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rapid aim stacking Edit

Hi, I saw the result from your testing, however the results from my own testing (PC ultimate edition, steam), as well as all information that I have found about it contradicts your conclusion.

Here is how the system works: the attack speed depends on 2 different times

  • base time: only affected by type of chest armor, does not depend on the type of bow or any rapid aim bonuses.
  • aim time: can not be smaller than 0, depends on the weapon: shortbow has 0.2 sec aim time, longbow has 0.3 sec and crossbow has 0.8 sec. This time is also affected by rapid aim bonuses and penalty's (e.g. Aim).

This aim time minimum of 0 sec explains your result that rapid aim doesn't stack or repeater gloves don't have a -3.0 sec rapid aim, because afer a single bonus aim time has reached the minimum and any further bonuses don't seem to have effect. If you try it with Aim (+1.5sec aim time) active you will see the difference --Schrödingercat (talk) 13:52, December 18, 2011 (UTC)

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