07:20, April 15, 2014 (UTC)

Hey Edit

Hey there! Any news with the heraldries? By the way, a friend here in the chat is also planning to work on picture design. Perhaps you'd be interested in answering some of her questions? Cheers! Viktoria Landers 15:28, January 20, 2014 (UTC)

Greets Edit

Hey B! What's up? It's been some time since I last saw you around. I hope it is not because of the words you exchanged with Henio0. Anyway, I am eagerly waiting for your reply Smiley Viktoria Landers 03:07, February 25, 2014 (UTC)

Offensive comments Edit

Regarding one of your recent comments on the forums, please be aware that while you are free to think however you want regarding a certain topic, the lines regarding "bisexuals have relationship problems" were out of line. Comments of such nature are not tolerated and should not be posted, and you may be blocked temporarily from posting. ··· D-day sig d·day! 15:04, April 15, 2014 (UTC)

Game of Thrones (ASOIF) response Edit

Hey Believe it. Since this discussion is bound to continue, i've thought that i'd leave my response on your talk page, but will have it saved in case it's deleted. Nevertheless, excuse me if i start to blaze and flame in this response, in regards to your views on bastards, oberyn and westeros in general, and also i find it rather ironic that you claim Ned's death prevented you from watching further, as you have been claiming to watching this season, and i think you're a bit off and deaf on the fact that his death developed Joffrey as a character, and led to the war in the north and thus the entire civil war. Lel, but hey, that's what you get for paying attention.

So, let us commence. " And who cares if Oberyn poisoned Tywin? How does that absolve him of his bastard making ways?" - I hadn't linked it to such a thing, you merely claimed that HIS death was meaningless, and therefore unnecessary, but i counter acted that, so your comment there was pretty...meaningless."othing wrong with that, but it’s not something that puts him on a higher level in my eyes. You can say no one else would have fought for Tyrion," - But it's true, or are you not looking beyond the picture? Man, do you know that emotions get over you so much, his sister, that horrific death, and it all comes back to him, all of it, "He was focused on playing out his revenge fantasy instead of saving Tyrion." you're not watching or reading so i don't expect you to understand but hey ho.

Btw, mind this long quote, it's so atrocious that I had to copy all of it, as it has little validity, if any to it.

"Again, love is not enough. Happiness is not enough. What kind of example has he set for those kids? If they grow up to be like him, it perpetuates the problem and makes it worse because there will be more demand on the same resources. If they don’t grow up to be like him, then it’s despite him and his philosophy not because he told them not to repeat his mistakes (he doesn’t see them as mistakes). He can’t be there for eight kids even if he weren’t whoring it up with an unknown number of individuals from both sexes. And you say he loves his bastards, but then why was he so reckless in fighting the Mountain? Why was he so willing to risk his life if he had loved ones to live for? " - I feel like cursing right now, I don't know if you understand, it's a fantasy world. AS A READER OF THE BOOKS, I RECOGNISE THAT HE IS THERE FOR THEM AT ALL TIMES, BUT you haven't read the books obviously, so how would you know, and his "bastards" are of age, and you're clearly holding some conservative ideology that's preventing you from looking at a fictional world in the right terms. *slowly claps* well done, i'm sure GRRM is aiming this to people at you. But nevertheless, I don't expect you to understand the complexity behind the character.

" Eliya then" - Elia btw. Had to, I'm a grammar fanatic like that.

"I’m not comparing anything. Your point is that bastards are not seen as a problem in Dorn, therefore I should not have a problem with Oberyn creating bastards. That’s the same as saying I should not have a problem with Ramsey for flaying people because his house doesn’t see it as a problem. It doesn’t matter that Dorn sees them as equals. The fact of the matter is that the situations are not equal. Those kids would be better off in a nuclear family." - Dorne*, and on top of that bastards in that place are treated with respect. Believe it, i find it utterly distasteful and insulting that you compare flaying with bastard children. YOU CLAIM OBERYN IS A BAD CHARACTER FOR HIS BASTARDS.

DO YOU HATE ROOSE BOLTON, FOR RAMSAY SNOW? DO YOU HATE NED STARK FOR JON SNOW? DO YOU HATE AEGON TARG ONE OF THE GREATEST RULERS FOR HAVING BASTARDS. DO YOU HATE ROBERT BARATHEON, ONE OF THE STRONGEST AND MOST FORMIDABLE CHARACTERS FOR HAVING MORE THAN 16 BASTARDS? I'll list more, but wait, you wouldn't understand the fact that it's a medieval world and such things were common in a society like that, because we're looking at this in hindsight, that's how your morals are coming into fruition.

"I could have easily defeated the Mountain. Believe it! " - No you couldn't. That's just abysmal. I don't care who are what you think you are, you couldn't. Go fight an 8 foot monster, with 3 plates of armour, and a great sword the length of your body. The mountain according to Jaimie is worse than the smiling knight, one of the most psychologically menacing characters of all time. But hey, again you've not read the books, so i don't expect you to understand.

"ne. And if you mean Oberyn’s slut and bastards are the ones who care, then to Seven Hells with them too. " - Don't bother talking back. It's his paramour, she's his partner for the long term future, and his bastards are way more intelligent and brilliant then you sound to be! " They would have cared regardless. No one important cares. As I wrote, Ned Stark called for Gregor’s head a long time ago and that call went nowhere." - Did you not watch what came up after that? Lol, no you didn't. Because the Clegane's are Lannister banner men and the Lannisters "always pay their debts" thus corruption. But i guess that passed your mind.

"Thanks for the offer, but I don’t like GoT, so I won’t read the books. I stopped watching it after they made Ned Stark go out like a punk" Well you've obviously not read the books, i offered but i would think again, as i don't think it would have any impact on you. And to conclude, i should tell you that all in all, i've repeated myself constantly, and none of my words are and will get through you. You're obviously not reading my comments, in fact, reply to me and i'll copy and paste this back to you. Should do the job, in fact it will. Aye yo, your conservative nature is clearly of no importance in such a debate, and if you feel the need to re-reply to me do so. Other than that, it has been nice to talk to you. I love debates. And if at any point that i've deeply insulted you please let me know, my humblest of apologies, and as a man of a high profession myself, working with the marginalised, some of your comments have been pretty disheartening, but i'm sure you didn't mean it. Lazare326 14:54, June 10, 2014 (UTC)

Blog comments Edit

I'm sure you're aware that the term "tranny" is widely considered to be a derogatory one and "Gaiderp" is clearly meant as an insult. The use of terms like that needs to stop. If you persist you will face another, longer block. Friendship smallLoleil Talk 02:03, August 3, 2014 (UTC)

Blog comments Edit

You've already been warned about this once from Loleil, so consider this your second strike. Please do not continue with the hostile and insulting tone you use for your blog comments. Continence of this will lead to a ban. Chantry symbol King Cousland | Talk   23:35, September 9, 2014 (UTC)

Hi, Believe it, thanks for your response on my talk page. After reviewing the comments again, I agree that Dave the Maniac was the more aggressive party. As you may have seen, he's already been warned by Loleil but rest assured I'll be keeping an eye out in the future. I'm going to keep the comments section closed for now since A) a new news blog has been opened and B) I think the potential for animosity is still there.

Consider the above warning retracted, but I would repeat the fact that some of your comments in the past have led to conflict, and can come across as being deliberately provocative. I'd ask that you continue to use the civil tone you used on my talk page. Thanks, and apologies once again. Chantry symbol King Cousland | Talk   11:04, September 10, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for your message, Believe it. Hopefully we'll be able to turn a new leaf and all get along better now Smiley Chantry symbol King Cousland | Talk   21:12, September 10, 2014 (UTC)

Re:Your Blog PostEdit

Sorry, bout that. I had turned the comments off by accident. They're back on now. And yes, I have added more/finished writing it. ACdeakial (talk) 11:29, September 10, 2014 (UTC)

Your attention please! Edit

Hello there! I think this forum thread will definitely interest you. Way bigger than working on heraldries! Smiley Anyway, I also hope you're doing great, sorry for being inactive lately. Viktoria Landers 17:17, September 10, 2014 (UTC)

Keep Code Edit

Thanks. Would rather it be given in chat as I have no idea how Private messages work here Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 04:26, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

"Code has already been used", damn it why does this happen when I go to sleep? Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 11:31, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Strange. I saw you in the chat list so I posted here right away when the chat came up blank for me. I thought you saw it. Anyway, I guess you'll have to give me your email or something since the admins removed the email function from the wiki. I still have four more codes. Believe it! (talk) 14:14, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Alright, its Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 14:17, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Thanks. I used the first code on the email and it worked. Now I just need to play the waiting game. Supergodzilla118 (talk) Supergodzilla118 17:32, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Hey, thanks for the generous offer. My email ID is Please drop a message on my user page once you've mailed it so that I can check it use it right away! Thanks again! Diain (talk) 18:15, September 18, 2014 (UTC)

Luck Edit

I just wanted to thank you Believe It you seem to be one of the only people with their head still screwed on in this wiki anymore all the fun has been sucked out of this wiki and if you voice an opinion you get ridiculed and attacked, Thanks for always seeing my point of view with fairness and respect but this wiki has been taken over by poisonous users and moronic anons and that's enough for me for the moment. I may returned to this place at a later date but for now Thank you and Good Luck. --Archangel Mike (talk) 03:41, October 20, 2014 (UTC)

Post in Is the Hero overpowers now? Edit

Hey Bro, I know you and I have had our differences but I wanted you to read what I posted in the forum like a reflection of how your posts sound to me, take it or leave it but I think you're making yourself think the game will suck before you even play it... why not relax and enjoy the ride and not give a fuck about detail and see the bigger picture.

Those were my own two cents about the whole deal, take it or leave it--DaveManiac3 14:41, October 28, 2014 (UTC)

Dragon Age Keep Edit

Hi Believe it!. I just removed the Category:News tag from your post as it did not meet our standards for a unbiased news post. It looked like you had some strong feelings about the product, as we all do, and you are certainly entitled to post it to your User blog:Believe it!.

I'd like to remind you that as a gaming wiki, we are open to funny, witty and clever news. Individual opinions on the other hand do not belong as news posts. You're welcome to edit it and ask an editor to resubmit or simply leave it as your blog post. But please do not re-add the category to the article without advising an editor. -- tierrie talk contr 17:54, October 29, 2014 (UTC)

Disregard prior request. Believe it! (talk) 19:20, October 29, 2014 (UTC)

On repeated behaviours Edit

I just want to be clear since I can't log into my account. You are one of the biggest cunts I have ever had the misfortune of encountering. Your ludicrously overblown ego which so far outstrips any of your contributions here coupled with your total certainty of your frequently overblown and factually inaccurate opinions are sickening. That you continue to comment here is a tragedy for us all.

- (talk) 10:04, November 1, 2014 (UTC)

LOL! Believe it! (talk) 14:42, November 1, 2014 (UTC)
LIKE! Hey He's a Far-Right Conservative from the US... he is the best of the best in the world, do not hate him... praise him for he is our savior, oKKK?. --DaveManiac3 23:27, November 7, 2014 (UTC)

Behavior Edit

You are perfectly entitled to have your own opinions on subjects, but I would ask you to show more tolerance when discussing certain topics on the wiki. Statements such as "transgenders are mentally ill" is unacceptable, as is refusing to show respect for others by referring to them by their preferred gender. I would advise you to heed the many warnings already placed her on your talk page about this behavior. --Kelcat Talk 19:50, November 26, 2014 (UTC)

The anon is most certainly not lying. I am indeed capable of reading and can see quite well that you called "transgenderism" a mental illness. Also, whether you are referring to fictional characters or real people, you do not have the right to make derogatory comments about any group of people. That's something this wiki has never tolerated. I will not retract my warning, and will again repeat my advice that you heed all of the warnings you've been given by other admins. Your behavior is unacceptable and you are heading for a block. If you disagree, got to another admin, but I'm not retracting this. --Kelcat Talk 23:29, November 26, 2014 (UTC)

Since Kelcat has refused to remove this, then here it will stay as a testament to yet more admin power abuse against me. I broke no rules, was lied about by an anon, and Kelcat denied the black and white proof that I was lied about. Just another swipe at my civil right to free speech. More proof that members are not allowed to hold a different opinion than the admins. Believe it! (talk) 15:11, November 28, 2014 (UTC)

So hey! I saw your pretty outrageous post in THAT forum, then I saw the talk pages... AND THEN I SAW Kelcats page.You really are a sad tiny part of a somewhat misguided and awful aspect of humanity, it would seem. By all means, claim that an opinionated real-world basis for an argument revolving a fictional world, but, PLEASE don't be a dick and then say, "I Was Talking about Thedas" whilst using real world comparisons, and then go and say that the admins are being asshats to you, when YOU alone, are the asshat. Yes, that was kind of meant as an insult, but more as a statement of you're own character, only that which I have seen whilst lurking about the wiki. So forgive me, if you somehow miraculously redeem yourself from what I have perceived of you. Anyway, since the forum is locked now, Transgenderism is not THAT big a deal in Thedas. The First time we see a hint of it is with that dude in the whore house from da2. Then with Maeavaris, who seems to be a recluse from the "superior" magister environment, and at least attempts to avoid it. Krem, however, is accepted by Iron Bull, who is a qunari, and states specifically, that numerous members of the qun reject their assigned roles because they want different. Krem is not of the qun, krem does not like her role, krem is suitable for another. PROBLEM SOLVED. Hence why Qunari don't always approve of women fighting. Where you got "And lets be honest, if a man started claiming to be a woman, what would commoners think? They'd think he was possessed by a Desire Demon and call the templars in to slay him. And the templars would do it too." Pretty daft logic in my opinion. Anyway, as to refuting your argument, Mages have very easy access to very destructive power, as well as demons. Demons are feared more by the common people, as are mages. Intelligent people respect a mage who respects their gift, they do not respect someone who goes "I have magic, Ima throw fireballs... cos I can". The andrastian Chantry actually almost completely reverses more earlier-recent christian roles, in which women were given no influence whatsoever, so that argument should be with the writers. Now, more to the main point, if a man started claiming to be a woman, or a woman a man, what would the commoners of thedas think? They'd think it was strange that a whore would proclaim such in public. DA2 showed us that people aren't completely dismissive of potential transgenders. So, I support the admins, you have been a silly ignorant man, and you should keep your heavily biased opinions, that you think are completely and utterly supported by fact and by your "freedom of speech", off the wiki. Lest you have the swarm of anons refute you for being so narrow minded as you have in the past.

Sincerely Your Bestest EVER FRIEND. "I love Lamp"

Let's talk about Grey Wardens Edit

Well I'm assuming you have already beat the game? If you haven't then just let me know and we can have this conversation a different time. This talks about the Grey Wardens it will not contain spoilers, but if you have yet to beat it this really won't matter anyway. I'm wondering do you have any theories about what's going on with the Grey Wardens? I'm reffering to the things we learn about them in the epiloge slides. If you have not played through the whole game then you won't know what I'm talking about; if you have then you do.Based on everything it has said I'm convinced that the Grey Wardens play an important part in what's to come. I'm also convinced that this is evidence that Bioware is going to bring "The Warden" back into the fold, because of this. Well just wondering what you think about all this, and if you think they will bring back the warden or not? Again sorry to bother you if you have not finished the game yet. - Your friend Darion. (Darion Cousland (talk) 18:39, December 2, 2014 (UTC))

Block Edit

After reviewing your recent behavior and discussing the issue with other admins, I am issuing you a block for violating our Code of Conduct guidelines. You have been blocked in the past for namecalling and intimidating behavior, and been warned by no less than four different admins. And rather than change for the better, your behavior has gotten increasingly worse. It’s obvious that warnings are having no effect on you.

Your unacceptable behavior includes: flamebaiting--creating inflammatory forum posts and blog comments for the obvious sole purpose of baiting others into arguments. Namecalling-- David Gaider as Gayderp, Jennifer Hepler as Hamburger Helper, to name a couple off the top of my head. Discrimination against homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, women, and other minorities-- you’ve stated that transgender people are mentally ill, that bisexuals are incapable of having real relationships, women are weak, can’t be leaders, etc, and in your most recent forum outright stated that you “detest” homosexuality. All of this is grossly inappropriate for the wiki, and quite clearly violates our guidelines. A few links to illustrate your unacceptable actions:

The REAL Inquisitor is a Male Human Mage. Believe it!

As this is you 3rd ban for the same reasons (on top of the 3 or 4 warnings you received where you weren’t blocked), and in light of the fact that your behavior has continued unabated since then, I am issuing you a block of 6 months. You are free to appeal your block to any of the other admins. --Kelcat Talk 23:58, January 11, 2015 (UTC)

I did not post anything of the sort, save for the nicknames I gave Gaider and Hepler, which I stopped using, to no one's notice it would seem.
The word detest means, "to feel abhorrence of; hate; dislike intensely". So I feel that definition regarding homosexuality, which is defined by acts and behaviors. I did not say anything about homosexual people. I did not say anything about any person here or elsewhere. In fact I addressed the issue regardless and made it relevant to the topic. So what you're telling me is that I must like homosexuality in order to have the freedom to post here.
Also, plenty of people replied to my topic and enjoyed it. The only ones who didn't were anonymous users who are clearly only here to cause trouble on the wiki. These same anons also posted direct insults against me, again, to no one's notice. I see how it is here. Hopefully that will change soon. Believe it! (talk) 18:14, January 13, 2015 (UTC)
This is the reason I'm back *Dances happily on his grave*--DaveManiac3 21:44, January 20, 2015 (UTC)
You're happy that I was blocked for things I never wrote? Kelcat is factually incorrect about what I posted. Go to the thread and find those words anywhere in my posts. I dare you to even try. Believe it! (talk) 18:15, January 21, 2015 (UTC)
So yeah...I looked at the threads Kelcat linked. You -did- say most, if not all of what they are accusing you of. (talk) 04:53, January 27, 2015 (UTC)
First of all, this block is only about the Inquisitor thread, in which I wrote none of the things Kelcat accuses me of. Second, I wrote nothing of the sort in the other threads either, except calling the BioWare staff nicknames, which I stopped using since then. Third, if you really think I wrote those things, then quote me directly. You won't find a single quote of mine that states any such thing. Fourth, your only post on here (under that IP address) is to write something against me. Why is that? Believe it! (talk) 03:17, January 29, 2015 (UTC)
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