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Orlais History Section Edit

I don't know if this is the latest anonymous account you're using, so I'll just stick this here and hope you find it since I didn't want to leave it on the article page. Yes, I reverted your Edit on the Orlais article. This was because there were multiple problems with it. I agree that the Orlais article should have a history section like most of the other nation articles, but it needs to be concise. Ideally we want something like Rivain, just the important parts highlighted. You can just say something like "Before the rise of modern Orlais, southern Thedas was inhabited by the barbarian Ciriane tribes." The other major problem is it's way off topic. You go into in-depth Kirkwall's history instead of Orlais. Just say that ancient Ciriane had a presence near Kirkwall or something similar. Finally, the section on Kordilius Drakon has both of these problems, it's off topic and it drags on. All we need to know is that Drakon founded Orlais, established the cult of the maker as the chantry and founded the Cathedral in Val Royeaux. It's the history of Orlais, not Drakon. -HD3 (talk) 13:27, October 23, 2013 (UTC)

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