Not sure if this is old, but it says it was posted on the 8th. Contains some info from Gaider about Dragon Age 2, i.e. the "whys" of things. Here is the link. Also going to copy paste it here just in case the link ever goes down.

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WE CAN’T TELL YOU ABOUT DA3. I’M SORRY. And we can’t tell you about the expansions, down-loadable content or add ons! He was so sweet to us, and told us so much, that we owe it not to say anything about future installments or yada yada.

However, we can tell you about DA2 easter eggs and a few things he let out to us when we asked. I’ll go ahead and copy pasta the list from our Isabella’s livejournal and add a few myself:

- David Gaider blames the lack of elves wearing shoes on the art team, and says that it’s particularly silly for Fenris (the artists suggested fenris is free and wants to regain his elven dalish heritage, David’s response was… :| no, no he doesn’t.)

-And on that blood smear on Hawke, he joked that it was caused by Hawke sneezing and bumping his/her nose into that random ledge-thing on the Champion armor. *As a hawke cosplayer, I suggested that its a perfect spot for porn.

- There WAS supposed to be a Sir-Pounce-Alot for Anders. But they didn’t want the cat as an inventory item (they wanted the cat to walk around the clinic) they couldn’t want to create a whole new model. They did think about a staff with a cat’s skull on it, but David was like, “OMGAH NO! Thats so cruel!!”

- Orsino was originally not really supposed to be a boss battle if you sided with the mages, though there would be a point where you learned that he was bffs with Quentin. He kind of implied that you could have then chosen to fight him, but basically that the Orsino battle was not originally there. The only reason why Orsino turns is for gameplay reasons. (They wanted another boss fight.)

-Orsino’s staff if called the staff of Violation because in the original game art, it looked like a big staff of a million penises.

- Did you think Sebastian and Nathaniel were twins? You’re kind of right: Sebastian’s DLC was technically originally supposed to be about Nathaniel. Why didn’t they do it? They didn’t want to do much more handwaving in case you killed him off. He also admits that Anders’ “LOL I DIDN’T REALLY DIE” if he died in your Awakening playthrough was totally handwaving, but they liked the idea of using Anders too much.

- Qunari were always supposed to have horns. It was in their original character design and it was cut for graphics reasons. So while the Qunari horn situation was retconned for 2, it was retconned into being what they wanted it to be. Also, EXPECT MORE QUNARI.

-The reason NO ONE (including hawke) reacts to you being a blood mage if you choose to be, is because the programmers decide on the specialization trees, AFTER all the writing and dialogue is done. So while the writers want to create reactions, they can’t if they don’t know if Blood Magic is an option. It would have been a huge ordeal to go back and add a bunch of references. They could have written lines “just in case,” but can you imagine how time-consuming it would be to write alternate lines everywhere “just incase?”

- Isabela’s awkward dick-shaped necklace apparently looked even more like a random golden two-headed dildo hanging around her neck before. We even heard it as Isabella’s penis headed necklace. This was pretty awesome, since our Isabella was calling them “her dicks” even before we met DG. She even joked about ‘molding’ them outta clay. ;D

- On the subject of Izzy, he and our Isabella had a fantastic discussion on how Isabela is a strong, compelling character who is not weakened by her lack of pants, and also always had dark skin, thank you. He added that the promo art of Izzy being really pale is actually something that marketing did that was incorrect. She was always meant to be dark. In Origins, she is really dark, but the lighting of the game makes her pale (if you pop her into the model program, she has super tan skin).

- Did you get the sense that Danarius had a really sketchy (*cough* intimate *cough*) relationship with Fenris? Yeah, you weren’t exactly wrong…. :/

-ABOUT THE LACK OF A VARRIC ROMANCE. Actually… they almost did slip something in there. They mentioned having the interrogation end with Varric meeting back up with Hawke and explaining that he’d told them everything. ‘Everything?’ ‘Don’t worry. I skipped the part about us…’

I think the entire thing we learned was just how much more we love Bioware and the DA series.

I just have to say, I sincerely hate Danarius now. It's one thing to suspect, and another thing to know :( And Varric romance! And Ser Pounce-A-Lot :(

There's a lot of good info here I have too many opinions on! I had to share this with anyone who hadn't seen it. Enjoy! Xelestial (talk) 23:06, August 12, 2011 (UTC)

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